Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

Birt 12 feb 2020
Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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  • This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

  • Can’t believe the same guy who made Xbox is also planning to save the world

  • They should start serving this burger worldwide.

  • I dont trust Bill, lol. I cant even explain why

  • I Wish people would be a little bit more openminded on this. It has come a long way

  • Fun Fact: this video was posted one day after my birthday

  • Can they make kema

  • Yeah, that only works in an economy like the US in which you go to the grocery store and you have *options*

  • If we don’t kill the cows they produce methane that goes into the atmosphere

  • When mark looks to bill at 9:45

  • Why are you apologizing for liking meat?

  • looks at mark rober showing meatless burgers and infos about it: *contemplates life choices

  • Bill Gates is pure evil

  • Mark Rober is a Hero

  • Soya beans... by the way, half of the Amazon rainforest has been demolished and replaced by soya farms. Great alternative. I will give you a really good alternative. Stop overpopulation!

  • 'We' do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Do not try this by yourself. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Well do you know somthing that chetos are cow food

  • My favorite video of all time

  • This video proves that just a few changes in our everyday lives could save the world yet nobody will do anything about it

  • you can eat real minced meat raw aswell lol

  • Are there plant chicken nuggets

  • You figured it wrong the farmers burn the amazon because in amazon slash and burn irrigation is mainly used in the amazon firstly they slash all the area they irrigated and burn the slashed residue to give the soil more nutrients

  • I tried a impossible it’s pretty good

  • you made me slightly vegan

  • Never noticed that Bill Gates was orange before

  • I have to say though the impossible whopper is probably one of the worst ways to have an impossible meat product. to tweak their formula so it can withstand being in warming beds I had it and while i could tell it wasn't beef i also couldn't tell it was plant based(forget of course me knowing that goin in.) My dad and i had one and we both agreed for what it was it was ok. IDK i didn't think it was too spectacular but maybe i just need to one day buy a package of impossible meat and cook it proper but while its a step in the right direction its still extremely far off. The point is to make a product that is closer to meat but made from plants and they succeeded in every way except for two: Sodium and saturated fat content. Sodium and saturated fats are 2 big things to cause heart problems and obesity and Beyond meats/Impossible meats tend to have way more sodium and unsaturated fat than beef(depending on the fat content but really isn't that big of a difference.) This is a downside of it being an "ultra processed food" being another highly processed food item. Its a step in the right direction but it still is a long way off of replacing meat. I don't honestly think if people knew how much sodium and saturated fats in these meat substitute products people would be less reluctant to jump on this.

  • So I noticed that there was cheese on almost all the stuff they tried so my question is was that vegan too?

  • If we all become a vegetarians, we will need to change our graslands to farmland. Graslands are a huge stock for Carbon. If we plow those graslands the contribution of the Greenhouse effect will be more then when we stay to our normal diet

  • Cooking with Bill gates Can make that a tv show

  • Wait!..plants also a living species....so why we consider meat from plants vs meat from animals😒😒🙁🙁

  • Me : *sitting at home* Mark : *Meets Bill Gates* Also me : OH MY GODDD

  • I'm really thinking of becoming a vegetarian

  • I love me a juicy burger

  • Nobody: Ever to live: Mark: *SiZzLe*

  • He's not the richest man in the world.

  • Ill take your entire frickin stack

  • should do one on palm oil and palm oil farming

  • Event 201. Bill gates is not good bud

  • These are much less healthy for you than grass-fed meat, but arguably equal to the industrial meats. For the purpose of reducing climate emissions then naturally raised cows are actually less harmful than these but 99% of cows are industrial raised which is much worse than these so i guess this makes sense.Also you used the amazon as an example, but more of the amazon is burned for soy production than cattle lands js.... I mean ultimately that soy goes to either feed animals or processed goods like beyond meats so overall that point is kind of mute and just a little bit of research could have shown you that.

  • Mark rober goes to beyond meat because he just want to eat very delicious foods

  • Meat lives matter

  • im sorry but how did you cut that tomato? you like cored it out....???????????????????????????????? is this like some weird American thing?

  • I wish impossible burgers cost as half as much as regular burgers right now, I would switch right away (however i'm in Serbia and I can't even buy them, but that's a story for another time :D )

  • Try feeding him poison. That might work.

  • im from the u.k and we watch your videos in science class

  • That vegan teacher would. Not approve lol of mark liking meat when he was a kid

  • An even better substitute is 'cultured meat' or 'grown meat' which is basically the exact same as meat in structure and chemical composition but made in a lab without any killing.

  • At the beggining when u skip backwards he just keep saying Tats mi lol


  • I love meet but i would definitely switch to those burgers 🍔 but i would not stop totalt with eating some meat

  • is it veg

  • imagine now: amazon- 20% gone next 60 years: amazon- 50% gone next 1000 years: amazon=shops and factories and etc. would u think that this would happen to amazon? btw 50% of all living speicies in the world is at amazon

  • THIS MADE ME SO HUNGRY 🤤 plus now I want to taste them I’ve only had meat burgers 🍔

  • lol, is that really bill gates? lol he's in your channel now

  • sup

  • He’s a billionaire but looks like my 8th grade science teacher

  • If this technology was Introduced in China way back, Theres a high chance that COVID-19 will be prevented.

  • I'm still waiting for them to make steak, liver and deer replacements. I love these things quite a lot, and now I want liver and I'm sad :(

  • boi i aint even know how to make eggs

  • Stop eating meat. Save the earth, animals, save money

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  • I say the buffelow is 3/5, why i say that is because it does have amazing texture, but it somewhat has a beanie taste that i dont approve. Comment if you say this is wrong and tell me why.

  • How to save the world: feed bill gates

  • He’s eating meet so he’s not saving the world

  • Don't forget, by far the most life stock is not private farmers trying to survive, bit gigantic companies.

  • *former richest man in the world

  • i love all your video's i think it's funny when you say sizzle.

  • Mark Didn't Go To Harvard, Harvard Went To Him

  • Mark Rober: at 7:02 Mentions Lewis Hamilton. Me: Perks up.

    • lol me too. I hate him, but anything F1 related gets my attention lol

  • change the title to the third richest man in the world

  • Si realmente se parece mucho o es exacto a la carne, estaría dispuesto a no comer carne.

  • Veg burger

    • Wtfs

  • I love the taste test with the kids! So many times they try to sell it with adults and Mark is 100% right, adults will sometimes say nice stuff about something just to be nice about it. The fact that kids were like "OMG WHAT?!" makes me think that we've finally reached a point where I can comfortably make those decisions...and literally every meal in my grandma's cookbook has meat in it.

  • 7:00

  • Enjoy you vaccines people! Sheep need that herd immunity!!

  • Bill is so smart

  • Soylent Green is people!

  • What about insects?

  • Entiendo que comer carne no sea environmentaly friendly pero chabon, vos me pones un sanguche completo de milanesa de pollo y me decis que no lo coma y me pongo a llorar. No tengo la suficiente fuerza de voluntad para ser vegano, ni la plata para comprar comida veggie que sepa a carne

  • I mean if we all eat plants then the animals has no plants to eat so then the die

  • The hard grass superficially compete because bonsai interstingly queue amid a cowardly witness. wet, madly parade

  • bill Gates suck and he is a devil

  • You make a good point but Meat tastes good

  • i have an opposite mindset, where, in order for it to be considered a true meal, it needs to have veggies. :p

  • If someone tryies to stop me from eating meat i will eat them instead

  • you know what's great.. i get to watch mark robber videos for my research paper :p

  • I gave up meat for nearly 3 years. I was all about the meatless burgers and thought they were awesome. Looking back, it wasn’t the taste... it was just that I missed meat so badly. Once I started to eat meat again, I was like a baby seeing the world for the first time. It was amazing to fall in love with food again.

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  • Richest man in the world you say?😂

  • Wait. If you can make meat from a plant... vegans won't be able to eat plants because they produce! :O

  • I will be honest, I don't think I can stop eating meat🤧

  • Guys we did it we heard bill gates say burps and farts

  • Pitty you didnt feed him something else, maybe we wouldnt have all these problems now!

  • That is not the richest man in the world it’s the second richest man in the world

  • AR999

  • Anyone who is an athlete do yourself a favor and do not stop eating meat.

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  • Do something with Elon Musk


  • Veganism is a cult