Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kid Owns | Versus | Cut

Birt 6 mar 2021
What do you hide from your parents?
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Parents Guess What Taboo Items Their Kid Owns | Versus | Cut
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  • XD Y'all forgot to cover the magazine I saw stuff o^o


  • Do this again asian edition .

  • omg i just saw a free britanny thing for hulu so happy

  • oh

  • omg that gay dude is cute

  • Imma need felix’s insta or sum🤧

  • Lou is the greatest 😂😂

  • 9:01 Got me feeling sorry for her

  • The dudes mom is fine af or is it just me

  • The green haired girl’s dad is so cool be my dad

  • 9:29 🤣

  • Hailees stepdad tho what a legend

  • No condoms for "convenience"? WOW! Can't even run into a store these days without a mask as you don't use condoms cuz it makes it easier? I'm sorry but our bodies can be very gross. Always oozing and/or secretions. Gotta protect and take care of our beautiful yet gross bodies.

  • felix do be fine asf tho

  • My name is Tia aswell

  • I love how the guy is the only one that owns a douche

  • It doesn’t wiggle like that😂😭😫


  • 8:57 *Unus Annus Flashbacks*

  • The dad playing with the toy 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • omfg the step dad of green hair person is great

  • 6:12 WHAT BRO

  • Cut' shes 18' the blonde girl' is 18' she was 16 2 years ago' do you really think this video is appropriate for a 18 year old' do you have any morals at this point

  • 9:26; funniest part; "Does it have a battery?"

  • The stepdad knowing about things is weird to me

  • Lou is such a cool father and he's so funny, the whole family is so comic


  • Tia is me. She looks innocent. 💀 she’s not

  • *gag ball* i-

  • Bongs can be used as a vase

  • Asian kids 😁

  • I found it awkward the children were sitting down

  • If I was a parent and it was the end and everyone is celebrating my face would be like this the whole time 😬😐


  • I want to get drinks with Lou more than anything

  • So we not go talk bout how a 16 year old is smoking and there parents seem very chill bout it??😑

  • 8:48 who the hell jerks to a magazine we have the internet for free videos cmon

  • Tia looks so nervous lol

  • Ok but why does Ella have that seductive tone. Loved Tia's dad tho💀

  • I’m white but I’d never ever talk about any of these items with my family

  • I feel like tia looks like mary anne from babysitter club books

  • the girl with the blonde hair is so pretty

  • Pov: you came here from Tik tok

  • Idk who the blonde one is but she's gorg

  • They should probably do a disclaimer about douching (I’m assuming the mom is talking about douching her lady parts)? It’s really bad for you.

  • The look at 9:02

  • I'd be found floating in a swamp if me and my parents played this game.

  • 9:34 🤣🤣😭

  • wtf that guy doesn’t look gay he looks like a player

  • The first just killed me-

  • I'm sorry but that girl with the pinks hurt looks like sombody that would work for troom troom 😭✋

  • Wow have the times changed! At one point parents wouldn't even wanna talk about sexual things like this with their daughters. Luv the vid😂

  • Imagine having asian parents in this show.


  • "can we take this home?" her face

  • Hailey’s step father is chaotic🤣

  • Why would you agree to embarrassing yourself on ISchats

  • Tia went home traumatized

  • The step dad of the girl with green hair and her smoking weed made my day

  • My parents would beat the life out of me if they found even one of those items in my room.

  • 9:03 wtf stare

  • Green haired girl is so defensive

  • This is dumb

  • Why The Fuk does Tia looks so fukking innocent

  • How is this so normal for American kids and parents

  • The 18 year old looks older than the 22 year old

  • 8:59 👁👄👁

  • I like Tia‘s dad, he Looks like a stereotyp but he is so relaxed

  • My parents dont even know I am sexually open minded

  • 5:36 that dad is sketchy

  • This video kept scaring me lol cus I share a name with one of them

  • Can we take this home? Their daughter: 👁 👄 👁

  • I bet ella’s and her moms hearts were pounding when that pregnancy test came up

  • As opposed to these, I feel like my parents would expect a bunch of these when I don’t have any. 😂

  • how did i fallasleep and wake up to watching this

  • Woah! I was not expecting gay! Dang that surprised me. Usually I can pick that up. Just sayin'. Anyhoo...

  • I love Tia

  • What tf is a douche bag I just thought it was an insult


  • Monogotoiś cracked me up

  • Tia @?

  • 8:08

  • I resent the fact that one guy's parents said they thought he was freaky

  • Daughter “I’ll stop smoking if you stop” Mom: 👀 Daughter: 👀

  • The girl with the green hair’s step dad is hilarious 😂

  • This is fake as shit

  • The guy is cute 😇🥰😍

  • "why'd ya flick it" "Well i was just seeing what it would doo, i dunno."

  • imagine doing this in india! can't imagine

  • 5:37 😂😂😂

  • First guy Wtf 😂 0:01

  • Why am I not surprised that the green haired Portland looking person doesn't use condoms? Good life choices obviously aren't her bag.

  • Ahaha hilarious content bruh 😆

  • I can totally tell the green girl was sooo anxious throughout the video

  • Naughty thing I own: Phone

  • “Yes I have gone through your room” I would lose my shit right then and there who do parents think they are



  • Omg moms look at 9:05 😂😂😂