hunting prey with the NEW 19,400 IQ CAMOUFLAGER role... (custom mod)

Birt 7 apr 2021
Disguised Toast and friends test some more custom roles in modded Among Us. Today Toast tries the camouflager impostor as well new exploration on The Airship.
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Edited and Animated by: _4our_
#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast #airship


  • Yosemite Sam mustache

  • Poor corpse

  • Yosemite Sam is his name. Mel Blanc voice acted for him n Bug bunny n majority of the looney tunes. N u have the audacity to mention king James is in the new space jam?!

  • Praise Our god Who have 297461918467292846290173639184646719 IQ

  • dude everyone has a disney prince or princess like voice-

  • Corpse: “it could be me” 5up and Poki reassuring him: “yea it could be you” Also corpse: “thanks guys” Corpse is so fucking adorable 🤌🏻✨🥰


  • No hate but I have seen poki cut alot of people when they are talking Iand I don't like that

  • was anyone else yelling at their screen while toast described Yosemite Sam, who he apparently only recognizes from Space Jam? SMH

  • 21:00 Whaa but he said he saw Toast alive until he met Abe Hmm

  • yosemite sam?

  • Abe always sounds so guilty lmao

  • One question, in the intro, does it say disguised toast or this guy’s toast

  • its yosemite sam from looney tunes

  • Loving the super mario galaxy music

  • Yo when did sleepy join the group hell yeah

  • Wait does toasts intro say disguised toast or this guy's toast?

  • 9:15 that was pathetic ngl

  • Yosemite Sam

  • Now he can truly be DISGUISED toast

  • The name your looking for is Yosemite Sam

  • Yosemite Sam!

  • 5:50 Yosemite (Yo-Sim-It-E) Sam

  • 5up is so stupid. He ran with Abe, Abe run the other way. 2 doors in, 5up finds body. It is impossible to be Abe and 5up can prove it. Yet here is corpse getting a free win because 5up had a stroke. It's not even a real win.

  • 12:49 poki i would still rather do sykkuno

  • Why ain't my Among Us working XD

  • Yosemite Sam... yw

  • Truly the most amazing skill that Toast possesses is his ability to ignore task and emergency arrows.

  • Yosemite Sam

  • ฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎ํํํํฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎ํํํํฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎ํํํํฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎ํํํํฏ๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎๎ํํํํ


  • big mustache space jam = yosemite sam

  • 16:22 poki: mention card swipe corpse: aggressively triggered

  • 5up? More like 5downvotes. Bad play

  • Sykunno: * votes Tina * Sykunno when Tina was voted out even tho he voted her: "Nooo you guys did not... you guys did not"

  • Idk why he said he needs a gun when he has laser eyes.

  • 5:01 daaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh 😂😂

  • You know what I want? A role that lets you body hop into someone you kill and puppet them around for 30 seconds before they drop back down to the ground.

  • You mean Yosemite Sam? From Loony Toons?

  • is bushing camping coming back?

  • seeing toast smile and laugh is such a delight

  • Missed opportunity to call it The Predator 😃

  • Toast, the prospector you're thinking of Yosemite Sam

  • Dangaropa

  • A pilot once told me it was called a cockpit because you never saw any women flying

  • Amogus

  • dis guy's toasted!

  • Toast has a bit of a tell though! He is more vocal during meetings when and only when he is NOT the impostor. When he is, he more of a listener and will just ride with the flow, just saying :)

  • Yosimite Sam is the name of the Looney Tunes character.

  • I like how you guys give away who won in the comments before I watch the vid👌

  • 8:07 i was like "STFU Poki, i wanna hear where cockpit originated."

  • X📎📎📎📎📌📌📌📌📌🧮🧮🖋📗📎📎📎

  • red is sus

  • lol


  • These titles are increasing the IQ limit tenfold

  • Toast's new mustache reminds me of Lorax

  • The developers should use "Bridge" instead of cockpit

  • Wait, so is the morph mod gone? Cuz if so, I never got to see the de-morph play I came up with

  • TOASSSTTTTT YOURE AMAZING (just wanted to leave that there 😌)

  • 14:50 I def played that over and over again lol

  • “Now that’s some Discussed Toast”

  • I love how toast explains at the beginning of the round how his role works, because there are SO MANY new roles and it’s taking a while to get used to them all

  • Space jim

  • I still cant stop laughing when Tina says "dinah"

  • Javed Jaffrey copy

  • 4:55 Was soooo lost when I saw the blood splatter down below... They were lovers! Totally forgot about that.

  • toast basically just let tina win a jester round without noticing she was jester

  • toast doesn't know who Yosemite Sam is

  • toast not knowing who yosemite sam was KEK

  • how come Jodi had dialogue in the intro? shes dead

  • Haha


  • shut up disguised toast

  • "Ohh, what? Why are there two bodies?!" Lovers.

  • Hi toast, I just want to say ,if can make like before content with story.. Miss it so much.. Miss Ludwiq to .. :)

  • what mod is this

  • Everyone : sorrying to Sykkuno for voting him Sykkuno : I left through a vent Not gonna lie that was hilarious

  • Yosemite Sam is the ‘prospector’ guy from looney tunes

  • i just know realized when the intro comes i always thought the man voice said ”hah! this guy is toast” but it actually says ”disguisedtoast” im stupid 😭

  • I thought among us died ages ago

    • you're on Disguised Toast's channel. What do you expect. Also, games don't die, they just slightly decrease in popularity overtime.

  • He killed you because you're pink, Abe.


  • Bro what is sleepy doing here

  • Yosemite Sam

  • His name is Yosemite Sam btw

  • Yosemite Sam be the prospector from Looney Tunes FYI. 5:53

  • My name is 5 weinies not shoto todoroki

  • bro what mod is that

  • Yosemite Sam toast

  • "The first time I heard carry-on I thought they were gonna bring a dead deer on board. I thought 'What are they going to do with all of that, don't they have the little TV-dinners anymore?' And then I thought 'Carry on! People are going to be carrying on, on the plane!' Well I don't like that. I'd prefer a serious attitude on my plane. Especially on the flight deck! Which is the latest euphemism for *COCKPIT!* Can't understand why they wouldn't want to use a lovely word like *COCKPIT,* can you? Especially with all those stewardesses going in and out of it all the time!" - George Carlin

  • 11:20 .... not only does he say the 1st word, but he says c***PIC x'DDDD

  • 9:22 😂 nice one

  • They tried to kill me in the rain...

  • 6:45 LMAOO

  • Honestly love the videos

  • "If I had to shoot, I'd shoot corpse" *Sweats in russian roulette*

  • The dark kangaroo intradurally interrupt because table analytically list without a flowery vest. magenta, repulsive adapter

  • Yosemite Sam is the prospector from the Looney Tunes, btw.

  • space jam with lebron is gonna be sick 6:05