We Made The Only Honest Award Show - Introducing The Steamies - Frenemies #15

Birt 5 jan 2021
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  • “ i would like to make amends with jeffree this year I don’t think he’s evil” this didn’t age well... 🐸 ☕️

  • “We love Shane” 😳😓 Followed by “I think I was a little too hard on Jefree”

  • Ethan and Hila, I am so happy for you guys. Long time viewer here. I've watched you through high highs and some bumps in the road~

  • Why don't they like Dr. Mike?

  • are they playing the last post during the most brutal cancellation??? bit insensitive if so

  • This duo just does it for me

  • Pro Shane 😵😵😵😵

  • James is shishtar STEAMING over this behind the scenes over this LMAO I find him just as insufferable as them 😂

  • Congratulations to Keemstar for winning the biggest D..... bag 😆

  • im so happy for her! the shane part...yeah..that didnt age well

  • Also congratulations Trisha!!

  • I am loving Trisha and Ethan's banter so much !! Such funny friends

  • Trisha I’m only a minute in and you’re already delighting me💕

  • Shawn Dawson did a lot more than some bad jokes

  • Definitely my favourite Frienemies episode I’ve watched it 3 times so far lol love you guys

  • The ending was everything omg, Trisha genuinely seemed happy with the award ☺️

  • So that toy literally "slaps your shit" 😂

  • 4:53 Yeah, anyone that disagrees slightly with elite lefties is either conservative or alt right. Watch Joe Rogan before making your judgement. Rogan is mostly a centrist, not conservative.

  • I ❤ Trisha! So happy for her. She's been through so much shit but she kept pushing. Love comes when you least expect it. Rooting for her! Been binge watching her latest videos and she's become more humble & down to Earth! New Year & New Trisha which im totally down for. Sending everyone positive vibes and energy ❤

  • Ethan keeps coughing

  • You missed Kendall Jenner for the biggest covidiot; her Halloween party where she specifically asked people not to post of social media because she didn’t want wile to know

  • trisha gives me lola from big mouth vibes idk man

  • I'm old school H3 subscriber and I love H3 even more now that Trisha is in the family full time! So cool! I never used to understand Trisha but now, thanks to getting to know her through H3, I understand how fabulous she is! She is truly a beautiful woman with a super beautiful soul! She is like a beam of gorgeous sunlight! She is superb!

  • 1:09:10 There is actual evidence of JS drinking and doing drugs though - he is a master manipulator and liar...

  • Literally Shane Dawson non-apology should have won worst apology category.

  • Shane Dawson cancellation was brutal, but deserved. It was not only past stuff, but new stuff as well. 1:05:05 We do not want him back - especially before Jenna comes back, he shouldn't even try stick out his head (which he already did). He, Onision and Jeffree Star are like three personas who should go off the Internet for forever. 1:06:10 Jennas apology should not have been there - it was literally perfect, how it should have been done.

  • im hlafway through did trisha win one, she so deserves one i hope she won one.

  • why is ethan dressed up like james bond

  • “I like when hila feeds me. Sometimes she forgets for a day” 😂😂😂

  • ok thats a good episode, i'm 20 min in and laughted multiples times XD love it

  • So much for Shane being the best man... Love you guys and the podcast!

  • “Gabbie’s not mean, she just needs help.” “Let’s normalize Tourette’s.” “That wasn’t Tourette’s.” “Oh.” Trisha is funny af! 💀

    • Thanks for sharing! ??????

  • Where’s the new episode?!? Ahh lol

  • I find it funny that i went down the same adam and eve rabbit hole ethan did :') Dick sleeves???

  • Dear God....please post the new video.

  • Facts about David’s puzzle. Taking advantage of the tend of puzzles because of the pandemic and it’s a scam😂 like straight up a scam. Also $30?! That’s pure profit, it doesn’t cost much to make a cardboard puzzle.

  • shane deserved that cancellation tho

  • The way Trisha cried when she got her award 😂😂😂

  • Love that Trisha has i real freands now. Shane bye ,money over freandship snake

  • Watching this after recent developments. When she said “Shane will probably be my best man” 💔

  • 1:20:00 i don’t understand why they think David’s puzzle is illegal?? Most 1000 piece puzzles cost like $20-$30, and so while you do win some money at the end, what you really are buying is the puzzle and enjoying doing the puzzle, not a lottery ticket (Edit): or maybe I just see it that way cuz i love puzzles lol

  • anyone else think they were talking about morrissey when they kept saying the smiths????

  • I'm sorry, on the David dobrik thing. I'm studying law. Not American, but if the laws are anything at all like canadas... thats an illegal lottery and he should be charged. He's rich though. So he won't have any penalty. One of his friends got the 100k, im pretty sure. That needs to be investigated.

  • I didn’t know if I’d like this podcast but holy shit I judged y’all too soon and I’m sorry 😞 this is amazing 😂❤️ thank you for making this podcast exsist


  • 1:05:38 not for so long lol

  • i don't know about america but in germany, pretending to use birthcontrol when you're not, counts as a type of rape

  • Lexapro made me SO tired but prozac fixed me


  • Omg i love this episodee. Trisha radiates happiness so much im so happy for her! Ethan also seems like in a good mood. The chemistry was refreshing! ✨

  • This episode is everything

  • Since they make Trisha get tested for covid, is Ethan gettting tested too? He’s coughing up a storm but makes that dude sit in that awful plastic thing with no air

  • Love Trisha pursing her lips💋😚

  • Dude you risk dying by driving. You have to live life

  • Shane deserves to be cancelled

  • Hearing trish talk about having Shane as her best man makes me really sad for her now.. she really loved him and he totally left her for dead

  • Okay james didn't leave that group with Dolan and Emma but other than that, this was funny and I'm even a james stan

  • ok ngl Trisha getting choked up at winning the award was pretty damn wholesome, she was the definition of camp and iconic accepting that bedazzled award 💖

  • I love how Ethan tried to protect Trisha's feelings in "Most Brutal Cancellation". 🤍

  • OMFG...There is an add-roll just before ethans explains how she married Hila and he add goes..."PIZZA OR SALAD"...What a fucking timing.

  • I love both you guys!🤣 this podcast LITERALLY makes me laugh when I’m depressed. Thanks guys for making me smile and making my day a little bit better🥺🖤

  • How can you not like Jacksfilms?!!

  • Trisha pisses me off lmao but I love her it’s like she’s a sister 😂

  • Trisha must really feel so isolated and alone and when she says "I'm cringed on I'm here till you dump me" you can see see it all. I really hope he is there for her

  • Omg i never heard of the david dobrik scam before wow more people should know of that, thats not okay

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  • The best man thing aged kinda bad..😬😬

  • whose gonna be your best man now since you cut Shane off?

  • Jeffrey Star should have gotten the mean girl award 🥇😒

  • I HATE her so much. She’s literally picking up on Dixie who is 18 and practically child and saying everything she has to be fixed in the house she’s like depressed but honey have you looked in the mirror there’s so much you need to fix about yourself seriously 😳


  • I've never watched the same podcast twice and somehow I'm on my 3rd time watching this one

  • I never thought I'd enjoy Trisha so much! I wish I would have followed sooner! This is so entertaining ❤

  • yall should really stop saying ghetto...

  • Jack definitely turned down Trisha and she’s uber salty damn😬

  • Damn she literally barely even wanted to do that one category because Shane was IN IT. and he fucked her over. Ugh

  • The Kermit the frog comment lmao

  • Honestly if you give away adopted children, give away the rest of your kids while you're at it. Scumbag parents.

  • jesus this pod has 2 million views and easily gets 1.5 million thats crazy

  • I feel like they are reaching a little bit with the David thing lol

  • I love Trisha so much

  • This is amazing

  • İ have been married for a year and we only did pull out and i never got pregnant. İt depends on the men and not the pulling out method. Some men cant do it and thats why you get pregnant.

    • Ive been doing pull out method with my husband since we were just FWB, so all together 6 years and so far no babies 🙏

  • Looks like shane won't be at the wedding anymore

    • @R D trisha went on a trip with jeffree last Valentine's day and jeffree and his friends were calling her fat, slapping the food out of her hands, saying she was poor because she didn't own her own house, made fun of her skin. She left the trip early and cried to shane about it for hours, this all came out last week and shane chose to not stand up for trisha, basically chose jeffree I'm sure due to all the money he makes with him. Trisha had enough and blocked both shane and ryland.

    • Why? What happened?

  • Trisha laughing at all the nominations is the best part

    • I love it when Trisha is in a good mood. They have very funny back and forths when she's chill

  • Trisha literally is a disgusting mean girl! A bully! She has true hate running through her veins! Trisha deserves not only the J Hair Stylist but more of her own dose!

  • Trisha needs to come out with a product. Not just merch but maybe her own line of blinged cups or even lip kits cuz her lips are so iconic! ORRR maybe some kind of “dress up” kits and costumes since she loves role playing?! She needs something to sell because she deserves the millions more then Jeffree dahmer does

  • Lol I was so confused when I saw jack in the douchebag category and wondered if I missed any big drama... but it was just Trisha😉

  • תזמינו אותי לחתונה בישראל חחחח

  • trisha: “i myself am a gay man” HUH😳

  • Shane's not going to be her best man anymore

  • Trisha defending jeffree and shane in this episode makes me sad

  • best podcast yet

  • how did y'all miss laura lee's apology thoooooooo

  • trisha speaking in 3x speed from tiktok

  • Damn she's a good ad-woman.

  • Why in the fuck was Jeffree Star not nominated for biggest mean girl?

  • When she said that shane would probably be her best man at her wedding at 15:41 to him absolutely betraying and backstabbing trish :'(

  • How sweet from Ethan to say “I always planned to get married to Hela” ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love it when Trisha is in a good mood. They have very funny back and forths when she's chill