Birt 11 okt 2018
Mari from Smosh Games and muscle man extraordinaire, Jujimufu, join us for another edition of the Try Not to Laugh Challenge!
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Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Mari Takahashi
Shayne Topp
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  • Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you! You like Try Not To Laugh? If so, let us know who else we should bring on as a guest in the future!

  • Where is Anthony and Ian?

  • I wish we could see the moves Mari was puttin down lol

  • Dfdfdffdfddffdfddfdfdffddf

  • I,m crying and laughing

  • 7:11 OMFG that is so funny! lmao

  • love your videos

  • Fan fiction: *jujimufu comes in with diapers* ”You auditioning for boss baby too?”

  • try not to laugh but a laugh all lot ;)

  • dang demonetization

  • 7:12 everyone last braincell be like

  • 14:51 When you die in fornite

  • Matt Bradley

  • Wustuuy


  • Do among us try not to laugh. Vidoe

  • So I tried Courtney’s Yoga Ball thing and I broke things...I was definitely grounded. Who else tried it? Just Me...Ok

  • Noah is my fav

  • Hey

  • I remember watching this a day after it came out 2 years later hi :)

  • youtube ruined my favorite try not to laugh. the beginning is supposed to be a scene from jujimufu's channel but i guess youtube had a problem with that even though jujimufu was there so he totally gave permission for them to do that

  • Noah: In order to be exactly like you *takes off shirt* Keith: *coming into frame and shouts* round 2

  • Absolute chaos

  • this is the best try not to laugh yet.

  • 1:37

  • the amount of times I’ve rewatched this video

  • When Olivia got hit while singing it reminded me when my mom first hit me in my mouth lol😔🤣

  • this is one of the funniest try not to laugh video THERE IS ON THIS CHANNEL- agagahahabhs

  • I can't believe they got more buff aqua man to be in this video

  • Noah and Keith always be dolphin blowing water at each other

  • 7:11 i can't fucking breath

  • 14:29

  • 12:27

  • 11:49

  • 10:58

  • 10:20

  • 9:49

  • 6:59

  • 5:59

  • 2:18

  • 2:00

  • 1:26

  • 7:10 I fucking lost it


  • 3:52 - courting ritual commences

  • Is it really all of it that Fanny

  • Courtney is so focused on staying on that ball, I'm so proud! LOL

  • 7:10 was the best thing ever HAHAHA

  • 3:05 There's something funny about a gigantic dude flinching at Noah, but like... who hurt him?

  • The guy in the white shirt is in the goldberg the tv show

  • Fun fact

  • The one with the White shirt plays on on Sam and cat Episode stuck in a box


  • i watched this when it wasn’t demonetized and now i came back to laugh but its demonetized now

  • I remember this video, when before this got demonized:)

  • 7:10 when my friend and me are at a sleepover

  • Why so many demonitisations

  • This is insane, I wish I was a part of smosh this is so funny especially when jujimufu is running around with that whale and when they spit and got demonitized 👌

  • The black kid is the most funniest because his voice hahaha🤣

  • Absolutely love these guys!

  • Jujimufu is a humor person 😂😂

  • i cant stop laughing LOL!!

  • Lol these are do funny

  • Her:happy birthday t- *ball hit her and him and me* Me:BRUH HOW DID IT HIT ME???????


  • ‘Mari where can we find you?’ “Uh...uh in the gutter” Me: Mari are you *trying* to lead people to *my* home?!

  • The fastest success in all the try not to laughs 7:10

  • Keith sprayed like a water fountain! And the pigtails I’ve never seen a grown man with pigtails, I hope I never see that again!

  • You guys are awesome you guys are really funny and I like all your videos even my brother does too

  • Help me get

  • ●-●

  • How did this become the most viewed video on this channel by such a huge margin besides the second place video

  • Hi

  • VOCÊ 😂 ÁGUA 👍🏻

  • 2:09 That gives him plus five charisma

  • the video that started it all😌

  • wait ok is james from henry danger uhh is he uhhh oh yea denece and collects celeberty socks right

  • All I see are a group of friends who don’t know how to swallow 😂

  • How do you do it without laughing🤣

  • Let’s be honest we only clicked on this cause abs

  • 35 million views damn

  • Darr man? Ring a bell 🔔

  • who else watching for the 78th time since it was posted all the way to 2021 january 2nd?

  • y is your stiff so much

  • I'm a simple woman. I see buff dude in funny stuff, I click

  • The real demonetization was the pigtails 😅

  • juju with the pig tails and the dolphin got me lmfaooo

  • Fuck you🖕🏻

    • Angela that's a no no word

  • i don’t know who jujimufu is but he’s great

  • Who else wants the cat show with cat the deceased cat to be an actual show?

  • This is cringe level 100

  • jujimufu: woooooooo Me:*almost choking on fish cracker*

  • I want just a video of shane calling a ton of pizza places, saying your my favorite pizza place




  • 🙂

  • I love how sometimes they barely touch and they're disqualified, while at other times, they totally hit the person and it's fine.

  • Twin tails of death

  • The good days