THE SUNNY $81.5 MANSION IN MALIBU | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

Birt 24 feb 2020
Take the exclusive tour of this sunny mega-mansion in Malibu that has a price tag of $81.9M!
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THE SUNNY $81.5 MANSION IN MALIBU | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  • i need 1000 robux please

  • ‘This is the most incredible will bring you Cheetos’

  • Commonly used in LA? Botox! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • lol... Charlie is the best invention that the realator saw... such a smalll world for him.

  • villas front beach cliff bali for sale now god prices more infos

  • that last house was so crouded and full of stuff you cant even walk and that penthouse is no big deal

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  • Title says $81 and I had my wallet out ready to buy

  • Very much.

  • 4:33 spotted fcken Dettora, like you should know better than to use snake oils and support MLMs!

  • It seems that the Paris listing is the one which was steven's house in DYNASTY on flix.

  • I don’t think that guys ever seen a dolphin

  • Wow, only beautiful and impresions! Please together you can see, like and subscribe:

  • Johnny's home is amazing.....

  • You must be grown rich to have this kind of taste of style. If I had this kind of money I would never think of putting gold in my curtains or the name brands of my couch.

  • Private dinosaur bone??? pretty sure my grandma's dentures are lying around here somewhere, that counts?? (she likes humour its chill)

  • If the offer is 81 dollars 5 cent I could try and stretch my budget, nothing more

  • LOL at the BH penthouse using pyramid scheme products

  • 81 million!!! Whatttt

  • You can afford this house while you have a boss?am sure he owns an island

  • I'll buy it look a the title it's only $81.5

  • We the people make these people rich, if we don't want them to be famous bye bye nice house. They should thank us because most famous people make $ off us low and middle class viewers.


  • 2:53 Wimbleton !? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 It’s Wimbledon Miss !!

  • Because I’d love to spend $780k a year renting a 4000 square feet half a mile up. That’s a dumb decision for a billionaire.

  • Keeping all of these addresses and moving in here today.....

  • jungle in asia? ive never seen a "jungle" like that in asia

  • 4:18 says Phantom, but we see a Ghost

  • Yes I like it

  • I'd rather live in a tiny one bedroom than get lung cancer.

  • Probably insects a over your home if your ok with that

  • it is only $81.5?

  • Carson's house is fabulous. The penthouse is pretentious. All I could think is what if someone hijacked Charley to bring a bomb or toxic gases into the penthouse. Looks like a security risk.

  • It’s like a James bonds villains mansion.

  • 99% of the public couldn't afford just the TAXES on this place!!!!!

  • The Carson pad is legit. The French secret garden... I want one.

  • Man these LA people with thier cartoon accents 😂😂😂

  • nothing worse than trying to pronounce french words and pretending your pronunciation is correct smh

  • r all corrupt living here ???? plz tell me

  • Not even if I was the richest man on earth. If you buy that house you must be crazy.

  • Do you have to tip Charley?

  • I am looking for startup investors. its in digital market space and edu tech .please contact me

  • All properties are beautiful, The Malibu one and Paris are outstanding!

  • I love this house

  • That Penthouse is insulting....never mind the only thing I can afford in this listing is a free YT comment.

  • nope

  • Only 81.5 dollars ? Nice

  • Don't get me wrong I kinda like it , but the design reminds me of high designer Malls when I was a kid in the 80s. And with all of the homes in CA falling off the cliff in recent decades I'd be skeptical.

  • The multiple parcel one-time J.Carson estate sold at the end of June 2019 for $40 million-the main house changing hands for $25.9 million and two adjacent lots together for $14.1 million.

    • @Ella X The total was 40 million, the main house for 25.9 + 14.1 for adjacent lots. That’s a steep 51% discount from the $81.5 million the sellers initially shopped the property for back in 2017.

    • So it collectively sold for $80 million. Wow talk about a return on investment.

  • i like carson's house .....

  • The way the guy leasing the penthouse says Los Angeles makes me want to stab my ears with pencils.

  • too many insects?

  • Lmfao such a boring penthouse looks like a 3.5 star hotel.

    • well it from last century...

  • Just re-up'd make sure to like

  • The penthouse is legit!!

  • First one yes! Second one boi stop no no no

  • Carson's house is stunning, but it's just a little shaka shaka from being in the ocean.

  • There’s many places in California that are better.... Newport and laguna are literally more expensive so save the bs😂

  • the first property really aged well, even for modern standard, it still looks elegant and well designed, it really blows the other generic "modern" property out of water another world-class property design

    • 81 million.... when carson buy them was 9million and the old owner don't want to sell... if you living there today... you still need to spend few million to get to this century... and the cost of maintance just .. it a waste of money..

    • @chankanyy Support

    • @CAPT. SeASick lie

    • Just re-up'd make sure to like

  • 65k for that😫🙄🙄🙄

  • I am impressed with how he was gifted a tennis court. That is so cool!

  • Oh the things that money can buy.

    • Haye gaal miyaatahay mise islam ayaa tahay

  • I would give 100 dollars ....keep the change...

  • 81 dollars and 50 cent?

    • @Alejandro Toro burrrrn 😂😂😂

    • Panda 730S r/wooooooosh

    • Panda 730S You don’t know how jokes work do you?

    • you don't even know how price tags work, do you?

    • 0.5 mil = $500,000

  • That's Austin Powers house

  • Which celebrity couple could it be? Any guess anyone

    • Sidney Kimmel sold the house in 2019 for only 40m

    • An older celebrity.

  • That Malibu house is ridiculous.

  • First one is great

  • Malibu? Why would anyone want to live in California with all its problems. The price is just far too inflated.

    • @Sheba Maree maybe in the massive cities. I know for a fact right now in Wray, CO you can buy a 4,312 sqf house with 6 bedroom and 4 baths for $459,000. A million bucks would get you a moutain view, a swimming pool and a good chunk of land.

    • Caleb Paddack where in Colorado? Trailer houses go for 500k

    • @Liron BERISHA no I live in indiana where it is even cheaper to live. You can get a mansion with lakefront views here for 1 million. I was just giving an example of a state close to cali that people could move to if they were smart

    • @Caleb Paddack yeah but you also are in Colorado so.....

    • @Jensen Raylight it's not about being poor, it's about being wise with your money. A tiny house in the hood sells for 1 million in LA. You can build a mansion at the foot of a mountain in Colorado for that price.

  • Now that Malibu pad is something else. I’m blown away by the approach and originality of that place. If I had the cash I’d have that one

  • 👌👍👌👍

  • So beautiful, nature-friendly and classy!