Patron's CEO Has Mind-Blowing $50M Mega Mansion | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 4 jan 2020
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Patron's CEO Has Mind-Blowing $50M Mega Mansion | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  • Patron is not that great lol Don Jose is wat better.

  • I guess we are over paying for patron, lol.

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  • The 458 isn’t worth “millions” 🤣🤣

  • You couldnt have picked a more ugly shoe to put all those diamonds on. And it didnt take no 6 months to glue all those diamonds on... he did that in like 2 hours lol.

  • Yeah... that marriage lasted long I bet

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  • Why would you wear those shoes though?

  • Magnífico

  • 1:17 Haha typical teens commenting these so called sugar daddy and sugar baby when literally all they did was skip the video and wrote what they “heard” Ok teens sorry to interfere but please listen again 🥱

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  • "hard labor"

  • SuperRich buying Shoes which came IN Armered car .....People in africa are being used as lab rabbits..A gold digger enjoying time of her life...A honest wife is suffering to feed her kids along with her family.. Enough proof that god does'nt exist.. God is just a fantasy created by people in dream of getting this WORLD.

  • Looking so nice.

  • 16 acres isnt a ton of land for horses... middle class people in the mountains own horses and like 100 acres, but no mansion ofc. that estate is obviously awesome though. those $4m shoes are absurd. those diamonds would fall off if you wore the shoes and bumped them on a something.

  • A bit of an age gap but nice home

  • 5:30 michaels house in GTA

  • I'm assuming they are trying to sell it cause I would not have invited a camera crew into my house without any good reason.

  • A gorgeous couple....good for them.

  • his wife is like half his age!!

  • "CNBC Cribs" New Episodes Coming Soon!

  • When Mr.Broker dude was petting that horse...he looked

  • 24 year age difference

  • Nor that Ferrari 458 and LMP are worth millions, but around 180 and 260 thousand each.

  • 2:04 he knows she be digging for gold

    • Stop being jealous just because you are too broke to get a hot wife

    • 3:05 when he talks about moving into something smaller. LMAO how bad is this relationship. Hope he signs a preen up before marriage

  • Something tells me shes addicted to white powdery substances

  • Everything so deep and intellectual....

  • I like how the realestate agent says the guest house, at 7500 sq.ft, is bigger than most people's homes. Ughhh.. yaaaa... What world does this guy live in? Most people's house is what 2000sq.ft.

  • Why does every ceo look the same ?

  • 2:09 what happened to the dude? 😂😂😂 It looks like he just realized how much money she spent on clothes

  • I think she enjoys in every room and bathroom 🤣

  • I think it's spelled Patreon

  • The second I saw the couple, I knew the comments would be on fire and y'all did not disappoint me.

  • This Is Suitable

  • Omgawd. Beauty. Purrrrfect😎

  • Tiny house is better, than this ego waste

  • I'm no where as rich as this guy but even I know that you don't marry girls like this, you rent them, month by month. Girls way better than her are all over the place in Florida and California. Every where!

  • How “secret” is a life that’s covered by CNBC?

  • Is it for sale?

  • 2:11 he also cant believe it

  • Clark Kent is in the house...

  • 2:07 bwahaha look at his face "what have i done"

  • Patron girl " we wake up to a dream everyday" ya you do

  • Sugar Daddy Goals

  • Lol definition of GOLD DIGGER SUGAR DADDY

    • Mad because you’re too broke for a hot young wife ? Your jealousy is showing

  • I was expecting an older lady holding up the dog then it showed dudes wife an I'm like oh ok here we go I can watch this

  • How did the grandpa score such a beautiful young hottie?

    • Do you really need to ask wonder you can’t get one

  • Nice 👍🏾

  • Their selling cause its a nightmare to own a house like that direct in hurricane paths on the shoreline.

  • Первый дом шикарный с райским водопадом

  • This house would be perfect now during the quarantine lol

  • This should be a resort

  • Awww Father and daughter living together... how sweet :)

  • examples in stupidity and waste,but you cant take it with you

  • Trophy house, trophy wife... figures. When she answered a question his face looked like he was thinking 'I can't believe she's talking.'

  • Those shoes are ugly but if PJ Tucker is at the party, then they must be legit

  • Lol 6 months worth of labor, gtfoh, some Chinese woman did it in a couple of hours.

  • You will be too drunk to enjoy the house 😂

  • How many people died from liver diseases for them to buy this house

  • Gold digger

  • She’s so lucky and he’s not even ugly

  • I'd wear the sneakers but they're a bit big for me. ( :

  • Patrons CEO and wife... You mean daughter lmaooooo

    • Your jealousy is showing

  • I mean as long as they’re both happy I don’t think they care about what people say 😂 they’re living the life most of y’all wish you had... deep down y’all wish 🤷‍♀️

    • The only rational comment

  • News flash!!! Many people drink Patrón, enabling the CEO to have mega mansions!

  • Ha of course he has a girl 30 years younger then him , golddigger


  • no one bought those shoes

  • Where is Metoo talking about this guy using his money to manipulate a high end prostitute and she being taken advantage of??? Metoo , where are you? She isn't even that hot after the 10 lbs of makeup removed

  • sure sign , world coming to an end

  • John Paul Degoria is the real baller.

  • I love wealth but something about this just made me never want to buy or drink patron again.. seriously

  • 4,000,000 Sneakers we are in decline

  • Lol...1 time patron girl. Almost as good as a babysitter marrying the best golfer in the world...

  • Size 15. Jesus cave man 🦶

  • He is going to be mad when I move next door..... Right after I hit this lottery 🤫👍👍😂

  • Meanwhile in reality..

  • What a gold digger wife, this needs to be one of them gold digger videos for sure.

    • Your jealous because you’re too broke to get a hot wife ?🤣🤣 all I see is a man taking care of his woman

  • First thing he said was his dream home and didn't say ours. LOL, shows what they are like

  • guess money does buy love

  • I was thinking why do they keep talking about “Patron”? What does Tequila have to do with “Patreon”? Then I’m like oh... 🤦🏽‍♂️😂