DPHQ2 Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Birt 31 okt 2016
It’s time to unveil our BRAND NEW OFFICE!
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  • Smash that wuhan

  • And you did not show Jeff Toney office why

  • Who is MR .P

  • Watching this after overtime 19😂😂😂

  • Two bowling lanes

  • Living in peaceful

  • 6:35 did anyone else see his face??

  • This is almost crazy but you need a pool hot tub an trampolines and a air track and foam pit ha

  • They need a tennis court

  • 1:36 YEEEEAAAAAA HI FIV.........o

  • No ISchatsrs are more deserving then these guys

  • Guys anybody who is feeling jealous by this HQ then always remember that they earned it and it took them 6 years to get it so let’s work

  • Who’s watching this in 2020♥️♥️

  • Football field


  • That hq building is huuuuuge!!! I wanna play in there everyday for the rest of my life. A swimming pool would be a sweet addition!!

  • This is a little late I watched every video but a mini bike

  • Hx HD hdydheudheyd sjdjdggudyd

  • you should add a trick shot machine.

  • Could spend my whole life here

  • I like the Cody's office coz there are games to play and the boring office was of tyler

  • snack ba

  • In the moble swisher the hockey rink is not there

  • The only other thing you need is a visit from me. Looks like so much fun!

  • When he will be showing the office name will ne there

  • Jeff toney is panda

  • Baseball field

  • Bet they regretting the name of that gong now...

  • Cricket match plase

  • Imagine what dphq3 would like

  • going it's a wonderful life with the pool idea. that'd be the best thing ever

  • Skatepark? 5M likes and they will do it

  • That DPHQ2 is really big then your old HQ

  • You should make a garage for cars

  • dudes need an ice rack

  • Your gong says wuhan🤣😂

  • I think rc car you must buy

  • My favorite video!

  • i feel like a half pipe maybe but idk if u guys are bikers or skateboarders

  • Great Job You Guys 🏀

  • They soooooo need a zipline

  • This is the whole life

  • We want a panda face reveal

  • 0:40 The name Wuhan appears and incidentally, this video was released on November 1!!!!!!!

  • You need a movie theater.

  • November 13 is my birth they upload almost my birth

  • One swimming pool

  • sup

  • You did not have that

  • Cricket stadium

  • Their life worths for many

  • Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Any one

  • Who is watching this on 2020 at home

  • The best ISchatsers ever😁

  • Upstairs lounge

  • At 1:24 they reveal who panda is it is Jeff toney look on the left at the door and a better one at 1:40

  • I think you guys should MAYBE get a trampoline to do trick shots off of??

  • Tamilans like here

  • Bowling lanes. Like

  • Pandas face reveal ????

  • 0:40 Hits very differently in 2020.

  • This is funny because They got the new office when SML got the new house

  • What is the length of your dp hq

  • A baseball court ??

  • This is the most impressive video they did so many in a row all in one try

  • We all need to live together

  • What’s your need is nothing

  • 1:24 whos jeff?

  • very nice office!!!!!! cool

  • you guys have a really awesome office and I wanted a swimming pool as well

  • I Want a dp fidget spinner please how much does it cost and i am a boy 10 years old

  • Panda tower tower

  • Thumbnail have to be From backyard to world best office

  • 5:30 future overtime set

  • Here I am just eating some Ruffles while watching this.

  • I got recommended this 3 years later lol.. anyway y'all need a baseball field...

  • I hope that deer hasn't come back

  • Add panda's office

  • Man, what I would do to have that

  • Panda is Ty's brother .. Jeff Toney 1:40 see the office door on Ty's right

  • I would LOVE to have an office like that.

  • You need a swimming pool😂

  • Dp

  • Anyone else notice the Jeff Tony door. Conspicuous theory Jeff Tony is Panda!

  • What they need more is a swimming pool and tennis court inside the office😂

  • Luckiest people on earth

  • They need a race track 😎

  • Sport stereotypes?

  • I think you should invite subscriber to the do office and do a vido

  • I still feel like this place is new even though it is 3 years old!

  • Anyone wondering who Jeff toney is at 3:30 may be panda

  • A hot tube

  • They need a pool and a cinema

  • This video still motivates me to this day

  • in door baistball cort

  • Who's still watching this in 2020 ? 👇 👇 👇

  • 3:28 Who is Jeff Toney?

  • The gong is from wuhon Just thought it would be fun to mention that

  • This HQ is already 4 years old ! Can ya believe this