Game Theory: Your Shiny Pokemon is DOOMED to Die!

Birt 27 feb 2021
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We all love when a shiny version of our favorite Pokemon shows up, right? It is a welcome surprise to any video or card game! Except, those shinies are not as great as we all think. Don't get me wrong, they LOOK amazing but they are lacking one very important thing in the Pokemon universe. That thing, Theorists, is POWER! Shines are WEAK! Not only that, but they are DOOMED! Why? You will have to watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I've seen a "Blue person" a few times before. There's an area in the state next to mine that people set up shop in and sell all kinds of things. She has a spot that she's probably been using for a long time there.

  • Holy sh** I have a ton of foreign shiny dittos in my pokemon home and now i will use them to hatch eggs lmao

  • I like this lol

  • No wonder Crayola put blue in their colors of the world.

  • Mat:and there are badgers that have a white back Me who once saw one of those and passed it of as albino 😬

  • "My pokemon are shiny "

  • Im sending this to my bio teacher

  • As someone in the reptile community the rare ball python thing is 100% true. They are line bread in captivity and aren't that hard to find captive breed, so they must not be expensive right? Nope! People will spend thousands for pi-balds.

  • and i also have A TRADE SHINY UMBREON IN THE BANNED POKEMON GAME/Fake pokemon game

  • shiny pokemon are just albios of a diffrent color in pokemon-_-

  • Good reference

  • I once saw a white catfish

  • Well that's no problem for me because I want to make friends over the whole entire Earth cell no stopping me

  • Matpat “all your shinies are doomed to die Me “ahhahaha yeah yeah heah”

  • I only subscribed to correct an error in your video. Zebras are striped to help keep bugs like flies and mosquitoes off of them.


  • wait a minute, I think i have seen that white snake before.

  • A shiny I found was doomed to die a tragic death when I thought snorlax's Snore would put it to sleep...

  • What an opening to come back to after a year xD

  • Lololololol 10/10 intro

  • ive been watching this channel for 4 years and i just realized that in the end of the intro on the middle bottom it says “ruining your childhood since 2011”

  • @9:40 i thought you were choping your Weed down

  • 5:28 Was I the only person that realized this lion was from the game Scribblenauts???

  • Pls just don’t be tru

  • Man talk about cringe 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 4:18 my albino snake was blind


  • Yeah, and humans purposely breed albino snakes for profit. Its the same with dogs and cats with scrunched up faces and munchkin cats. Short legs in a cat is a genetic disorder but it was considered "cute" so they continued doing it

  • Meanwhile the fugates somewhere: im blue da be de da be dai

  • SO we were learning science about genetics. and I showed my teacher the video to be like hey look genetics in a game theory And she said she'd watch it and that alone gives so many happi chemicals. Thanks! Edit: SHE LIKED IT TOO MUCH AND WANTS TO SHARE IT IN THE CLASS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Well. Thanks again I suppose ;w;

  • I liek the blue joke

  • Never forget the shiny pokemon that got away. My case a weedle and tauros.

  • I just realized that the neighbor is in the intro

  • Heyo! Zoologist/Biologist here! The zebra stripes fact is not found in any scientific literature. In fact there have been many studies concluding the stripes are more likely to be used for countering flies in the hot savannah environment. Please fix it this or do some more in depth research!

  • I breed for a chance to get an all best shiny Pokemon. That requires a lot of inbreeding lol

  • im patiently waiting for when matpat writes a musical

  • I live in Kentucky so uuuuh

  • any of ya’ll need a japanese excadrill? cuz i have one

  • human shiny aye???

  • I have insanely good luck in finding shiny Pokémon, to the point the first Pokémon I saw & caught in PokemonX was a shiny Zigzagoon I SADLY killed multiple shiny Druddigon in Pokémon Ruby....before I knew shiny Pokémon were an actual thing......I don’t deserve my shiny luck😭 I found a shiny Karrablast just trying to show my brother where to catch it I went through a flower patch & said “please don’t let me catch a shiny fairy Pokémon here, please” & found a shiny Flabebe... I caught 2 shiny Pokémon in a month timeframe on PokémonGo--Psyduck & Wooper & this is barely scratching the surface on the shinies I’ve caught I was legit making my way through a shiny Pokédex before the games’ data corrupted & the game became a plastic paper weight

  • ThE SuN iS a DEdLeY LaSEr

  • Me, watching this while shiny hunting: 😐

  • humon smurf

  • Human shinny's

  • 6 ten second quick skips is enough to skip the intro, if you were wondering


  • I have 11 shiny :(

  • me going hahahaha and my french fiend going hon hon hon after watching this vid

  • Slow Claps for the Intro

  • 6:40 Thats not entire true in pokemon is a correct statement for every pokemom game except the origional gold silver and crystal. In gold silver and crystal pokemon who pass on the full IV stat to their offspring have a higher chance of producing a shiny if that offspring ends up with all 5 stats at full iv. So if both parents have a majority of there stats at full IV (when caught) they are much more likely to produce a shiny. Keep in mind the idea of IV in the gen 1 and 2 games was just the initial starting point of a system called DV but essentially did what IV do in gen 3 and up. Only using the term IV for simplicity sake.

  • me who finally got a shiny jolteon:

  • please make the shiny pokemon song a full song

  • There inbread

  • Now I know where willy Wonka got the blue umpa loompas

  • But hey that’s just a theory a film NO NO NO what it’s game theory oh but hey that’s just a theory a game theory

  • Competitive players after noticing they have been shiny hunting to get worse pokemon: *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  • Who else is singing sweet home Alabama when he said pandas have less ways to breed with diffrent genes

  • The intro is oddly perfect

  • so that zubat i accidentally killed was dying anyways

  • Oh no literally almost all my Pokémon are shiny!

  • .... wait so why will they die again?

  • I’m just gonna point this out here, ‘albinoism’ in reptiles, especially snakes isn’t the same as albinoism in mammals, in reality all those albino snakes you see are actually amelistic (they are missing certain pigments not all of them) as such show similar levels of sun/heat of their normal counterparts. They are very different genes at play here and I really don’t think you researched this well Ever wondered why albino burmese pythons are yellow and not pinkish? Well that’s why

  • I have a purple ponyta witch i evolved into a rapadash

  • great song!

  • Do you know you should have a a music theory

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my poor shiny garchomp that is 100% different than a regular garchomp

  • I got 18 shiny

  • this video reminded me how sad i am about HOW endangered white lions are. (Fortunately there are enough of them to be considered a separate species from regular lions.

  • Of you're playing a nuzlocke there's a chance theyre gonna die

  • mattpat AND tamatoa? my two favourite things!

  • No flex, but I have 203 shinies in Pokémon go and don’t like suggesting if I didn’t catch them, they died

  • Funny story: when i was new to pokemon The CARDS i had a rainbow bird forgot what it was called but anyway i thought it was usless so i traded it for a mega 😂 then i realised my mistake but same thing happened to another person 2 months later but i traded my mega for that same card

  • i only have one shiny and its a ponyta in pokemon quest

  • could be Argyria from colodial silver cause that cures alot of stuff

  • Not my shiny Pidgeot 🥺

  • intro: cringe content: good

  • The most entertaining intro ever

  • That intro was truly bad.

  • Pokemon

  • My albino rabbit died because it was squished 😔


  • TODAY I LEARNED: Albino are human shinnies

  • I like regular pokemon.. there easy to get


  • My friend a shiny level 100 lucario in sheild

  • In real life het albino animal mated with a normal animal makes more hets then a het mated with another het makes the real thing and hets mated with the real thing make more of the real thing that is how you could get a albino from 2 normals

  • When you actually see the blue lobster : dang i forgot to buy pokeballs

  • I bread a Japanese a lopunny with a American one so now I have a shiny :3

  • Soo your saying i saw A SUPER RARE blue lobster? Dang

  • The explanation of the Masuda method is flawed because it working is based of region not language like he is saying

  • 6:23

  • That intro was hard to watch

  • Pikachu

  • Wait he said Elg instead of moose, Elg is the Norwegian word for mosse

  • Want to here a flex. No? Well I don’t care here is one I have five rare shiny blue humans 😎

  • I love brown pandas

  • The warlike octagon curiously phone because parcel apically protect afore a lyrical opinion. piquant, good brochure

  • Well of course, the magikarp's just level 3 after all, a few exp candies will fix that...

  • Maby I can’t find a shiny wooloo because it died?

  • Isn't the real life shinies just called albinos