My New Favorite Tik Toker

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My New Favorite Tik Toker
Cody Ko


  • cody ko deid yesterday how you may ask old age he deid at his 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999th birth day rip kody

  • poc: make videos about strict parents whites: makes videos about parents kowtowing to their horrible children

  • 0:25 guys stop.

  • Why isn’t there anything on your shelves? Poor? Oh no

  • i'm curious as to what cody thinks "minimum wage" is .... a handful of coins?

  • this guy is wearing a hoodie and distressed jeans and an apple watch this is just every guy in la in halloween

  • Cody GOAT

  • m

  • dont be shy read thw comments

  • the background mysic i cant

  • can i gift a taco to myself?

  • Cody C *o l d*

  • god cody youre hilarious

  • Why Cody complaining about being old then getting excited about slow-mo

  • Any1 else think that cody looks really attractive in this video

  • Cody is oldn't

  • its so nice to see cody supporting someone from his generation

  • What I got out of the monster videos: Be nice to monsters, because they might just become a member of your pokemon party.

  • The tok clocks you dood at the ernd mak my tink and aslo cr

  • It took me one watch and context super easy to figure out if u had to watch this video more then that to get it or dumb

  • no body cares that you’re old cody, we just want someone to cut your hair, pls literally anyone cut his hair

  • I respect Taco Bell for trying to reach a new demographic

  • I feel like you missed the point on purpose

  • dried mud is dirt cody

  • I finally figured who he looks like ... ewan mcgregor

  • cody why are you calling him old your old :)

  • Bro CUT yo hair.. recently you've been looking even older than usual dang

  • "this old guy that we've come to love" so you said that sentence, posted it, and expected people not to think you're talking about yourself?

  • Cody finally found someone with the same style fashion as him. I’m proud.

  • 16:00

  • I really wonder if Cody unironically hates the joke about his age

  • So what was the guy like in highschool

  • Is the new room in your retirement home?

  • Just makin fun of his generation!

  • old

  • wtf🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CEO of wiping his forehead

  • “This made my day bad” took me out 💀💀

  • grandpas scaring me

  • yo color me stupid but is that a green screen or did he redo his office

  • Why are you making a video on your son

  • "EWWWWWWWW, WHAT THE F*CK* Remember that meme...

  • You’re old!

    • Literally the entire video I was just contemplating whether or not he actually got sponsored by Taco Bell

  • you kinda remind me of danny gonzalez

  • Why do older folks always get so defensive about age?

  • i thought when the monster got the snickers bar and ate it he’d transform into someone else like in the snickers commercials

  • yo cody when u gettin a haircut

  • yo cody when u gettin a haircut

  • yo cody when u gettin a haircut

  • yo cody when u gettin a haircut

  • Never before has a video made me want to get an ad blocker so badly

  • That’s cringe or love island FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

  • Cody’s really turning into a scary e boy I think we should take him seriously

  • I think I'm too accustomed to vague storytelling bc I got the first clip the first time around. Also stfu I didn't tear up over it im not a baby

  • 14:30 RRebel had a stroke reading this

  • Cody acts like he wasn’t childhood friends with this guys grandfather

  • "russian or eastern european" you literally showed the bio on screen, it literally has the LATVIAN flag, which is definitely not russian and is Northern european,,,, girl bye, i mean,, it is offensive to say that hes """"""""russian"""""""when hes latvian, its in general offensive to assume that any non western european is russian just bc you don't know they name of their country, better dont say anything if you cant say the correct one

  • Literally the entire video I was just contemplating whether or not he actually got sponsored by Taco Bell

  • So nice to see an older gentleman such as Cody still using YT and keeping up with the trends

  • Ugh i Hate how cody says that Its soup the Old man is eating, like i know you are Old but you should be able to see Its noodles smh🙄

  • Japris

  • chair 😢

  • chair 😢

  • Guys, stop calling Cody old. He’s only like 55. That’s enough for senior discounts on Tuesdays or whatever, but it’s absolutely not old.

  • I’m literally eating a fucking steak Crunchwrap, 2 Cinnabon boys and a Baja blast... that’s insane

  • The toks at the end killed me🤣

  • cody did u move or is this the garage

    • That $800 Braindead rug is fresh

  • If you wanna make fun of tiktokers Just go check out new apps like tiktok in India They go overboard shitty

    • This is so funny lmao😂😂😂

  • ngl the bad girlfriend sketches are kinda hot

  • Change your profile picture that looks nothing like you old man

  • Testing

  • Haircut??

  • Your old

  • Dad jokes... Because you're old

  • Loved the video Cody♥️

  • this reminds me of those gangster granny vids that keep showing up on my snapchat for you page

  • that guy would prob get paid more if he worked instead of wiping his forehead over and over

  • Cody kept sayin' he was working for minimum wage.. what state still pays a quarter an hour lol?

  • The roast is funny, but I low key feel bad for this old man - poor guy is just trying to make people smile and he’s probably not gonna understand this joke

  • chair😢

  • When I watched the actual tik tok it was funny but when cody reacts to it I choke on my water lol

    • LOLL

    • that guy would prob get paid more if he worked instead of wiping his forehead over and over

  • This is so funny lmao😂😂😂

  • That $800 Braindead rug is fresh

  • Is it just me or does cody’s humor get worse every inch his hair gets longer

  • they are not that difficult to understand cody hahahah, are u ok? ahahahah

  • Right you know how couples kind of start looking like each-other as their relationship becomes long-term Pause at like 12:45. He looks just like her

  • Okay but... anyone gonna say Cody’s hair looks beautiful

  • you are old

  • Make me cr

  • Seeing people make jokes about cody being old is warming in these uncertain times

  • didn't watch this video but came here to say cody is old as all hell

  • THAt ENding tho :D

  • I want some director’s commentary on these tik toks

  • Cody is old haha Yo wtf why do I hear ominous music

  • cody reading the comments was SO funny, nearly made me cr

  • that guy would prob get paid more if he worked instead of wiping his forehead over and over

  • Cody's hair looking fresh

  • Guys lets not offend old people. Cody could smash your PC too 🤕😟😨

  • Old

  • Cody my man, u need to react to this season's bachelorette 😤 it will not disappoint u