I played weird virtual pet games

Birt 14 mar 2021
video game animals
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monky with sweater


  • What’s this? MonkySweater is evolving! MonkySweater is now BigMonke!

  • PIs I need your help

  • Hey I just realized something cool... Me and Jaiden have the same birthday September 27th not the year but still pretty cool

  • 6:38-6:51 had me rolling on the ground with laughter

  • Well... That was certainly a fun way to talk about a family member's death

  • have you heard about the game called weirdz animalz gamez

  • Isn’t it almost aris birthday?!

  • Its almost Ari birthday

  • Pokémon nuzluck?

  • There is a new cooking mama

  • I know this video isnt too recent, but I'm happy you're back and enjoyed your small part in the 2021 rewind

  • POG almost 10 million great job keep doing what your doing Jadien your the best! (:

  • Jaiden animations magnus king speedrun cooking mama 2 dinner with friends he did burn apple pie percent

  • nefasto +nimu -jaiden

  • epic

  • Isn't it April Jaden should you be making a birthday for Ari video

  • HEY Suggestion I know it’s over rated and all over the internet but can you play Friday night funkin and give us your opinion on it? Just asking as an old subscriber

    • Been subbed to you for 2-3 years and I just wanted to see your opinion on it

  • I saw a frbe

  • Just had a really really rough day and this made me laugh and feel so much better, thank you 😘

  • Hello jaiden i love your vids

  • Tu voz es linda

  • Today I'm feeling.... ~ a l o h a ~. 😂

  • Wait a minute I thought they were the dogs 😲 (I know they are parrots)

  • Æ

  • R U L E :)

  • I've watched this video 1 month ago and im still hoping that theres a new video but it must be really difficult to create new contenta and editing amd stuff hope a new animation about pokemon is the content or anything will do because jaiden is the best

  • Jaiden i have bad news, samurai buyer is shutting down

  • Hello Jaden I've been watching you since you had about a million subscribers in I can't believe your already about to hit 10 million subscribers

  • more nozlock

  • When i was smoll the only game I remember playing on my DS was a game called Bunnyz. It was by the same creators of Hamsterz Life but it was just with rabbits. I was obsessed 💀

  • Thank you.

  • Champ is kinda fine tho

  • ''once upon a time there was an old man and an old lady one day the old lady was washing up by the river then a large egg came rolling down the river she picked it up and carried it homewhen she opened it out came a baby boy she named him robin when robin grew up he went with his there animal friends to ogre island by woprkin together they defeated the ogre and they lived happily ever after''

    • that took half an hour :/ dont do this

  • What app do you use to animate? Love your vids!

  • Play Friday night funking

  • Do they went to OGRE island and turfed out the ogre

  • Oh my god the bird cursed on subtitles

  • what happens to misaki :[

  • I need another Episode c'mon

  • Ahh so Robin and his friends went to the Ogres home harrased him to the point where he was forced to leave and then they lived happily ever after

  • 0:51 Nice JJBA referance

  • so this is the youtuber everyone's been making craip pr0n of..... mkay.... why does she have so many subs? edit: hold on hold on hold on.... you've been doing this for 6 years and this is how good your animation has gotten? girl! you're lucky that we don't live in a world where talent and success correlates anymore...... OOF..... is it because you're a girl? is that why they all subbed to you? because i'm half way into this and i REALLY don't see it. i could count, just off of the top of my head at least 10 youtube channels way way way better than yours that are just as old with 1/30th your subs. HOW DID YOU MANAGE?!?!?! edit2: i gotta leave.... this is just.... well.... it's something worth about 40k subs after 6 years. that's what it is.

    • Name a few better channels then, i want some New stuff to watch

  • me during the parrot's story: IS--IS THAT THE JAPANESE PEACH BOY STORY???

  • I was never able to keep my dogs in the Nintendo 3dd version. I would keep putting them up for adoption. I’ve only managed to keep one dog that I had from the beginning and the dogs name was Baxter.

  • Need new post

  • Eww gross

  • So uhh h- the most random question: is Ari named after the seven year old eraser in Maximum Ride? I'm reading the series and you said you read it so- hAhah Idk if you will respond but yeah, just a question.

  • My friend went away how Shouwd I express these feelings? The player : I'm sad


  • Sr pelo as Pikachu 0:04

  • You should have done wappy dog

  • Waiting for jaiden next video day 32

  • What if she actually taught him that.Just a theory.

  • Then i bought another MoNkEy

  • Did you know that theodd1sout/James has 16 million subs?

  • jaiden you and domics making one video in collaboration


  • 5:48 this is literally the story of momotaro... but on meth

  • Her animations are awsome

  • you joined yt when i had my 4th bday

  • 😰🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • one of my favourite teachers just died of covid a few days ago and I just found out. watching your videos since then really helped me and now I'm more than just a mess of tears. your videos are funny and helped me get over m teacher death. Thank you so much, you don't know how much of an inspiration you are to me.

  • Ngl, I would burn that game if that bird said “You look really hot”

  • ~bob~

  • Hey ari is close to my birthday ari is april 29th right? And mine is april 30th

  • I am so getting *pissed*

  • Yay! I am so happy! Yesterday was my birthday and my parents gave me an ari mug!🥳🎉😁

  • Jaiden can you play miitopia it is on the 3ds but it is coming on the switch

  • Does someone know what app she used for her animations?

  • Love the gamestop GME ape reference @8:17

  • I'm finally taking my own animation classes and now I realize how hard you work for this

  • Aaaa the hamsters

  • When are you making another video?😢😢😢

  • hey jaiden im back

  • OH GOT

  • :3 damn I Said that to early I’m sad for the hamster cause his friend went away

  • Jaiden you prob didn’t know but my class is in a rivalry to see of the oddoneout(idk how to spell XD) and jaiden anime toons and I choose both :3

  • Can you plz do gameplay of lost in blue

  • Is ari good

  • i am a replica of jaiden but ennthuasic and a 9 year old

  • Isn't ogre island just momotaro?

  • It reminds me my childhood memories. Appreciate Nice and clear voice :)

  • *he* *cage* *is* *too* *small*

  • swag

  • This is so dank like and lit like the villain sans squad also known as the dank sans sqaud :3

  • Does anyone remember failure from the platinum I’ll trade a lv100 one


  • Jaiden I saw your face at the Mr beast,s 100.000$ 😄

  • When you animate yourself you only have colored hair but when you animate other people and things their full self is colored is there a reason why?

    • She probably just made her charachter design simple so that it’s easy to draw since she’s the one who appears most in her animations

  • Я из России

  • I'm a one in 40,000 comments but please check out Zack and wiki quest for barbaross' treasure!!!

  • The fact that the bird says it dislikes you doesn’t make it bad. It makes it entertaining

  • well duh hes bigger than the countertops BECAUSE HES A GORILLA why did autocorrect change it to godzilla at first

  • "𝙄 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪"

  • Bra you showed the bird the story of momotarō but instead of a peach it was an egg

  • Happy late birthday ari birthday 🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉

  • He cage is too small

  • Hey jaiden can you play Omori¿

  • remember jaiden posting daily? remember jaiden posting weekly? remember jaiden posting mothly? remember jaiden posting yearly? remember jaiden?

  • i love your videos jaiden