Birt 3 mar 2021
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Crystal Palace vs Manchester United with Mark Goldbridge live match reaction Join in the match chat on our Man Utd live stream as they take on Crystal Palace in the Premier League. PLAYER RATINGS
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  • Manchester United have agreed a £235million worth of Sponsorship.

  • And that's why Rashford will never be world class misses to many chances this is his 5th season

  • Sack him cluless manager just shows how rubnish other teams are if we are in 2nd poss

  • Who is the next United manager?

    • Utd midfielders should watch the Robbie fowler podcast with guest Paul Scholes on what a utd midfielder had to do when playing for utd, and take a look at themselves

  • it says promo code is expired......................

  • Think we all no it’s time to go.🤯🤯

    • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

  • you're such a joke of a club* *only relevant in asia and africa

    • awful and that's one of the worst United performances in years ... which is what most of the live comments were saying anyway..


  • Still waiting for the timestamps guy ...

  • Anyone got the time stamp for when rashford swears at maguire and mark reacts

  • 999

  • Where are the time stamps people

  • Mark swears a lot more nowadays on United Stand compared to his videos back in 2017 where he hardly ever swore. 😂

  • And they consider themselves title contenders. Lmao 🤣

  • Double standards United fans say about injuries but if a rival does it it’s no excuse so why do people give United a free pass?

  • I will not have my standards be droped by this club. Ole out galzers out get them all out

  • Timestamps: oh

  • We are surely penchester united and it has been proved when we were getting penalty on regular basis we were winning game and now when we are not getting them regularly we can see our decline

  • highlights none united are boring

  • Utd midfielders should watch the Robbie fowler podcast with guest Paul Scholes on what a utd midfielder had to do when playing for utd, and take a look at themselves

  • Is Mark delusional? Says he gonna start the match reaction saying something that most fans won't like (going against the live comments) and then ends up saying that we were awful and that's one of the worst United performances in years ... which is what most of the live comments were saying anyway..

  • 2:16:10

  • What are you talking about Ricky ??? 10 being average

  • Mark's standards have dropped, and he said he will never let his standards drop for anyone, that is what the board wants. They bring in Ole and he is looking shaky

  • Hahah the real United are showing up at last 😂😂😂

  • Ole might actually find his balls one day and go for the win!

  • Another exciting game with lots of goals. Ok it was slightly entertaining with a few chances.... okay, it was a boring, stupid waste of time game. That was exciting as watching your own execution

  • Now we know why Ole need penalty for! Maybe Sunday...the referee goone give few penalty for MU...i

  • bruh the timestamp guy is slow today

  • I hope you didn’t watch this 💩

  • David De Gea was out the game for personal so maybe think before u speak

  • Boring Boring Man Utd And the boredom marches on

  • The only player who came out with any credit was Luke Shaw, as for the team, can't run, can't pass, can't think, as for Ole no tactics, as for the team talk, pass sideways or backwards

  • mAnChEsTeR uNiTeD aRe TiTlE cOnSiNdErS hahahahhaha

  • I love seeing man united fans cry. It’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their loss is the only reason i’m still alive, I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved😃

  • thank you. actually trashchester ushited didnt played against Crystal Palace, they played against themselves




  • Sack him cluless manager just shows how rubnish other teams are if we are in 2nd poss

  • How can some fickle fans defend ole after this shambolic performance..🙄


  • Apparently utd problem is the defence lol



  • Well at least you got second to play for.

  • For the first in my life am actually praying for Man City not to win but thrash Us Man City 9-0 Man United Nile. Hopefully that should be a reminder that we’re useless and our Manager is Clueless.

    • @shoaib bodi Chelsea's football has been nothing special, but they are getting results, something united need

    • Why the board cant see manage4 needs to go look at chelsea new manager different team better football

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Me searching for the timestamps 😂

  • What a Useless Bunch of Overpaid Players with no commitment to win a football match. I hope all of them rot soon in there boots.

  • And that's why Rashford will never be world class misses to many chances this is his 5th season

    • Marcus Rashford isn‘t a team player

    • Spot on. The media can hype him up all they want, he will never be the player they want him to be.

  • More boring than Burnley

  • Let's forget it and beat City on Sunday

  • Finding Bruno 😂😂😂

    • @Zach Moritz lol Kdb is going to win his 3rd pl title while Bruno will get knocked out of a semi final again 😭

    • Finding KDB

    • @Wyntrrr ZB lol you are a kid calm down

    • @Michael J Glover in big games he doesnt see the ball because ole gunnar soljaesker parks the bus with mctominay and fred. how can he get the ball. he relies on counter attacks in big games because we park the bus. blame the manager not bruno

    • @Wyntrrr ZB only criticism is where is he in big games?

  • A absolute Joke of a Game what a useless performance from this Manchester United team. Our Manager is clueless, our players are clueless & useless. What a boring uninterested team who shows complete lack of belief, passion, determination, character,, strength, effort or wanting to win. It seems our idea now has become Nile Nile acceptable from the Manager & above. I’ve showed us for a while the front three seems uninterested, unwilling, show no determination or confidence. Poor old Cavini feel so sad & sorry for him most be wondering what has be put himself into coming to a team who shows no desire to play to his strength or create even a single chance for him. I’m so sad watching my once might team who thrived on attack, attack now it seems we’re just content with playing with no emotion or the will power of wanting to win a football match. Even under Jose there was some kind of strategy of wining. However, under ole it seems like we’re just trying & failing see what happens without no idea of what we’re trying to do. I hope we get reed of the whole team soon including the Manager & his Team, the Players all of them especially Maguire, B. Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Fred, Matic, Mctominay, Luke Shaw,

  • This was like our 6-1 loss to Spurs but our attackers were the clowns instead.

  • Pmsl 🤣

  • Antonio Conte said that he wants to manage Manchester United, why would anyone pick Ole as a manager over Conte. They would respect him and he would not accept bad performances.


  • What marcus has done off the pitch this last year is incredible and we applaude him and he has symbolises the club so well but when I see performance like that I am appalled I have no words sometimes you have to show a professional performance in your occupation on Friday he will get 200k ffs he is too focused on giving children food he has done it there is still a lot to do but if me or you was more focused on something than our jobs for 7 months we will be fired so he needs a rocket up his arse

    • Agreed

    • He needs a manager who will drop him or at least take him off. Ole will never take him off, even if he is as shite as he was today.

  • It’s not that easy turning off and on different game plans for top six teams and then the rest. Players will not be sure of what the hell the footballing philosophy is at the club!

  • Man City 4-0 Man Utd. Good luck

  • As Alan Shearer said: "Utd can play for another full hour n they will never score"...If anything they r incredibly lucky Palace didnt put the ball in the back of the net... Ohhhhhh we're gonna WIN THE LEAGUE 🌟🏆..

  • the worst we have played so far. absolute rubbish.

  • It reminded me of the LGV era, it was utter Garbage! It's supposed to be entertainment. This was nit entertainment, I mean, It's actually painful to sit through it

  • "My arse is gone to sleep, much like a Manchester United's" -Mark Goldbridge

  • Ole Outbridge

  • Woy only had donkeys to pick from and ole couldnt beat them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Every game we say this is worse game we seen

  • Grealish.

  • United talking about injuries and no fans but Liverpool have got it 10x worse but apparently no fans and injuries is no excuse😂

  • No formation change, no change of tactics, no plan B. Let him finish the season, and bring in an experienced manager (WITH an attacking philosophy) and experienced coaching staff - not a bunch of interns.

    • @marc mars Erik Ten Hag , Jesse Marsch, Luis Enrique, Leonardo Jardim, there are loads of managers who play much more progressive football than Ole.

    • Brendan Rodgers would be a great manager for Utd

    • @marc mars The perfect manager is currently managing Everton (in my opinion) and the other alternative is managing Spain in Luis Enrique. If we had a director of football they would likely be a lot better at identifying the perfect candidate than me.

    • @marc mars Ancellotti?

    • Who????

  • No penalty, no party.

    • Manchester United have agreed a £235million worth of Sponsorship.

    • Heavy Rain ❤️

    • Too many 5 year olds nowadays

    • 9-0 6-2 4-0

  • Come on City trash United on Sunday.

  • Rashford fucking useless striker,he need to be gone in the summer.

  • Ole doesn't set the team to win....he sets the team to not lose his precious away unbeaten record

  • Taxi for ole

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Boring, boring, boring football. Fog for MOTM.

  • has to be the worst game of football ive ever watched

    • @White Eyes ole has forever cured a generation of insomnia sufferers! Is his only good trait

    • atlest they got a point lmaooooo

    • A cure for insomnia, talk about a bore draw

    • @Gregg Kirby haahhahahha Gold Comment

    • Oldest manager in the premier league VS worst manager in the premier league

  • Time stamps: there is none

  • "I can guarantee Bruno will have a very good game against Palace "

    • i don't understand why we don't play mata... riddiculous...also amad should surely be given some minuites... when bruno came he joined instantly and i may be wrong, but I strongly beleive that that has given him more confidence and improved his perforamnce... a player who joins a team with a fear of him being picked next game might be troublesome.... van de beek is an example. man plays with fear thinking he would be bennched again next game.... confidence is suchh a big part of sport. anyway point is OLE OUT... who in world subs to the very last mins of game. it is a joke

    • Did goldbridge say that?

  • 🚫OLE OUT🚫 how on earth people think he’s worthy of a new contract is beyond me 🚫OLE OUT🚫

  • Van gaal in disguise. Bollocks

    • Agreed Any manager that sits in the stand while the team is underperforming lacks any credibility Pure rubbish How Utd are second in the table is down purely to the year that’s in it

    • dont disrespect van gaal like that man this guy is worse than van gaal

  • Possibly the shitest match I’ve see

  • TIME STAMPS . . . . . . . . . . . Good luck in the Derby

  • Boring football

  • My motm has to be fog for not seeing this well

    • 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Palace away isn’t for everyone.

    • @Hisham Ahmed they had 9 men it wasn’t hard 😂

    • @Reecey Boii u lost to a team that we beat 9-0

    • @M9rcH3r u drew to a team that Liverpool beat 7-0

    • @Aaaa Bbbb cry that man u are coming a small club

    • @Reecey Boii hahaha easy to say when you lost but if you wouldve won it would be important hahaha get off mate

  • everyone what is your prediction for man city vs man utd