I Tried Cooking Satisfying Oreo Dora Cakes

Birt 4 feb 2021
Homemade Oreos are my favourite dessert ever and when I saw this recipe I absolutely had to try it, but I'm using birthday confetti oreos and sprinkles to make it more like Dunkaroo frosting! This is 4 ingredient no bake Oreo biscuit cakes, recipy by Delmira Cooking.
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  • Were is twoekie

  • A🐶🐕

  • Kartha: who ever made up the birthday cake flavor is a genius I want to marry them Terry: wait- Kartha: 👁👄👁

  • So for this recipe you have the Oreos, you smush them up and then you reform them. Why 😂😂

  • Fun fact: When you say different names to your dog you can confuse them with there real name so be careful

  • deagle is cute bc hes ur doggo

  • I made these and boy they were AMAZING but i ate 8 in the span of 40 seconds and now i feel so sick butbit was worth it 🤢


  • answer a

  • doremon....many of u wont know but....

  • whats the full recipe

  • a

  • The only problem is that one of the oreos best part is the *cronch*

  • Her top is the cutest thing ever- besides her!

  • Yes him is the party😁😁😁🐕🐕🐕💕💕💕💕

  • I like this because it’s like making PaNcAaAaAkEs -Kartha Gewart

  • The best part is obviously 30:00

  • Dododododo Dora! XD

  • cutest dog

  • I have thos things in the Green but in the Color Pink

  • a he is the cutest dog in the whorld

  • Martha Stewart walks in... Kartha says she just pretends to be me

  • I WANT oreo cakes 😕

  • She should make another ISchats channel called adventures with kartha gewart

  • What kind of dog is he?

  • Kartha: I think he’s the most adorabl- get away from me freak Me: so what is he-

  • who knew we needed this.

  • hey kassie you should make it again but for dogs

  • Nobody: Gloom “he can’t tell time yet”

  • Can u do episode again the Bently one and choose all the bad decisions

  • 9:18 kartha and anjing blinked at the exact same time comment if you noticed

  • 6:52

  • I don't think you need smell o vision for that smell

  • My momm wod help me but she's dead.

  • 9:46 FBI open up!!!

  • 13:32


  • What happened to twinky

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  • To clean your wisk you use a rubber spatula and smoosh it clean

  • Gloom has the cutest dog ever!😃💕😍

  • Ohg Ever anime person when they are surpised: Ohg oh a, a o ohohoh.. o Me: 😂😂😂🤣 I feel like I am watching anime Is deagle the cutest dog Me: no... NOT ONLY IS HE THE CUTEST HE IS THE MOST PERFECT DOG IN EXISTENCE

  • B

  • Terry:YOU GOT IT WRONG Deagle:GeT oF iM sTiLl a BeBe

  • Kartha (Kassie): Whoever made up the birthday cake Oreo flavor is a genius. I wanna marry them Terry: 0_0 😡 Kartha (Kassie): Oh no-

  • so doing this for my birthday

  • Where is your other dog

  • Whos deagel i havent watched in a long time 🖤🖤🖤🖤🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕🐕❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Does anyone know what recipe she used thinking about trying it?!?!?!

  • ok but how is your dog so well-behaved when you are dealing with food. my dog would've gone crazy seriously what magic potion do you feed him?

  • Kartha is at it again breaking into glooms house and calling her dogs weird. Names

  • Iferg named the 50. DGS pistol Deagle

  • what is a dunkaroo

  • Gloom: I-it's just so much easier than baking 😍 Terry: *cute giggle* I LOVE HOW MUCH HE LOVES HER

  • "annoying our dog luxuriously" that got me hahaha

  • Now im so hungryyyyyy!!

  • can i have a link to the background music? i wanna use it

  • Me about make this realizing that I was supposed to use butter cream:well shoot...

    • I don’t have baking powder I only have baking soda

    • I grabbed cream cheese instead cause I saw and that was butter cream

  • A I love your videos

  • A

  • I love how Cassie gets so excited about little things like making homemade Oreos!

  • Deagle is the cutest dog

  • A

  • Me not getting why you can't just eat the Oreo and why you have to make it homemade and Oreos is literally the ingredient*

  • What happened to her little dog

    • @Starlette I didn't know thanks for telling me.

    • He sadly passed away.... :(

  • Gloom: is my dog cut? Get away from me you freak you just said he was cute. What is he cute are a freak?

  • I liked when she was enjoying it and it cut off😂 13:00

  • Deagle is the cutest dog ever no doubt about it

  • Ooooh I have birthday cake Oreo’s here too 😧

  • i feel like the dog is too close to the food

  • Terry:thay gave us free oreos for life me:WHERE DID YOU GET THE OREOS

  • Deagle is the CUTEST dog in hole universe

  • Terry: *A pOoRLy DoG* 😂💀 am I the only one dying of laughter

  • Kartha:isn’t he the cutest Not a few secand later Kartha:get away from me you freak 👁👄👁👏

  • :kartha whoever made birthday flavor I want to marry them :terry wait well be right back

  • me wanting to do this:imma do this me remembering i dont like oreos:oh well me remembering i dont have a blender:welp

  • Gloom: whoever made these oreos I love them I wanna marry em Terry: wait WHAT My friend who doesn't know who gloom is: Why is he mad? Me: dude Gloom and Terry are MARRIED and she said "I wanna marry em" My friend:oooohhhhhhhhhhh

  • What happend to her other dog

  • What happend to her other dog

  • Kassie, what breed of doggo is Angine Edit: I hope I spelt his name right 2nd edit: I chose B

  • Who knew dora cakes from Doremon since your childhood

  • Just...eat the cookie-

  • deagle🥺🥺

  • My dog cutter sry 🐕

  • He is the cutest dog

  • The oreos look like ravioli's look it up they look really simalar except the color

  • He is the 2nd cutest dog 1st is mine

  • me: reads dora me: thinks the cake is gonna be an actual dora oreo alos me: wait i am dora-

  • These are basically gobs the best food ever

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  • it makes me hungry ;)

  • B

  • yummy its nies

  • honestly Deagle is...... not gonna lie he is..... SO MUCH CUTER THAN MY NEIGHBOR'S DOG btw im sorry every dog is just so cute so what i just said is a lie because my neighbor's dog is so cute!

  • Anser is B

  • I can’t get over the fact that your dog looks exactly like mine

  • salmonella

  • So basically she crushed Oreos and made them into bigger Oreos 🤣🤣

  • It's like I can eat it

  • Gloom I want to marry it Terry the wedding is going to me