EASY Pinewood Derby Car WINS using Science!!!

Birt 16 apr 2014
7 simple steps that ACTUALLY MATTER to building a winning pinewood derby car. I built a car in 45 minutes using these steps and crushed all the competition by more than 2 car lengths (proof is in the video :) Special thanks to Steve at DerbyMonkey.com for providing his expertise and materials for the video.
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HERE'S HOW I MADE THE ROCKET CAR: ischats.info/fun/ps97qYGbqZGZpKI/v-deo
7 Key Steps:
1. Max weight ~1" in front of rear axle
2. Reasonably aerodynamic
3. Ride on 3 wheels
4. Lightweight wheels
5. Bent polished axles
6. Railride/alignment
7. Lots o' graphite

Dr. Acton's video: pinewoodphysics.com/index.html
Pre-polished, bent axles to purchase: www.derbymonkeygarage.com/pre-bent-pinewood-derby-axles-p/1404.htm
Also on derbydust.com which is where the photo came from
Lightweight wheel options to purchase: www.derbymonkeygarage.com/wheels/
More details on polishing the axles: ischats.info/fun/p8edXot3k5Wjeow/v-deo
Axle bender tool: ischats.info/fun/itOHg6Vhd2GPiYg/v-deo
More details on Rail Rider alignment: ischats.info/fun/aatyZ6aml56vmKI/v-deo

Materials used in the video provided by www.derbymonkeygarage.com. It's also the only place I could find the pre-polished bent polished axles. Link provided above.

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  • i think the reason he actuaclly won was because the others had go pros giveing them more weght

  • only have 3 wheels on your car **Angry Mr. Bean noises**

  • 1981-83 after thst thsy hsd to change the rules because of what my dad did lol....My brothers and I dominated it all the way to the state and won first second and third places in every race ..We sanded the wheels to points and ran led onside the car down in the nose

  • I’m in Cub Scout an last year I WOULD HAVE WON but there was a wobble

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  • Uhm... I just put wheels on the block and gravity did the rest of the work.

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  • The formula for friction Fk=UkN... two surfaces rubbing? weight bearing on surface? Hmmmmm... sounds fun... Wait ...this joke has been done before..... Fudds Law of Opposition... it goes in it must come out?

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  • i used my red wheels

  • 2 minutes in and I'm still laughing at his jet propulsion car

  • My car wasn't fast but it is still beautiful. I won best design!

  • some dad tried to claim that my dad's car (my car) is illegal because all the wheels did not touch the ground.... we did not get disqualified.

  • Is it bad that i always bout my pinewood derby cars from a friend who worked at a dealership lol

  • How the car tracks is very important. If it doesn't steer straight and bangs into the guide strip on its way down, it won't win. Shocking this wasn't considered. Seems like the experimenters didn't actually participate in a PWD.

    • @Timothy Dillon He designed it to kiss one rail. He compared it to another car that he said tracked straight, but based on how he slammed the method, I doubt the other car tracked straight. My tests showed a straight tracker which rubs the rail sometimes beats one that rubs the rail all of the time.

    • @Rob Jones very well. How did mark set up the car to track and how would you do it better?

    • @Timothy Dillon I watched to learn. I provided feedback based on experience, and based on other texts out there in the public domain. If you are interested in listening, and not just replying, perhaps I can share with you.

    • Seams like you didn't actually watch to listen but rather to reply.

  • I did really well in one of those with a crappy car, basically just a front wedge cut off a pinewood lump, not even straight, a fuckton of graphite on the axles, and probably one wheel up, since it was crappy.

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  • Just make your car run on the brachistochrone

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    • This comment makes me proud that I understood it all 😎😎😎

  • i made a pine wood durby car and have second place

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  • pretty sure his car hit the finish line first tho...

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  • We didn't do the bent axles but we did put the weight in the right place and did polish the axles and used graphite. We won the derby and this was back in 86. It was a fun project and I believe my son still has the car. We did have it ride the rail and up on three feet. I made the wheels as skinny as possible and keep the wheels flat and not angled. We were very interested in why ours seemed to shoot out like a sling shot right at the bottom curve. I did not find out for years but it was cool seeing the car just jet out past everyone like a turbo boost.

  • No one can do the Pinewood Derby like Randy Marsh

  • IT'S JUST A TOY CAR MARK. Jeeez! Hahaha

  • I wish I had come across this video when I was actually into the Pinewood Derby.

  • My dad drilled two holes in mine and put in two 44 cal bullets, covered with putty of some kind, then painted over. I did quite well that year.

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    • Oh, forgot about the axle grease he had as well. I think it was graphite.

  • Dang thats fast!

  • i just learned this in 15 minutes that took my school 2 weeks

  • Also something else that significantly helps is polishing the wheels with that super fine sand paper

  • This video was uploaded 9 days before my 6th birthday

  • My dad built a winning car for me when I was a cub scout. Yelled at me the whole time cause I was doing it wrong (sanded it wrong, painted it wrong etc etc)

  • Ernie Boch, Jr

  • but terminal velocity isn't everything, as long as you build up your speed earlier

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  • Weight rearward (thus higher) on car giving more potential energy??? What if track has a constant slope (childhood track was like this)? That doesnt apply unless i am remembering my phys wrong. -U10

  • Basically a stance car

  • The only pinewood derby cars I built where all 80’S pop culture Movies and Tv show like the A- team and Back To The Future

  • Annoying music but good vid

  • 13:50: "if I don't win pinewood derby, no one wins pinewood derby"

  • How about pointing the track to the North and adding a strong magnet to the car?

  • It’s “axles”. Not axels.

    • @Zogy oh so you are talking about something written on the screen? and yes, language is how we communicate, so it is important but: mark managed to communicate his point with the "wrong spelling" therefore he succeeded. if he wrote something like "axldz" and you didnt know what it meant then he would "fail the language"

    • @LemonAndGaming we aren’t talking about pronouncing. We are talking about spelling. Science would fail without language. Language matters.

    • learn the science dont get distracted by "pronouncing" it doesnt matter

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  • my car won first place against all my grade bc i oiled up the wheels so much

  • Can u use sphere as tyres

  • Tip don’t make your car too fast

  • "How did you make your car so fast?" "My dad works at NASA."

  • You could mount the weights in a U shape on top, to get some of the weight further back without causing nose lift.

  • The most time we spent on the car was doing the paint. The response below entered in the middle of your message. I had no idea what my son, myself and grandpa’s shop accomplished in one evening. No science involved but dad grew up watching any kind of race car and applied that knowledge. It was fun to think back all of those years. My son was killed 23 years ago so I don’t have him anymore but I still have that car and the memories.

  • 30 plus years ago I helped my son build a Pinewood Derby car. We kicked butt all the way. 1. We wedge cut the body making the back end thicker. 2. Then the area in front we took that wood and shaped a wing from that and placed it ahead of the back wheels. 3. Then we chucked the axles up in a drill and polished them to a shine. 4. When we placed the wheels the axles got lubed with dry graphite. I don’t know which helped the most but it was a winning combination.

  • Well, now over 22 million people know these tricks. Lol

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  • I did this with my sons 40 years ago and we won 1st Place and the car we made at the time and won with, is a twin to the car you made in the video and the only thing we used to build our car with and win was common sense, 🇺🇸 with no help from a professor.

  • A lot of those "Winning" methods are banned n my district

    • oil up the wheels a lot thats how mine won

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  • When I was young I did these but i made it and my dad helped a bit... It dident go down at all

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  • @7:09 you say that friction depends on materials and weight, which is wrong. Friction does not depend on the weight, only on the materials.

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  • I'm glad this information wasn't readily available 30 years ago, or else all the derby cars would be identical.

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  • My father was a sheet metal worker back in 68 and built a metal track like that for our Pinewood Derby races. It was slick as heck.. What was also slick is my dad used mercury as lubricant on the wheels and we won every race. Trade secrets ;)

  • I wish I (I mean my dad) knew some of these tricks back in the day. Not that it would have mattered since I got carsick on the way to the race and went home early

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  • Thank you for this mark🤠🤠🤠

  • This is the first video of Mark Rober’s that I saw. I was impressed because as a kid, I tried to design a PD car that would be the champion using what I thought was science, but I didn’t know enough about physics to make it happen. My car won on the local level but lost higher up. Now that I’m a scientist and an engineering professor, it makes me proud to see someone engineer this car correctly!

  • With the center of mass location, what if my track has no flat part just ramp. then where would it be best to put my center of mass?

    • If there is no flat part and only ramp, it should most likely be placed just before the front wheels.

  • I won my pinewood derby. I drilled holes in the bottom and filled them with lead. And put three pounds of graphite on the wheels.

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  • The transfer of energy at 1:34 he shows and whenever you race goes from GPE (gravitational potential energy) to mechanical energy (motion

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  • I'll build the perfect car for my son, when I have one

  • We did this in school but we didn’t have them bought, we just built them from scratch and used air canisters to launch them

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  • Ok thanks, now since i know the physics all i have to do is making a son and raise him and also finding pinewood car competition here in my country.