Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

Birt 12 nóv 2020
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    • Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

    • idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

    • Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

    • Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.


  • At 6:25 there this weird energy coming off the ball

  • 🎵 This ball ⚾️ is on fire 🔥 this ball ⚾️ is on fire 🔥 🎵

  • Did anyone see that bleu light around the ball :O holly

  • So this is what a super canon is, terrific.

  • "Bob's gonna die" - Heisenberg

  • Favorite Line: "What have we done, y'all?" 11:11

  • 14:25 what if there was no space between all the gloves? or how many gloves will it take before the ball either slows down enough to be caught, or becomes damaged enough to no longer be a 'baseball'

    • Nice looking?

  • 13:29 I'm the reconnaissance sniper.

  • glawks are more powerphul

  • Me looking for someone who knows danganronpa like:👁👄👁

  • Would kevlar stop it

  • 9:04 Guy: shut up Jeremy. Jeremy: no, you.

  • Oddly I’ve never said this before, but you have a lovely family. Your kids seem incredibly intelligent.

  • The reason the h-weave deflected the ball up is because there was resistance below and not above. Where as the basket weave has a more evenly distributed resistance. This was an awesome experiment btw

  • I wonder what Wilson and Rawlings gloves think of this haha.

  • Is the "smoke" that comes out just water vapor or condensation from the presssure difference? Whatever it is, I love the fact that the ball seems to pull some of the vapor forwared in it's Mach cone vortex.

  • Boss nerd, "no nonono, hold on, am I seeing fire?". Nerds in unison, "There's fire, teeheeheehee". Small things...


  • Costly video

  • 10,973.782 foot pounds of energy guys effing awesome

  • That's a little disturbing 😂

  • The ball was on fire

  • Imagine having this in pub g

  • i wanna try hitting it with a bat :)

  • Hey @SmarterEveryDay, do you guys ever play video games like Kerbal Space Program, or SimpleRockets 2? I love Rocket science, and I noticed your NASA t-shirt.

  • Wow Hey batter batter........swing!

  • Look... Y'all just invented a new Mortal Kombat fatality move... lol

  • Now make this machine bigger, go back to pirate times, put a cannon in it, then rule the seas.

  • The thumbnail is the visual representation of when I move my little bro out the way and also what mom sees.

  • I want to a baseball fired from the cannon striking a wooden baseball bat and an aluminum baseball bat.

  • And Bob didn't even flinch. Truly impressive.

  • This is how all might got the wound

  • What happens if ball is shout at light speed

  • Internet in quarantine: "Do something fun. like a DIY project!" SmarterEveryDay: *Builds a freaking baseball cannon*

  • ShinE kakyoin

  • Lets test it on a rabbit next😅😬

  • That's y when u see a UFO going so fast u see fire does anyone knows what a ufo is ?

  • This is the only time it’s ever thought baseball was interesting

  • I think its gonna be like folded paper. Only 6 or 7 folds can be done and it will deflect outword

  • I want to see this with well made catcher's mits !

  • Yooooo! I gotta see a 3D view from different views of ball. Including what the Shockwave looks like when the balls flying at you... now that's rocket science

  • 4:53 For Those Who Only Came For The Thumbnail, Enjoy ;)

  • The Ball have 14156 Joule, ist the same energy on a 50 BMG.

  • remind me herman munster throw a fast ball pitcher try catch it went through grove and the grove smoke came out it all the baseball players got scare ran off didn't want play ball with herman he got so mad throw on ground it blew up

  • 6:47 did y’all see the fire around the ball

  • Sent by Weird explorer

  • 11:33 theoretically, that means that if two cows collided at supersonic speed, they could potentially cook themselves on impact

  • That was really crazy. Very good video! 👍👍😂

  • Could you guys try shooting a baseball against a sharp object, like a knife or idk a Katana?

  • this is the very best science!

  • 3:54 this is what you came here for

  • what is the aura around the ball before it hits at 6:48?

  • souleve la capuche, c'est le poto Bob !

  • At 9:00

  • imagine if they shot it at a bat

  • The inside of space however where it is advanced turning to the jaw.

  • What is the blue blurr?

  • I want to see you shoot the thing straight up and time how long it takes to return to the Earth.

  • 1000MPH vs IPHONE 12!


  • Rip bob

  • 13:54 is the coolest thing I have ever seen on ISchats.

  • Shoot someone with it

  • These are like mythbusters

  • Maybe if Bob didn't look so angry, he wouldn't merit this kind of abuse.

  • Build a mechanic baseball bat that swing and use that on the ball 😏😁

  • Beautiful V^2

  • 11:30 is fire because the heat of the ball 🙄 when you constantly rub two objects they get hot and make fire

  • Who the heck dislikes these videos

  • 1:00 says space bell

  • Lethal league be like.

  • 6:36 I Can See Real Pain In BoB’s Eyes 🤧 R.I.P

  • Next please try with katana or sword to cut the baseball in two side!!! It's will so excited right

  • Video idea make a base ball glove that can handle the 1000mph baseball cannon And imma take that cannon as a lighter if i go camping

  • • wow you can see the trail of the ball at 1000 MPH... what super speed!! And the earth 🌍 is moving/rotating at that same speed 😳 but I feel no movement 🤯

  • for me 6 gloove

  • The next video needs to be wooden baseball bats 😮🤣👍🍺

  • Holy sky.... 5:05 out for out "cost to cost".....

  • Poor Bob not have chance to survive :)

  • How high/far can you fire a ball with this?

  • Can I ask how do you even get the green light to do these things from a legal perspective?? Like do you say are we allowed to build a supersonic baseball canon and use it and your local administration is like "yep"

  • 6:24 what's that trail just behind the ball? I don't think that's smoke from the cannon.


  • When you stop the video at 17:53 and 17:54 you see that the fire comes with the ball.

  • No bobs were harmed in the making of this video

  • Challenge mark rober to stop it

  • Amazing...

  • "there's one tree in this field"

  • The slow motion at the beginning of the ball exploding looks like the underwater ring thingy he did a while back

  • What would happen if you are going to shoot the ball out of the sky?

  • whets with the vapor around the ball after its been shot ?

  • It's amazing how u can see the air pressure surrounding the ball when shot at a super high speed faster than sound

  • Can you also hit a balloon with gas with this cannon..

  • Can you hit a drone with this supper sonic cannon

  • Amazing to see the shock wave from the ball just before it hits the glove and then the dummy.

  • The fun question is: "What would a glove look like engineered to catch a 1000mph baseball."

  • This helps explain my childhood fear of catching baseballs

  • Sonic boom??

  • Why not try an actual catchers mitt, that's designed for much greater impacts?