JAMES CHARLES is ( UGLY ) - Trisha Paytas #DramaAlert ( KSI vs Jake Paul ) PewDiePie & More!

Birt 24 okt 2020
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  • I live for Trisha. She called it about James, he uses his arrogance as a weapon on his victims, argh, I'm 100% supporting Trish on that creepy preddy-freddy.

  • Lol @ "she called him ugly"

  • Trisha is so FKNG annoying

  • 4:05 that didn't age well

  • it said trisha was following

  • James is ugly

  • Personally I don't really like James Charles but trisha paytas calling him ugly is too far. Also it's hypocritical on her end

  • i always think hes gonna knock his popcorn in the intro

  • Lets cancel Trisha Paytas

  • James in not ugly lmao.

  • She's calling him a narcissist while wearing a shirt with her face on it.

  • You are ZIE BEST!

  • This is how many times Trisha paytas said “like”

  • James Charles gay

  • Trisha Paytas isn’t one to talk about being irrelevant when nobody has talked about her in well over 3 years

  • Great video as always Keen

  • Imagine saying James is ugly(Trisha Paytas) when your face is a combination of Medusa and sh*t...

  • “She said he ugly and creepy”lmao 9:34

  • Trisha. Like seriously like so like ugly... Like... So ugly

  • KillerKeem’s Vocabulary “Trisha Paytas” “Jake Paul” “Ace Family” “PS5/Xbox” “Also in the news:”

  • Bradley Martyn Better get charged. Dude thinks his gym is above the law smh all muscle no brains 🙄🤦‍♂️

  • I love James Charles Sooo much if you don't like him I HATE YOU

  • I think she is just trying to get all of this clout from Charlie and James charles

  • is nobody gonna talk about how many times trisha said like? she really wants you to like this comment

  • I fell bad of james

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  • Can anyone tell me how many times Trisha said "like"?

  • I thought he said "Trisha penis"..

  • If James Charles is ugly then half of us should just give up.

  • Trisha is the qeen of drama for real

  • Sometimes I wanna 🔪 👩

  • noob +

  • Well James Charles is really ugly

  • Who else got jump scared by Trisha when the tic tok turned on?? She looks kinda.......I’ll stop there XD

  • Addison AND Noah are BOTH 1 year younger than James. So shut up Trisha. YOUR 32!

  • Trisha is literally like 30 and she’s telling James to grow up he’s an adult now 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • I think the bug is going to make your channel disappear lol insta @w49d1

  • Every time I see pewdiepie in the title of drama alert I’m like uh oh.

  • @jeffrey61723609

  • Me and you james are the same we both Breath James:ahhhh!!!

  • I’m sorry keem but when trishas videos started playing I couldn’t watch the rest of the video i just hate her face that much

  • bradley martyn looks like a jacked version of keemstar

  • I subbed and liked and click the bell

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  • Keem hook it up with a ps5

  • My name is gamestar can i please please have a ps5 and have been trying to get one please and thank you

  • You be doing good shit for us man keep it up

  • Trisha paytas is literally theveganteacher

  • Imagine calling someone ugly when people would rather date HIPPOS THEN YOU. 😂😂😂😂

  • wait “we’re the same” uhh does that mean she is gay to😳

  • if leafy got banned for doing that how is she not banned???🤔

    • maybe im wrong but did leafy not get banned for harrasment. she posted 5+ videos🤔

  • My head hurts thinking about how people could send death threats to a 16 year old girl. Logan paulsis crazy if he thinks he has achance agaisnt flyod, but he is making a good career move since that fight would bring him loads of popularity and money. love the vids keem my twitter is @h3h3isntfunny ...lmao

  • keemstar gives bisexual energy

  • Lmao Trisha is a big red flag 😂😂

  • I mean.. i'm sorry but.. Trisha literally makes all her money off drama alert too... LMFAOO.

  • Why does everyone keep saying “like” it’s really annoying..

  • Ksi's music is a specific type of music to like and personally I don't like his music, but he's a funny dude lol not trashing the dude.

    • Same here only song I like from is Millions

    • i like Really Love personally but I agree with you, it’s subjective

  • 9:29 i KNOW she didn't just say one day he will be too old to be leeching onto teenagers like bruh isnt she like 32???

  • James Charles has better cheeks than Trisha. Don't @ me

  • Well he ain’t exactly a looker

  • trisha: james ur in all the drama *trisha literally started the drama*

  • Subbed, bell on, liked , followed 💋 Twitter: @shelbyyaleman

  • Twitter: @shelbyyaleman

  • Why does he talk about Trisha but not Ethan? I mean they’re basically combined at the hip, and Ethan’s face on the thumbnail would def get more views.

  • If Nate doesn’t get the job done ksi will and if not him ima have to step up to the plate for free I’ll get in the ring wit jake

  • Idk why people are saying the thing the bot said. @Glidden15

  • Trisha don't look half bad for 55 years old

  • Hoes mád because a guy is more better than her James Charles is just trans he likes to be a girl he likes makeup let James be what he wants to be Trisha You got cancelled

  • Yea i think floyd would stomp Trisha pastas and Logan should stop eating boogers @arknox2

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  • james charles is *VERY* ugly (no offense)

  • i love drama alert cuz well they expose so much of peoples private stuff that they want to keep private now thats my definition of content right there or should i say drama ;) this comment is a joke btw if ur triggered

  • why is trisha still on the internet. I hope to god that in 2021 there is no trisha. please we do not need her.

  • Dixie n Charli don’t even post on ISchats whattt

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  • Sounds like a ex friend like that James Charles BUT my ex friend he’s like a slug that hooked up with a friend that are a couple broke them up slept on the same night that goths boyfriend went to jail for the boyfriend but the new guy has money to spend for beer shots and weed

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  • Well she's not wrong he is ugly he's gay and I hate gays also the girl is more ugly .

  • Ahmed2k205

  • I also hate him so much.

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  • Dudes really on youtube getting paid to act like females talking about drama smfh

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  • “i hit notifications,selected all the bells “ NOT A BOT good luck to everyone and good luck to coming out of the closet if you want the xbox 😀 jk ik lol Twitter:2TwinnGlocks

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  • Someone had to say it