Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Birt 24 sep 2018
Time to take archery trick shots to a whole new level!
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  • What up DP fam! Glad you guys loved Archery Trick Shots 2! NEXT VIDEO ► Overtime

  • Noob

  • I need more practice of archery 🏹

  • Certains tirs sont impossible

  • Surpasses the power of Hawkeye and Green arrow. Seriously DC and Marvel should have hired Dude Perfect for both the characters

  • I got one shoot over a building

  • Anyone else notice that they’re tuned into country music guide when they show the 111 degree temperature?

  • how you guys do that

  • The birds in the trees thinking that they've travelled back in time.

  • You should use a target as Corey

  • Tem um pouco de vídeo nessa montagem

  • 465 yard dude.. wow just wow..

  • 5:59 Cody got me trippign

  • Look up Lars Andersen

  • new Green Arrow

  • 🤯

  • New target should be a spray paint can because the explode

  • You should use ice cube gum as a target

  • Super video Tyler

  • Byron Ferguson would probably be impressed with these boys.

  • These guys are amazing

  • Dude perfect they make the impossible possible -meme man

  • Anyone here saying “Bahubali could do 3” after seeing the first trick shot?

  • Вот уж точно бездельники. Еще так радуются будто что-то дельное для общества сделали.

  • nice affter effect work

  • I have a theory that these guys have real life aimbot or have slow-mo vision

  • Lot of of Arjuna and Karna here 👍👍👍

  • You should use a drum as a target

  • epic fails

  • Try to selatape a plastic spoon to a poll and that can be a target

  • shoutout to the cameraman for the crazy angles of the shots!!!

  • Garret should be the new target

  • a faom plate

  • Go team coby!!!¡

  • TRIPPinn wild

  • Bowling ball

  • Sick

  • The world's longest shoot is seen by me.....awesome...........tyler!👍👍👍👍😇

  • Shoot down the caps dudes

  • Just fill the balloon with water, it doesn't need to float anyway

  • I wonder how many arrows did they lose

  • i always think coby and cory are twins.because they look alike.

  • I think u guys could survive the hunger games

  • (:

  • Les go.

  • Gg

  • Thank you for having the dedication to your fans enough to go out in 111 degree weather for a simple trick shot video.

  • I am way better than you at archery

  • 1:40 wow that's insane

  • Flying ballon shot

  • You should hit a tennis ball while playing tennis

  • I wanna see you hunt

  • Cody sucks all he does is get hurt

  • Texas is literally always over 100 degrees at Noon in August

    • Well, at least where I live.

  • you now that i like archery so much its like my life

  • That is awesome

  • Skyline do a tricky shot

  • Piñata

  • You can do like Arjun in Mahabharat

  • Is it just me or does that gong say wuhan at 4:31

  • Im thinking a 3 hole round of golf using the bow and arrows as clubs.

  • You should use pumpkins

  • Robbin hood

  • Just imagine how many takes to get the perfect shot!! 😂

  • *This... is the best trick shot channel.*

  • Без шуток это круто

  • Did codey say the f word?

  • Frocking Green Arrow!

  • Grape,flacke of pepper

  • You to do archery battle

  • Pls do a "No look trust shot" in archery tricks. HAHAHAHAHA

  • 2:15 imagine what if it hits the camara , wow! What a clear shot 😂

  • Real life hawk eye

  • I like team Coby or Cory is my favorite

  • Bring Back Panda

  • 10 feet away, nice.. longbow archers can do this from 100 YARDS away... and uh, if I may ask how many try's did it take?

  • Actually the worlds longest archery shot was 930.04 ft, 283.47 meters for non-Americans. Go look it up if you don’t believe me. Not hatin’ on DP, just stating the facts.

  • Dude perfect playing katniss everdeen

  • cody's head

  • cut off the tips of a nerf bolet

  • can you use an arrow to flush

  • Weell come to my channel plaese, subscribe, like, komen and share mr. Thanks you🙏, help me for 1rb subscriber please

  • pls use tissue paper.for the next target

  • a moving log would be cool

  • Shoot an arrow through a donut

  • Arrow shooting in Bahubali 2 should have seen this cause dp hAve done it in real life

  • Yea baby!!!!

  • Fake deer targets

  • During the video: Cody has no beard outro; has beard

    • That is because it takes 500 attempts to make one shot

  • Could you shoot foam?

  • Ok so this is a little late but you guys should do another bow vid with a giant skeet

  • 4:46 that’s the sound I’m *looking for*

  • I just loved that last one I saw I more then 20times

  • How many times have you people failed

  • Just can't belive

  • Hawkeye and green arrow EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!!!!

  • Super

  • 3:57 the bow was made for cody

  • I may be wrong but isn't there a video where one of the Twins shoot fruit and a soda with a 44 magnum? If so can someone let me know which video it is, I dont remember which one it is.

  • Another arrow on the other target 🎯 ne