Trisha & Ethan Reconcile...Kind of - Frenemies #6

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  • prior to this episode ethan was fully using trisha as a spectacle for the pod, the whole show was just talking about all her crazy antics and stories. trisha is always such a good sport and just laughs it off but i'm glad she called him out for that shit because despite how cool she seems with it in the moment it still isn't cool to air someone's dirty laundry for content!!

  • Ethan’s nails😭🤚

  • honestly this is the greatest podcast I've ever watched... Trisha and Ethan deciding to team up was GENIUS! I love how different they are and its amazing to see Trisha so happy and stable :) she needed some real friends that truly care about her and have her back unlike all the other scumbags that surrounded her.

  • Trisha: ‘don’t make me look like a bad guy’ Also Trisha: in a whole ass Riddler’s costume

  • I love how they actually took the vlog squad down lol

  • You can tell she’s changed so just since this for the better, happy to see it

  • I thought trisha is dressed like jeffree and ethan is dressed like shane 😂

  • Ethan LOVES hila so fucking much. I love it

  • 23:15

  • They are both such toxic people.... but I love it.

  • Literally Ethan looks like Shane Dawson dressed as Jeffrey Star 😂

  • Garbage cars: lmao I drive a Toyota scion 😔

  • ethan was born for this wig

  • i totally believe shes on Xanax in these beginning episodes

  • Trisha seems like the worst person to be in an argument with , I would go nuts if I were Ethan how does he stay calm 😂😂

  • “don’t make me look like the bad guy” - literally the fucking riddler

  • Ethan- “Let’s take the vlog squad down...” 2021- “No problem!” 😂👏

  • I like Trish more and more as these shows go on. Literally hate the tiktok girls too ❤️

  • Trisha was so right... I’m so high... but she was so right

  • trisha saying sharmoota oh my god i cant lolll

  • 1:01:59 trish girl u didnt know what the holocaust was

  • something that annoys me about trisha is how inconsistent some things she says are. like she said she likes money but it doesn't motivate her and that she's just doing the podcast bc it's fun, but then around 22:05 says the exact opposite and that she's just sticking around bc its her main source of income. it doesnt rly matter it just kinda bothers me lol

  • Trisha hits Moses? WTF?

  • I do love how much Trisha changed over the shows

  • Ethan reminds me of lovelace from happy feet

  • I actually love them both!......even Trisha low key 🙄🤣😂😭I cant help but like her after seeing frenimes! Like I love her!help me lol 🙄🤣I love Ethan aswell but omg I love these!


  • Can’t believe there isn’t one apology from her gross.

    • And then she tried to insult his marriage by saying it’s for ‘business’. Ffs. Trisha us straight up a jealous bitch

  • Im so far only in the first 10 mintues of this epiand.. Trisha has been in many situations that have forced her/cornered her to just "be okay" with something that hurts or upsets her, smile, and move on. While this advice is great in meme format, it isn't in the adult world - especially if the other person wants to resolve conflict between you two and wants to genuinely understand you. Ethan on the other hand takes everything as a joke and there is NOTHING wrong with that - no matter how nasty something is - comedy is comedy(I can 100% relate). While he doesn't have to turn into a sensitive snowflake and whether he means to make it obvious or not Ethan wants to know what is or isn't "too far" and wants to know what actually hurts someone's feelings, like Trisha. Unless he just doesn't care. But I can tell he's a good guy and really wants to be her friend/understand what truly hurts her so they don't have a repeat episode.


  • trisha is such an asshole in this episode & ethan just pretends like she’s not. how draining.

    • Well Ethan was an asshole to her in #5 so she probably had a lot of pent up resentment

  • Ethan legit looks like Barbara Streisand

  • I understand both sides, both were wrong but I have to lean a little more towards Trisha on this one. It’s ok for Ethan to push her buttons but as soon as she does it .. it’s not ok. Trishas reactions are explosive but I feel like she’s genuinely trying to make Ethan feel what she’s feeling. I know Trisha is problematic and that’s probably why she’s an easy target....

  • what happened to Hila lol

  • Ethan is such a queen with those nails

  • Sibling behavior

  • the name they gave this podcast is wayyy too perfect

  • 2:20 omg I think ur dog is dead

  • Dude someone tell me where she go her outfit

  • That car talk was just gross. So many people have no roof over their head and here are these two....

  • Trisha is disgusting here, such toxic sick energy. That changed so much in later episodes

  • the Trisha meal, i'm dead

  • As an Asian, I can't imagine how americans are okay in using dry toilet paper to clean their ass out. I usually use wet wipes when pooping in public place, where there's no access of water. But at home we use water and soap to clean. I cant imagine the thought of having remaining poops on by butt because i just wiped it up with paper.

  • As a therapist, this is gold. I feel like she is so argumentative & defensive. That being said... I’m not saying Ethan is an angel but he has so much patience.

  • I hope trish knows now that Bratayley (the family with the son that passed away) didn’t continue to vlog after his death. They posted 2 videos after his death: the one regular vlog that informed their viewers that he passed away, and the second video is where they said they were taking a break.

    • @Jai-Lynn Ni’cole people trash them for all kinds of stuff they did livestream his funeral at the time which was... odd, but I think they just thought he had so many friends all over because of his Minecraft stuff they wanted to make sure anyone that wanted to be there was. I think Trisha is like a Facebook grandma she reads a post as is like FACTS it’s in the history books now because it was posted lol

    • @M S yeah I know they came back eventually, but they didn’t just come back literally RIGHT after his death, which is what trish was saying.

    • They did come back though I think is like what she meant though. They definitely did the right thing though, they celebrated life and made sure their other two kids were happy and back to their daily norm. They made sure the girls were okay. They are good parents.

  • I’m only a few minutes in, and I’m already like Trisha, girl: STOP PROJECTING. She is incapable of hiding the fact that she thirsts for the stable, committed, *full* life that Ethan & Hila share with Theo and the pups. And she uses that jealousy to treat both Ethan & Hila like sh*t. Clearly all it took was Moses proposing for her to finally treat Ethan & Hila with some respect and dignity. I’ve been watching h3h3 for hella years, and she should consider herself blessed that they welcomed her into their lives. Oy vey.

  • "can we get mc jagger on here?"

  • The thing about these two is that they are both willing to fix things. Unlike past friends of trisha; Whenever trisha lashed out the other lashed out too. So no differences is fixed. That's why we love this podcast it's toxic and wholesome at the same time.

  • Lexapro made me lose it like no other.

  • Ethan looking like OZZY OSBOURNE 1979

  • I don't think Trisha knows the power she holds and the influences she has

  • 58:29

  • i agree with trisha, ethan pushed her and shared things even when she was uncomfortable. i think it all built up and then she brought up the pill thing, which wasn’t cool, but ethan always brought up stuff about her that she didnt want brought up.

  • 48:28 the exact moment trisha almost said she is with Moses just for protection or some fucked up shit. That was close girl.

  • Trisha: Its really awkward being around you guys Trisha ONE NANOSECOND later: don't know why i am so open with you you weirdly enough don't judge me blah blah blah Bitch wtf

  • This episode is literally 2 girlfriends having a chit chat 🤣🤣🤣🙌

  • *in my experience* lexapro is just what doctors usually try people on first, so if it doesn’t work than that is not unusual

  • I get so uncomfortable when Trisha gets like this because I get that she can’t really help it sometimes, but Ethan is so patient and I feel bad that he has to say sorry for things that weren’t his fault. I love them both and I love seeing them getting along

  • I prefer it when they get along

    • I was just thinking that then I remembered the name of the podcast. 😅

  • Why did I think they were both Jeffery star

  • Ethan predicted the future! Dressed as Jeffree Star and talks about how a Rolls Royce would be better in a collision... I can't even.

  • Ethan is saying he doesn’t want Trisha to apologize and isn’t hurt but I feel like he actually is

  • I love you guys🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 I play these podcasts in the background while I clean and workout so I don’t feel lonely

  • anyone else thought “im gonna watch this a little” and now are 1 hour into it

  • look how far they've come

  • ethan lowkey gaslights trisha and then tries to gaslight her into thinking he’s not gaslighting her. it’s kinda bullshit. but she doesn’t take it and honestly... iconic.


  • Is it just me or does Johnny Depp seem so great as Riddler ???

  • It takes at least a couple of days after exposure for COVID to become contagious though

  • Why is no one talking about how Ethan looks like the third option of when they’re trying on costumes in Mrs doubtfire?😂 it’s all I can see!

  • Ethan looks like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire when he tries out the different disguises and has the long nails and black wig.

  • Ethan naturally takes on female mannerisms as soon as he’s in full beat.

  • I really wish that trisha would apologize to ethan for what she had said about his family. It seems really messed up that ethan will apologize to her and she can't muster up an apology for attacking his family.

  • Ethan constantly fucking around with his hair saying “welcome to my can opening show” is hilarious af 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Time stamp : starts at 53:36

  • 53:25 I paused here and laughed so hard

  • MAN ethan is so patient jeez

  • Ewwww please Trisha start using tree free toilet paper x(

  • I cried at “shout out Scotty sire”☠️☠️

  • Even Ethan is throwing his hands around way more than usual as he talks. Lmao. Just proves anyone feels like a bad bitch with nails on 😂

  • When he said "I want a car that if we have a collision your whole family will perish" I almost shit my pants from laughter :DDD

  • "Can you film me in the bathroom-" "Yes." _"Let me finish."_

  • I know this was months ago, but her just snooty and passive aggressive attitude still just rubs me the wrong way. It’s not cute. I hate that smirk she uses against Ethan and her slurry tone, it’s just so immature. I pray she’s worked on that by now, but rewatching the old podcasts... “I apologize for nothing” that’s immature as well. With peace and love babe, I pray you show the same respect Ethan shows to you in due time.

  • trish definitely does have bpd or maybe a different type of personality disorder i love her sm but she definitely has moments where a flip like switches and she gets so different

  • You can see as the episode progresses how Trisha’s attitude changes. She was prepared to fight for herself, and Ethan clearly took her off guard by being so reassuring, patient, and understanding. You can tell that meant the world to her. It brings tears to my eyes!!!

    • She’s so confused about it at first that she thinks he’s being condescending.

  • Trisha literally the last 5 episodes: I’m never coming back last episode name it that I literally won’t come. Them 31 episodes in 👁👄👁

  • i think trisha feels bad for everyone that isnt as hyper n talkative as her and think theyre are broken n sad , because as someone with adhd i always say are you annoyed by me ? are you feeling okay haha because im used to me being so MUCH haha

  • I like how Ethan tries to show Trisha that it’s ok to have differences and disagree But still be friends. It helps Trisha. Trisha has been attacked and not acknowledged on her side most of the time. Even by friends Ethan trying to get her used to just having an argument isn’t bad. It’s just a form of communication and it can be healthy between friends. I love their chemistry.

  • “Let’s dismantle the vlog squad” 😬😬😬

  • I think Trisha was right tbh, analyzing the conversation Ethan was def in the wrong.

  • Love how far along they've come.

  • She was being so mean to Ethan 😣

  • Ok so who the hell texted Trisha? What’s the T

  • 39:52 trisha means Caleb from bratayley

    • @bisky wait really? I didn’t know that’s so weird

    • yeah :( they live-streamed his funeral too. so weird.

  • This is a train wreck

  • “The science behind squirt juice is dubious” 😂😂

  • haunting of hill house and bly manor was amazing

  • "Let's take down the vlog squad" Now that's manifestation at its finest

  • That you tuber she said you looked like is Emila fart

  • "The science behind squirt juice is dubious". DEAD

  • 9:44 I can't *not* laugh at this sarcastic passive-aggressive chaotic energy 💀