iWound Animated Halloween Costume

Birt 3 okt 2012
Digital Dudz are pretty much your key to Halloween party domination... just sayin.
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The music in this video is from a song called "Shock the World" by
Qwiet. It's on iTunes here:
itunes.apple.com/us/album/shock-the-world-single/id566464806 or
on his website (qwiet.com).
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  • SO the journy begins

  • the out in public part was way too short...

  • A lot of 8 year comments

  • 0:30 are you sure about the iPhone 12 max?

    • @spongeo yeah i know. i can read dates

    • this was before that was even an idea

  • cool xd

  • 109th!

  • Whoever's reading this remember God loves you so very much!

    • @Oregano Parsley mad because you are a satan worshiper

    • @JJ vids god didn’t die for us Jesus did

    • @JJ vids no

    • @Oregano Parsley yes he is, he died for us and then came back three days later and is offering us eternal life in heaven and all we have to do is openly declare that Jesus is lord

    • God is not real

  • MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

  • MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

  • Noooooo fee outa stock ):

  • What paint did use?

  • Awesome!

  • I'm eating while watching this... And will continue to do so

  • I was the 2000 like lol

  • Cool idea but too creepy for me to like (I don't do gorey) but the idea is good

  • The one question I wish Mark would investigate and answer is which came first the chicken 🐤 or the egg 🥚? 🐣😁🐣

    • @Pupsicle Y'all are cracking me up like an egg 🥚😂😂 😂

    • @EllaPlaySS the chicken is from a messed up bird egg

    • @Just Me The egg

    • @Just Me But where did the chicken come from?

    • @Just Me The chicken

  • Lol

  • Can you figure out how to make a personal drone fly forever. Solar power, regenerating magnetic electricity. I think this is something that you can figure out, you're awesome.

    • @Rob Tott its not impossible its just impossible at this time because our technology isnt advance enough and also no offense this comment sounds like a karen thing Edit:also you know about perpetual motion machines those things are impossible

    • @JOKER MAIN Impossible because you say it is. Just because you don't understand how things work, doesn't mean we as intellectual humans can't create newer technologies. Magnetic motors generate their own electricity and these motors have the potential of unlimited energy. If people wouldn't take the path not explored, would we not move forward?

    • First that's impossible because using power is always overwhelmed by getting power and magic regeneration magic electricity whats is that something from a anime or show you watch

  • It’s so funny and gross at the same time that was a good prank

  • Basically the start of mark rober

  • #14 of the binge

  • *not again*

  • I remember watching this

  • This costumes are cool

  • Damn 62 comments

  • I wonder what someone that gets squeamish at the sight of blood or organs would do.

  • Press read more God loves you! 🖤

  • Heh nice

  • Okay I need that this year

  • Can I buy if I am from India

  • i. have a pad and it is big😣

  • Do these suits come in kids sizes?!

    • +KhaosC ok thx

    • Course they do its one size fits all.

  • Funny

  • not again

  • So why was the heart in the middle of his chest?

    • @Tundra Dragon

    • Pringlez it’s been long but it fell

    • Because the Heart is located Left of center of the chest.

  • Les avis de ailliez lu

  • lol

  • Lol at end

  • AAWWWW! not again *-* ... xDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Wtf your chest is white and your face is black I can imagine that happening

  • just use sizzles

  • How to make own iwound tshirt ?

  • uhhmmm ! is there in the philippines?

  • Than this ( 1:04 ) happens...

  • i have this and i GOT EXTRA CANDY.

    • I'm a Christian and we don't get on like that

    • @Jesus and God both love you Very much he is. These guys are atheists

    • @Jesus and God both love you Very much has he ever given you something physical, no bullshit advice or voices inside your head

    • @Jesus and God both love you Very much what a 9 year old will say

    • @Oscar أ no, he is very much alive!

  • What the that's cool

  • mine isn't playing the video, just the heart shows up :( any ideas?

    • @iiStrqf1nqx you can edit ur comment- Edit: see I can edit it 😑

    • 7"

    • @Reconnecting Connector Holy crap dude u years ago

    • Very very very late but you can double tap it

  • how can i get this if i live in the uk

  • It says 'Sorry the video could not be played' :(

  • says the one who is dumber than a kid...

  • I'm black...

  • I wish it wasn't THIRTY FREAKIN DOLLARS

  • lol.. NO black person or person of color and have an iwound. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC

  • im sure this is for black people also

  • The placing is a bit off if you want the pounding heart but other than that this is amazing. The maggots are priceless.


  • what if youre black lol I'm not black


  • What if your black and have a white Iwound patch?

  • Yes it is. Dont be dumb.

  • Hey, Your heart is NOT in the middle of your ribcage...

  • get some makeup and be a wounded white guy

  • tan spray it. duhh. so many ways

  • Make one for darker complexion please.

  • being not white you are pretty fucked anyway.

  • This is not his video -_-

  • Could a Galaxy Note 2 fit?

  • WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE CODE YOU PUT IN THAT VIDEO THAT WAS ONLY UP FOR A SHORT TIME!?! i thought it was for a discount on the iwound or something!!!???!!!???

  • what type of engineer are you mark?

  • didn't you say completely free? and you need a several hundred dollar phone, lol

  • I got the app but all it does is crash I really want to use this in my Halloween costume

  • I tried to do this to my grandmother for real, she didn't like it one bit.

  • How much do we get off for the discount? I want one but idk where to put the code in

  • No it's not, last years was way cooler! You could see through him! But this is still cool

  • Dude.. Make videos more often please

  • LOVE IT!

  • This. Is. Freaking. Genious.

  • heart in the middle of your chest

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • SWEET!

  • Haha, cool.