Birt 13 nóv 2020
There’s more to Aspen than just the ski slopes - the super rich go there to hit the tracks! Catch some of these ritzy winter sports cars in action.
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  • Nice

  • Are you kidding me.....this is nuts...but looks super fun

  • They're not all all-wheel drive you have to get a - 4

  • Family money.

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  • The Lambo weekend is Cool 50,000 a night 😳

  • hello cả nhà chúc mọi người ngày mới an lành

  • Beyond stupid.

  • A brand new orange Huracan...from 2015!

    • It was brand new in 2015 when this episode first aired.

    • Yurican lmao

  • Stunning cars for sure 💖🖤

  • 4:42 man.....I remember being little in like 1998 and my female cousin (they're for guys too but) was showing me her beanie baby collection. Felt like I was looking at things that would be worth 100s or 1000s in the future, there were a lot of rare ones. They probably just got lost and thrown away though.

  • It got audis quattro awd system

  • Watched Dumb & Dumber - Red Diablo

  • First one here