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  • Albert did that White Vision exit...

  • *there you are*

  • HOLY SHIT i just realized the establishing shot of this school is the high school across the street from my house in toronto LOL



  • I only sit on top of the table to I can or back to read my book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a weirdo. But I’m in a random place, socially. Every girl in my year is friends with me, some of the boys tolerate me, and the rest just shit on me...

  • Disney channel movies... 👨🏼‍🍳💋

  • F r o g

  • Frog shirt

  • Ya know, Hitler and May are kinda similar... They think blond hair and blue eyes is the perfect boy

  • When she said "blonde hair and blue eyes" "meowzers" all 8 could think of was (Hitler alert) that may had the same ideals as Hitler for beauty and perfection

  • That nutcracker is sad rn

  • This could’ve been solved simply Don’t lie to someone just because you were embarrassed that they proved you wrong

  • Noah Centineo being in this movie is poignant.

  • 3:45 i dont know about dominance but i do feel turned on, but i guess both of these words feelings are kind of the same, so yeah

  • it's really weird to hear your name in a Disney movie "MAY" I know my name is pretty common but it's still weird af

  • No one gonna say that his license plate says “Meow Zers”?

  • Also why does he have to be white 🙄. That's the perfect bf.... some white dude.

  • I feel like China McClain deserves to he in wayyyyyy better movies than these shitty low effort disney channel ones.

  • Like they can hack into the military system

  • 11:33 even though it doesn't happen, i like to imagine him getting out of the car all cool n stuff and then the first thing he says is "gaze upon my pockets and _weep"_

  • Anyone else getting a Disney version of terminator vibe or is that just me

  • 17.04 voice crack!

  • Why me greg?

  • Okay I was doing my makeup while watching this but I stabbed my eye when he started singing I love you like a love song like I had a obsession with that song when I was like 6



  • my names mei prenounced may. help

  • legend says albert is still flying in the sky today

  • Just turned on notifications you now own my soul truly greg

  • 2:35 I think it looks like that bc she painted it with watercolor

  • I love this class =)

  • 9:49 She looks like in her mind she's saying *"wtf why would u kiss a robot"*

  • disney channel original movies r worse than jake paul’s music

  • this movie is literally just a shitty version of weird science lmfao

  • wait these kids hack into the government and stole there robot how? edit: why am i the only one asking this

  • 3:40 *Rantaro Amami has entered the chat*

  • I have seen this movie on T.V before but it was only towards the ending It was awkward to watch with my family, even when I didn't know what I was watching

  • 10:08 LMFAO

  • he should react to Princess Protection Program

  • bones are getting squishy

  • 2:00 wtf is that harry potter

  • 0:30 Hey danny you're wrong you will be 2000 years old to finish all the Disney movies

  • This is just steve Rogers if he was a robot

  • If you’d asked me before I watched this video if I’d seen this film I’d say no but watching this slowly unlocked a memory I forgot existed

  • “cool kids never sit right” oh so all cool kids are gay. great! i’m one step closer to being *cool*

  • You just unlocked a very weird childhood memory and I don't know how to feel about that-

  • I love how the squishy bone joke is consistent, I almost spit out my digorno 5 cheese stuffed crust pizza that is bussin byssin

  • Its a me, *ALBERT* from Flamingo!

  • What’s black sigma?

  • Gabby: describe your perfect boy Mae: make him white

  • That shirt makes me want to run on a treadmill with a phone blasted on rainforests music wearing it.

  • Can you do one for zapped?

  • Love this :)

  • I- I love you like a love song bebe,

  • Are we gonna talk about how she just disses Siberia like that?

  • Or hear me out the popular guy is gay Because none of us sit properly

  • How the Greg did she know he had a self destruct and what if it was a nuclear explosion

  • cool people don’t know how to sit,, gay people don’t know how to sit ....... conclusion: all cool people are gay

  • i love this movie tho...

  • He should react to wild child

  • you know that relatable moment when your being bullied by a bunch of fully grown adults, so you hack into your dad's computer and accidentally steal a military robot, and then self destruct him.

  • He should react to wild child

  • danny should talk about how china doesnt beileve in science 😂😭


  • Detroit: Become Human

  • Also, she’d be in so much fucking trouble with the military after blowing up the “savior of the free world. “ like, they’d definitely know she’s responsible for that. Right?

  • the licence plate says "MEOW ZRS" 11:23

  • “EvErYoNe DrEsSeS lIkE a GaP cOmMeRcIaL” I laughed so hard

  • That second time he said Super Soldier Boy I knew what was coming

  • Germans in between 1939 and 1945: 8:29

  • I cracked at "maybe her bones are getting squishy" 🐶✨

  • wait 8:36 are her shoes inverted?

  • incredi-soldiaboy

  • Danny's comment sections are totally disorienting without the context of the WHOLE video

  • soldier boy tell em’


  • Noah centimeter looks cgi de-aged in this movie and im so uncomfortable

  • Who is No Uh Scent of Mayo and why did all teenage girls in 2017 love him?

  • How do you build a better boy?

  • 15:37 anybody else notice the girl wearing the purple jacket is in the military scene, does that mean she knows about Mae’s dad working for the military

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  • I remember watching this as a kid and thinking all the adults were teenagers lmfao

  • this was my fav movie...

  • Omg please make a song abt the ground beefy boyfriend burger😂😭😭😭

    • Yesssss

  • honestly if one of my original characters came to life i would be very scared

  • I turned on notifications I am now greg

  • LOL NOAHHH "it matters not what you do, but what you with what you've done with what you do"

  • That relatable moment when you lie about having a boyfriend so you hack into a CIA black site to create one

  • 8:20 i just imagined mae's wall having a 1D and 5sos posters hanging in her room

  • So this is the Disney channel version of weird science

  • Oh god I’m all of those

  • Actually the law on acting is different

  • May: describes a blond haired- blue eyed boy The comments: IT WAS HITLER

  • where can i watch this movie

  • im sorry but if they’re so low on the social radar then why the fuck does everyone care so much that she has a boyfriend

  • yoU DoNT DiSSEcT LiVE frOGs ThEy woULD aLreAdy bE DeaD aNd eMbaLMED

  • God I hate this guy and dram if it is him what a prick

  • who else caught the bones are getting squishy 💀

  • Me, an Alaskan: hm? oh you poor, poor child.