Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21

Birt 16 feb 2021
Trisha's channel - @blndsundoll4mj
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  • They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.

    • @Kim Munguia *thing

    • *were

    • @Kaylee Sykes and with all the abuse at Asian American atm you have the cheek to say this. Sorry but you have no place to speak

    • @Kaylee Sykes and how you saying they aren’t hurtful when I was offended. It’s disrespectful.

    • @Kaylee Sykes it don’t have to be hateful to be wrong? Are you actually allowing Micro aggressions. I like H3 a lot him just saying this isn’t correct.

  • i wish i could listen to trish and Ethan talk in person

  • 1:45:50 lmao

  • i still done see why bryce and his friends that ariana is using them for clout when she literally is the definition of clout

  • Trisha, you’re so beautiful! You’re not crazy, & Speak your truth, & Keep being you. 💚 Love love love listening to you guys ✨ Sending everyone on this cast and the people being talked about healing, love and light! ✨💫 Everyone in the comments, During these hard time.. I want you to know that... I love you 💗 & I’m proud of you 💗

  • Id cry if bad things came out about Adam Sandler 🥺 he's my on screen dad.

  • What does S A mean im so confused. I jump around on episodes lol

  • dam i never thought this would be my favourite podcast/ dynamic

  • Way h the onision doc on discovery plus they touch in how ISchats will monetize abuse and people like that if they are mining them crazy amount of money I really think watching it will help you understand no matter how “crazy” you look speaking out is so big and letting the other people know they have you on their side when the abuser does what they do.... it’s such a good watch!

  • I think when Trisha talks about the gravity subject she means that “if gravity wasn’t invented it would still exist” she just doesn’t know how to word it

  • 52:53 Trisha.exe has stopped working

  • trisha is so gorgeous especially with this hair like wow

  • Trisha did not want the podcast to end, Ethan was ready to call it quits 30 minutes before it ended :D

  • Leave the david stuff alone

  • I liked Trisha until she came for David

  • I've been watching h3 for years and now they're starting to annoy me.

  • I 1000% agree with Trisha, the gaslighting towards sexual assault victims, hate crime victims/victims of racism, etc. is DISGUSTING and DANGEROUS. It’s spreading a false narrative about something pertaining to ones SAFETY, there is little to no debate when some says they were taken advantage of. Crazy thing is, as soon as the gaslighting gets backlash there are people who stand up for the gaslighters saying, “oh they’re a GOOD person.” It blows my mind because it shows how you can stand up for someone despite whatever else but people CHOOSE who they stand up for and sadly it’s not always the victims.

  • There's a lot of projection here with people's interpretation of AB's comments. Definitely blown out of proportion and cmon Trisha don't pretend you don't say dumb stuff you regret all the time so how about give the guy a break already? Hes obviously remorseful so stop dragging him through the coals.

  • “How’d it go? Weren’t you squirting and stuff” This podcast never gets old dude

  • Omg is she gonna be on say yes to the dress? 😍

  • Who’s ab lol

  • I’m not really a Trisha Stan because I only saw her on TikTok and she kinda seems “crazy” on TikTok but watching her have a conversation you can see that she is telling the truth and is genuine about these feelings

  • Don’t stop talking about David. Something needs to be done. Be the voice!!!!

  • Please can you get merch. I love this

  • 16:40 why does her voice sound autotuned her lmao

  • 40:33 it’s for me


  • dr phil also wanted jenna marbles and like harrassed her

  • 30:17 get Natalie on the show 😉

  • 0:47

  • I normally love Trisha, but jesus christ SHE was ignorant in regards to AB. It is largely Ethans fault for ABs backlash, he asked AB to share his opinion and also play devils advocate. In the heat of the podcasts AB doubled down and played his role of devils advocate well - he demonstrated opinions that were hurtful to people but weren’t necessarily his own. But Trisha is consistently blinded by anger and stupidity that she can’t see that logic and completely forgives Ethan when he instigated the conversation and nudged AB to argue for David’s side. Not to mention, ETHAN agreed with some of AB’s fucking points but he is getting no backlash? Ethan speculated that “yeah perhaps Seth knew the second time” but nobody gives a shit that insinuates that Seth’s lying?? Shut up

  • O:46


  • 1:17:31

  • You’re not an FAS baby Trisha. Cant you start a petition to get this people cancelled or banned? Most of them need it, Bryce Hall *cough*, and the other douchebags of the month. Trisha had a frenemition.

  • The fact that Trisha is now saying with peace and love

  • They had 1 korean from 90 days, most is from 🇵🇭s. Stupid.

  • “What about TED talks?” I DIEDDDD

  • can someone please tell me what being "SA'ed" or essayed mean? I genuinely don't know

    • Sexual assault/sexually assaulted

  • Ethan enables her way too much. He’s kissing her ass and sucking up to her and it’s getting disgusting. She’s sitting here with all her “how is this not a bigger deal” bull and meanwhile there’s sooooooo many videos on yt of her contradicting herself and constantly being problematic and defending the people she’s now trashing 🙄

  • Why not take away those plates 🥴

  • The ordinary preface fifthly disappear because criminal ethically shrug along a enchanted tent. expensive, harsh british

  • 1:22:00

  • 1:19:00

  • im so confused can anyone fill me in on the whole AB/ethan situation

  • Oh he wasn't saying "is it racist to say he looks like a lesbian" he was saying "racey"

  • Imagine buying food to raise money for a lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 donation and then talking shot about the food

  • it’s called AERIAL SILKS!!! 🙈 ribbons and curtains were killing me lol as an aerialist it’s mostly in the legs to start off, and developing a strong grip in your hands. Definitely encourage anyone to look up Aerial gyms or aerial silks classes ♥️ it’s definitely a fun workout you’ll love.

  • I’m glad that she is speaking out about David. I used to be a huge fan of his and I always assumed everyone was in on all the pranks and scares. After hearing that people are not in on it leads me to agree with Trisha that David and Jason are predators.

  • 1:56

  • Is this a re-upload? I've already seen it

  • ethan: “you’re pretty sharp” trisha: “not when it comes to.. everything”

  • Trisha write a fucking book girl I swear I will buy it 😁!!

  • mr. potato head is steve harvey

  • “Frenemies” are like fully on justice podcast like fully on the raw truth comes out here like u can fully on tell this is legit and they are generally just spilling the tea ☕️!👀 yassss need more !!!

  • It’s zen-DAY-a

  • What does SA mean??

  • As a lesbian, I approve of the lesbian joke.

  • Idk who y’all are discussing but Wthan is definitely bias

  • Ethan you’ve got to get your feet tanned too, think of the wiki ratings!!... 🤑

  • Long live the foot soldiers

  • as someone who rents owieeeee lol (@ them making fun of Jeffree having a mortgage)

  • I missed a single episode and I now no longer understand anything thats going on- does anyone have a TLDR??

  • why is nobody talking about the way she says zendaya


  • 29:39

    • @niduoe stre so sorry to hear that niduoe. I hope you are well. ✝️ I know what it feels to lose a loved one I lost my aunt to cancer not the same as Covid 19 but still it's just as deadly disease it's sad to go through the process of having to bury one of your loved ones. I loved her very much she was like 2nd mom to me. They say that time heals all wounds I wish you the best

    • My brother passed away from Covid on 11/19/2020 two weeks before his 33rd birthday

  • AND THEN God I love her She wanted a tik tok shout out anD IM LIKE GIRL MY HANDS ARE CRAZY lmao

  • Trisha read the book Night

  • No one ever taught Ethan that smacking his fucking food was bad manners. Shit drives me up the fucking wall man!!!!!

  • Honestly Trisha Peytas tries so hard to be relevant. She embarrasses herself more than David ever could.

  • It would be funnier if she said she looks more like Kevin James

  • Ethan, im on KETO Diet. i started 2 weeks ago and have allready lost 7 pounds. im a short fat fuck so it works. Lots of meat and cheese, just watch the carbs

  • who is AB

  • Why is no one talking about Trisha not knowing the story of Anne Frank!?! 💀

    • she does she’s does that for us too laugh lol. i love trish. she’s actually really smart

  • I won't lie, I never had any interest in this podcast because it's so long and I didn't think Ethan and Trish would have enough to say but wow am I glad I changed my mind. I've been watching for the past 4 episodes and I LOVE IT.

  • Wat is essayed?

  • Post already have a girlfriend tho 😂 his dating that cool graphic Instagram girl that does those crazy photos

  • I’m just gonna say it I’ve been really bummed since you guys started eating in the videos because I can’t stand listening to it now I can’t want these but oh well I’m glad you guys are doing what you love

  • Does anyone realize the left side right side correlates with the masculine and feminine sides of the body?

  • 1:24:48

  • My brother passed away from Covid on 11/19/2020 two weeks before his 33rd birthday

  • That look she shot at Moses after she said, “That’s the problem with me. I’m never content. I always think I’m going to do better and bigger things,” was scary.

  • this podcast has taken over my life. i NEED the new episode to have a good meal 😭😭😭

  • Bro my food is getting cold, can you drop the new epsiode? my god i only live for tuesdays :*(

  • Where’s frenemies ! Episode 22 !!!


  • My daughter had an online anti bullying assembly at school and David Dobrik was one of the speakers. I was like WHAT?? I was going off to my kid and she was like “woah”. Lol. I was like “what is he going to be telling you? How to bully people better?” Oh I was hot.

    • @Calla Flower yeah, Honestly I would've gone wild omg.

    • @Chanelle Kettlewell I did contact the people who run it. No hate tour dot com just to be kinda like wtf u thinking?

    • You should've gone in and complained about what he does and how he's bad for kids etc.

  • You’re a channel with almost 3,000,000 subscribers how hard is it to set a scheduled upload to where the video will upload automatically

  • Hate to reiterate it, but Trish, you didn't leave, you were kicked out! 💥

  • Bro I'm literally here sitting refreshing with about 1 pound of food waiting for the podcast to drop...

  • Hey anyone who pays for the membership give me a taste of the new episode! I’m impatient

  • Do a podcast on the Holocaust!

  • sitting here waiting for today's show likeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Trish, "Wrestling isn't a sexual sport..." As she's trying to get Ethan to wrestle her... it can be if you are involved..

    • Lmfao.... Right... It is literally a Subgenre in porn or so I have heard 😂🤣

  • Yaaaay! So excited for this week's episode. Especially since they said it was gonna be an active one 😁

  • Where is the new episode!?

  • Ritual of the week: come here and watch while waiting for the new episode of frenemies to drop🥰

  • Their banter at the end was hilarious 😆

  • Trisha saying ZenDAHya throughtout the vid GAVE ME SUCH CRINGE

  • :( new ep please man