The Matrix | Never-Before-Seen Cold Open | A Peacock Extra

Birt 1 jan 2021
The Office US streaming now on Peacock:
Watch an exclusive, never-before-seen cold open from The Office's ninth season to celebrate The Office US coming to Peacock!
In loving memory of Hugh Dane, Hank the security guard.
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  • did hank die?????

  • May we have a moment of silence for Hugh Dane, please.

  • "Have you ever felt that something was not right with the world?" Stares at Jim

  • I dont understand why this wasn't in the show

  • Who on earth decided this shouldn’t be used ?!?

  • idk it didnt work for me. felt like the acting was subpar

  • Trailer of the Matrix IV? 3:30 Young Morpheus vs Old Neo. 4:39 Ooh...😞

    • Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rip hugh

  • 🎵Me and the blues pill🎵

  • This was going to be the finales cold open

  • So... Lemme get this straight. The computers from The Office 1: Have windows 7 icons, 2: But also have windows XP style windows, 3: The minimize/Full screen/close buttons are in the same style as the minimize/Full screen/close buttons in the silver theme (but the rest of the window isn't). 4: The taskbar changes between win 7 and win XP style, 5: The start button (in the win XP style) doesn't even say "start" nor do they have a Windows logo. They're just a single small textless green button, 6: And in another episode they make windows 3.1 sounds, (specifically the chime sound) 7: Sometimes they have windows 2000 icons. Huh.

  • Meh Would have been better if both pills had LSD and then they could make him believe the layers of the matrix was dissolving.

  • Excellent video. Keep it up!?

  • Absolutely brilliant

  • Awww Hank died in real life?? Thanks for the laugh Hugh.

  • Why isn’t this captioned!?!?

    • Dang I always thought Hank was underutilized. That scene with the chairs and the copier was excellent. RIP Hugh Dane.

  • Congratulations! The best comedy series!

  • Amazing

  • i had no clue hank died irl so sad, what a great actor R.I.P.

  • Why was this not included? It was amazing

  • Deo & Drinity

  • To me the most unrealistic thing is that he said “who is this?” While typing it

  • I'm so happy that Dwight is happy

  • I understand why this was deleted

  • R.i.p hugh Dane

  • This reminds me of agents of shield when they were in the matrix

  • Amazing

  • Lol

    • @fouoii gyhh , I liked it . These two always cracks me up . I wish they were still active

    • This was removed because it was stupid and too far fetched for this show (which says a lot)

  • Am I the only one who thought he was named Doorpheus? You know cause he's always by the door

  • I just watched the final episode read through yesterday and was so confused when this scene was the cold open. I thought I somehow missed something. Love that they actually filmed it! It's fantastic!

  • Dang I always thought Hank was underutilized. That scene with the chairs and the copier was excellent. RIP Hugh Dane.

  • İ cant beleive pam and jim convinced hank to join the prank

  • Deep fake. Not real.

  • Morpheus Dorpheus Orpheus go eat some walruses

  • Over a thousand dislikes? Must be the agents.

  • I've seen this before, does anybody know if it was in deleted scenes or an extra on the DVDs? If not, then there is a glitch in the Matrix.

  • that was best

  • That was excelent!

  • I love this show

  • Is the series coming back

  • Ok pause. I’m 2 minutes in and just ... wow. Thank you for making my 2021

  • If this happened to me I'd have been sucked in bad. Outside the window, waiting for Morpheus's next instruction

  • This was removed because it was stupid and too far fetched for this show (which says a lot)

  • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

  • So glad they cut this from the show lmaoooo

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  • Can we all appreciate how good of an actor hank is?

  • lmao

    • Omg .. why did they cut this.

  • I honestly would take the blue pill too. Seeing how awful the “real world” is in the movies I’d rather stay here. Ignorance is bliss sometimes...

    • @Domenico Allegri how about if i have him take it, then heave it up and i take it?

    • You should remember Morpheus is a known terrorist in the movie. You would be crazy taking each pill

    • @Fred Garven You make an excellent point.

    • @HagbardCelineHMSH ok, but can the puppy dogs be at least one year old? the first year on some breeds, such as the unparalleled labs, is total destruction of shoes and pillows.

    • Of course, there's always the possibility that the Matrix Trilogy is just Machine Propaganda to keep us trapped here, and the "real world" is actually sunshine, puppy dogs, and rainbows...

  • Hugh dane..omg REST IN PEACE LEGEND 🕊️

  • 💯😁😎😜

  • Online gameeee YESSS MXOOOO!!!

  • I was hoping he would take red pill and then Dorpheus would reveal he had accidentally gotten it backwards, the red pill keeps you in the matrix. "Oops, sorry about that. It's better if we pretend this conversation never happened. Guess you should go on back upstairs now."

  • Peacock took away my daughter's favorite show before they were able to get access on most platforms, she's finding new things to watch, FU, NBC

  • This is giving me life

  • Jim pranking Dwight is the hands down best part of this show. And this one doesn't disappoint.

  • If there's a Deo, then does that mean Dwight is Assistant One or Assistant to the One?

  • F you peacock

  • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

  • i need more of this episonde

  • Lmao I knew he’d take the blue pill

  • Omg .. why did they cut this.

  • I remember watching this scold open in season 8. hmmm

    • Rest in peace Hugh Dane ...or by his real name, Dorpheus.

  • Great way to start off 2021 with an Office Clip I never seen

  • This is amazing

  • Dwight made me cry, and not of laughter

  • Whoa.

  • What was this never in the series

  • Thank you. Just thank you. Literally BEST way to start the year especially losing the office to Peacock recently. And rest in peace Hank. What a GREAAAAT scene.

  • You can see why it wasn't included but still amazing

  • If it wasn't for Hank showing up I'd have to say this scene seems to be freshly recorded for the Peacock numbers. I'm on to you..

  • I love Hank and Dwight

  • I din saw this in episode anyone tell why it was not included? Or it was created later

  • Poor Dwight. 😆 He provable needs a psychologist at this point.

  • "And an online game." I almost cried at this.. I played the beta, and even with all the mission breaking bugs, I loved that shiz.

    • Based Dwight shouting out MXO

  • NBC - sure lets cut this from the show

  • Rest in peace Hugh Dane ...or by his real name, Dorpheus.


  • deo? drinity?

  • That was awesome!

  • We're just all here after the office was removed from Netflix :/ ?

  • The office, of Jesuit Scranton PA, instructing us to remain asleep.

  • This was released because Hank passed away :(

  • Why was this not in the show one of the best pranks that jim ever pulled on Dwight besides impersonating him

  • I had hairs on the back of my neck when he said he was truly happy. Fact is Dwight would have walked to the end of the earth for each and every co worker.

  • DIO

  • God teir

  • RIP Hank-the office’s real OG

  • I swore Hank was Sam Jackson over the phone

  • Remember when the show was about Dwight getting his belongings stuck in jello, and Michael having to lay someone off? Wtf is this live action cartoon bollocks?

  • Dorpheus, Deo, Drinity.... "Oh DDDD!!"

  • Thank god the world has dwights. Or else I'll be the world's number 1 joke on the internet.

    • Not because he's joke number 1 but because he is watchful that nobody gets to feel bad for trusting someone.

  • Dorf ius

  • The best way to end a long study day

  • This is classic so great

  • "There's no men at rece" *Gasp* 😰

  • Why would you hide such a gem for so long?

  • That was amazing 👏

  • Well done babish?