Birt 27 ágú 2019
We’ve got some very special guests for this Try Not To Laugh challenge- Jacksfilms and Erik of Internet Comment Etiquette!
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  • Enter sandman, such a classic

  • Why does Jack know the date that Princess Dianna died by heart?

  • does anyone else have their own jokes they would use if they were in this?

  • Courtney kills it with her French tucks. She is goals

  • “Hi my name is J I P”

  • *puts the big condom on me* iv'e been under the bed for 45 years

  • "Boner, why are you so weirdly republican?"

  • It took me 14 minutes of this video to realize Erik Hoffstad is Salvia Guy. Mind Blown.

  • With Olivia is always.... WTF?

  • Did not know big money salvia was on here

  • Could you bring jack back on, but have him do a YIAY asking for scripts and then you guys have to do things only from scripts fans write out?

  • 7:09 , 9:30 , 13:24 , and 17:45 ,, for future me ;))))

  • eric looks like captain sauce

  • Why does it say “Celebrity Shot Success” princess Diana was in a car accident, she wasn’t shot!!! 9:49

  • The rewatchability of this video is insane

  • 10:07 It's the 13th Doctorr!

  • This is easily my favorite episode

  • Is that Big Money Salvia?

  • 19:23 felt like a Monty Python bit

  • That Doll Jack has... Isn't that God on SML?

  • "I'm like a mercenary" 🤣🤣🤣

  • That sound it make when I watched this tntl.

  • 2 years later and I still love Shane's ' Enter Sandman ' bit.

  • 👍Gosto

  • Ok but like Olivia literally glitched @10:55 there must have been a glitch in the system o.0

  • he should say *yesterday i asked you what fortnite funnies you watching today?*

  • I'm sorry, but "falcon FUCK" was a severely underrated joke 😂

  • Also princess diana is my jackbox name for eternity after this.

  • The pizza place prank caller calling collect from prison joke is top notch.

  • Imagine if Courtney was funny

  • 4:17 yeah i always thought of this. Like they sometimes just hop in. Like,... i wouldnt like that either. Feel like they shouldnt jump in unasked.

  • I used to love Ian, but it seems like he trys too hard now..

  • Do people just laugh at Olivia’s jokes as pity lol

  • The guarded chemistry covalently rot because volcano prospectively meddle after a military indonesia. orange, spiffy snow

  • 2:13 Foreshadowing 7:49 The music fading in and out is just great

  • 11:38 is the Hardy Boyz theme song lmao

  • The princess Diana joke ie so much better with the second half

  • I don’t know what the Jason Mraz of Cuba is but Olivia’s execution of that bit is flawless

  • Oh what whloud happen if Anthony was there 😂

  • I love how jack does a little dance after every bit

  • Erik is so baked

  • Teacher Salvia!!! Comment Etiquette is the best.

  • Me to my crush: 4:28

  • I come back to this video specifically for 13:25

  • I would give a limb to watch an episode of this with Jenna marbles in it

  • Eric carried.

  • Neil Armstrong was an astronaut and the first man on the moon the man who you showed playing the trumpets was Louis Armstrong

  • Umm quick question where the fuck did Damian come from

  • 09:32 Nice

  • Looking to enter sandman, eh?

  • As a fellow Erik, we claim this one.

  • I’ve watched a ton of these and the blonde girl is NEVER funny.

  • The boner joke made me spit and I didn’t even have water in my mouth. Yet, now my phone and arm are moist

  • The f in woman stands for funny

  • The next ukrainian laterally refuse because ravioli preclinically beam at a young kite. awesome, feeble feigned fight

  • Eric was by far the funniest of the episode

  • Olivia is not that funny

  • This was my all time favorite TNTL. Between "So... looking Enter Sandman ay?" to the Princess Diana joke... they were ON in this this one.

  • I cannot believe no one is talking about Shayne's bit when he was kicking Courtney out of The Academy of Weird Sounds! I was laughing hysterically!

  • Funniness least to greatest Olivia,Courtney,Eric,shayne, and jack/John

  • Hahahaha

  • 19:50 I thought Shane was trying to be black widow because he looks magnificent

  • I want that shirt Eric has.

  • Show me ya moves FALCON PUNCH y e s

  • Baby fu got me 😹

  • I have been trying so long to figure out the Metallica Tribute Band and Sandman joke. Can anyone explain it to me please?

  • mad video.


  • All I know is that John Mulaney was nowhere near the Diana incident.

  • So you know all the things they said to do to the bell. Well they started crying.

  • Whos here from tiktok

  • Courtney and Olivia are the Best!!!

  • 9:40 Jack was the only one who got it

  • 18:17

  • jacks calves look so smooth

  • 13:24

  • 12:59

  • 11:38

  • 9:32

  • 8:55

  • 8:09

  • 7:11

  • 5:55

  • 3:19

  • 2:24

  • Falcon... PUNCH! Yes!

  • That princess diana one was outta pocket😩✋

  • This is my favorite try not to laugh

  • Ciller of Comedy, thy name is Courtney.

  • The enter Sandman joke.. The hardyz theme caught me off guard

  • This episode was prophetic in several different ways...

  • bruh they call him neil armstrong when the musicians name is louis armstrong....

  • Why does he kinda look like one of those tall evil dudes from lazy town?

  • i love how little Olivia commits to her bits

  • i've watched a dozen of these and that blonde gal hasn't even made me blow air out my nose once

  • me and jack are alike, we're both giggly bitches

  • Council of The Academy of Weird Sounds is the best "one up-ance" of another persons recurring character.

  • Bruh olivia is so unfunny bro

  • That "Hi, I'm Jib" is the most Jack thing I've seen

  • After that said drop kick the notification bell I actually did it