Daði Freyr X ÁSDÍS - Feel The Love (Official Video)

Birt 1 jan 2021
Listen to "Feel The Love" now: dadifreyr.ffm.to/feelthelove.oyd
Idea: Daði Freyr & ÁSDÍS
Director: Mia Hennig
3D Animation: María Guðjohnsen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Weber
Dancer: George n Roses
DOP: Tobi Jall
Steadycam Operator: Florian Schwarz
Light Operator: Lars Murasch
Still Photographer: Jeanette Friedrich
Stylist: Ásdís María
Styling assistants: Mia Harris, Margot Seynaeve, Júlía Tómasdóttir
clothes from: Oh Mini I Am, Let Them Eat Cake and Juno Juno Shop
Production Company: Bear Film (www.bearfilm.tv)
Rental: See You Rent (seeyourent.de)
Location: Metropol Berlin
Artist Management: Árni Hrafn Kristmundsson
Song written by: ÁSDÍS, Daði Freyr, Jonas Shandel & Marcus Brosch
Music Production: Daði Freyr
Audio Mix: Styrmir Hauksson
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  • is it just me or is this amazing 💞🥂✨

  • Идеально

  • How about some acknowledgement for the janitor?! I'm impressed by their skill in those heels!

  • Now i can vibe to this

  • Another great song. He can do no wrong!

  • The reveal of the janitor as a drag queen! I am living!!!!

  • 2021 - Hope Boosted ! Thx Daði Freyr ;)

  • B O P

  • A strong Michael Jackson vibe in there..

  • No, i beg you. Dont go this way...

  • The part where the guy starts dancing kinda cringe but overall great vid

  • I wish I knew Icelandic so I could appreciate your other songs more. Most of them jam hard, and every song I've heard in English so far shows you have great things to tell people in your music.

  • what kinda weirdo mops up confetti

  • putting a black janitor to look more international and to fit with the agenda..

  • I love this, but the Daði-fly now has a permanent residence in my nightmares.

  • Another bop made by the king 👑

  • Maybe this song will get to Eurovision this year....It's NICE! Is all Iceland here?

  • Спасибо за хорошую песню и яркий видеоклип (Takk !!!) Держать!!!

  • Just beautiful luv ya


  • This song is awesome big love from England

  • Brilliant.

  • Oh, you look cool though.

  • This is the mood we need for 2021!

  • You have to sweep first!!! you can't just mop all the mess!! aaaaah! it´s driving me crazy hahaha

    • 2:56 gotta say, didn’t expect that

  • Love it ...12 points

  • Is anyone bothered that this clip is racist? Showing a black person in a precarious job reinforces the stereotype that black people are always in this type of situation. In addition, he is advised by two white people who teach him self-love. It is a beautiful demonstration of racist homonationalism.

  • Pog

  • I love your songs. Greetings from Poland :)

  • If you feel negative, just be sure to transform cocoons in your heads into beautiful butterflies ! I absolutely love it !

  • 2:56 gotta say, didn’t expect that

  • Yaaaaasssss I love this energy! Amazing song. Thank you for the positive vibes.

  • i’m a new nurse working in the ICU, can’t tell you how much i needed this song today. thanks for the good vibes!

    • I love this song makes me feel incredibly boppy and gay a perfect combo apparently

  • Stumbled on this at exactly the right moment. You made my day better, thank you!! 🥰

  • Italy feels the love for this song.

  • I definitely feel the love💕💕💕

  • the song is good but her English is terrible like mine.

  • America needs this. It’s kept me going since 6 Jan 2021. I feel the love from Iceland! The lyrics make me cry. Happy.

    • Please confirm that you will perform at Eurovision 2021 as a butterfly.

  • I love your world !! Keep on with the good vibes :)

  • 2:56 gotta say, didn’t expect that

  • I was so amazed by Think About Things that I have been following your stuff! What a wonderful song. Feeling the love, much love from the United States!

  • One thing is for sure: When I#ll br done with Elyas Khan - Bellls I will do def a Läzermichs of this one ..

  • I LA-LA-LOVE IT !!!

  • It looked like Mr. George was cleaning the White House after… you know. It looked uncannily like the news videos of the cleanup the day after. Yet this was conceived and produced before it happened. Adds a new layer of meaning to the song.

  • Lets go!! Another banger

  • White socks and heels combo is already iconic. 🧦👠

  • anyone else deeply concerned he used a mop for a brush/vacuum job?

  • I love this song makes me feel incredibly boppy and gay a perfect combo apparently

  • Good Music ✅ No offensive Vocals ✅ LQBTIQ representation ✅ Butterflys ✅

  • 2:56 gotta say, didn’t expect that

  • The black guy goes drag, didn't see that coming

  • IDk who this chick is but I want to because she brings the vibes!!!

  • loving the disco vibes

  • Please confirm that you will perform at Eurovision 2021 as a butterfly.

  • Every song you are involved with is a bop!!!! This is what 2021 needs!

  • vbb

  • 🤩💃🕺🥰

  • 😀

  • Amazing! Love it!

  • I wouldn't mind if this song was Iceland's entry for Eurovision...

    • Me neither! :-)

  • Great sound! Thx for that ;-) Please, keep going!

    • What kind of work are you doing in that office?

  • First Italian listening this piece of love 🇮🇹 soon more, best I can do is to keep the volume high

  • while first listening with my shitty ass smartphone speakers the song was already a banger but now listening with headphones - holy guacamole, this is amazing

  • Los escucho desde Uruguay, y me encantan!! merecen mucho mas de reconocimiento por tan bello arte que producen. Amo Daði Freyr ♥♥

  • honestly. i do not like this kind of music. im more like a heavy rock guy, but dude... i love you!

  • When you’re left on read and nobody reading you, when you’re left on seen and nobody seeing you.

  • When I worked at a movie theater as a teen, I loved cleaning the theaters. I'd dance to the end credits while sweeping up the popcorn. The Proposal was the best movie to dance clean!

  • Vá, þetta er nú geggjað.

  • 🤍🍭

    • VI VOGLIAMO IN ITALIA. Siamo al suuuuper top 😎

  • I cannot wait to see you live 💟

  • Me encanta .

  • Daði Freyr, we all know who won Eurovision 2020! Awesome jam!

  • I have this on repeat and I can't get enough of it

  • 🤍🤍

  • I love these videos

  • What kind of work are you doing in that office?

  • Hæ Daði

  • с новым годом, папаня!

  • Ég elska þetta lag :)

  • Nice duet

  • Geggjað lag, vel gert :)

  • Cannot get this out of my head!

    • ¿Por qué eres tan genial? ¡Te amo! Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

  • VI VOGLIAMO IN ITALIA. Siamo al suuuuper top 😎

  • Love it! The song is a banger and the videoclip is so uplifting too! (Dancing and singing in Australian)

  • Надеюсь, русскоговорящих тут не стало меньше))

  • It's a bop

  • this is my summer tune if summer life happens

  • everyone shhh, I think this is for eurovision

  • Temazo!

  • watched this video several times, and i just now realized they are inside his body so now i feel stupid lol

  • Why does he use his hands instead of a broom? Also why is he mopping before sweeping?

    • U r awesome guyz ✌🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • ESC 2021!!

  • Lookn fresh big dadddy 🙌🏾👌🏾 keep up the good work and keep on pumpn out the Funky beats ♥️

  • i miss de daddy

  • You know what! I don't even blame the guy, I would be trying to do the same thing... all alone in a ballroom, confetti glitter everywhere, what's a guy supposed to do?

  • ¿Por qué eres tan genial? ¡Te amo! Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

  • sad this isn't the eurovision entry

  • the anthem of 2021

  • Do you feel it now Mr. Krabs? Do you feel it now?

    • all in as a fan of Daði Freyr. I feel the love.

  • hmm I would of preferred all the song just had dađi singing. sounded a little "tinny" I'm down for the beat though 👌🏻 might take a few times to enjoy it properly. x

    • pff i think there should be even less daði tbh