Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever? feat. Cyberpunk 2077

Birt 10 des 2020
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The desire to be free from the limits of the human experience is as old as our first stories. We exist in an endless universe, only bound by the laws of physics and yet, our consciousness is trapped in mortal machines made of meat. With the breathtaking explosion of innovation and progress, for the first time the concept of leaving our flesh piles behind and uploading our minds into a digital utopia seems possible. Even like the logical next step on our evolutionary ladder.
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  • Wow what a journey. Over a year ago CD Projekt Red got in touch and asked us if we would like to make a video about some of the scientific or philosophical aspects of Cyberpunk 2077. Just like most of the internet we were super excited and eager for this game to come out finally. The Witcher series is one of the most entertaining series we played ourselves and Cyberpunk seemed like it could genuinely top even that. So it was a super easy yes from us and we went on to make the video, putting in a lot of love and care to do this collaboration justice. And of course, as the release date got pushed back, our video release date did too. So we have been keeping this video a secret for quite some time, hopefully you like it. When this video comes out a good chunk of the Kurzgesagt team will either download or already be playing the game. If you want to get it too and support CD Projekt Red directly get the game here:

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  • Anyone notice that in the intro there is an ape eating a brain?

  • Your new animations are soo complicated. We like basic animations.

  • Oh boy the end promotion of cyberpunk did not age well

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  • 11:11 what is said here can be done already if you know how to do it, there is a methodological modality called NLP where you learn to do that, to communicate with the body in a way that makes it seem like programming a computer. You assign a symbol or symbols and make them interact, the logic is understood by the body-mind to be used as an interface for programming it or reprogramming it. It is an advanced form of placebo where these possibilities indeed do exist. Immersion onto the process makes it work more effectively and faster, you might be interested to check it out on your own though since there is a ton of misinformation as well as some pretty valuable pieces of information out there. Computers in fact are based off of reality in a way by which they are created out of reality based on human observations of reality. Humans are part of reality to therefore its all natural in the end if you think about it...

  • Check DoctorK's recent videos about dreams, death and consciousness. He explained it briefly and comprehensively. He is mainly a streamer who assists to help educate people about what we currently know about the mind, mostly gamers. HealthyGamer_gg helped me and possibly many others.

  • 좋은 내용, 썩은 광고

  • my brain before watching this video: . my brain after watching this: ⚫

  • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell: It's complicated. Me: That's what he said.

  • Cyber punk 2077 vr

  • What about uploading to a robot

  • I mean i rather but my brain a simulacrum robotic soldier assasin

  • 0:00: when they wake up hearing: no school 7:54: teacher tryin to wake them 9:17: their dream 10:39: when they woke up ( the the fish in the front ) freinds: The fish behind

  • What is even the use of it? Scanning and uploading your brain, does that not mean it is just a copy? that means you literally have a copy that behave and act like you, but you are not it. So if you die you die, but your copy lives on, it is like a twin of you with the exact same information but it is a different person right? What I mean is, if we die we literally die and the copy is no use for the real us.

  • Por favor Traduzcan este video al Español

  • 8:10 I think the solution here is scanning not just the physical structure of one's brain, but rather the specific brain patterns associated with various tasks, emotions, thought processes, etc. The creation of an analogous, artificial brain that is capable of mimicing these patterns, reactions to stimuli, and regionalisations of one's brain is the first step. It could be 3D printed and merely composed of conducting material that mimics the general structures of pre-sliced and scanned brain tissues (since all nerves are communicating via electrical pulses) while chemical/hormonal influences can be simulated on a stimuli --> reaction basis, thus cutting out the chemical middle man. This would make the artifical brain able to "act" like a certain neurotransmitter is present by simply going around the constrains of Biology to achieve a similar 1-to-1 result. Then, this artificial brain, completely a blank canvas, would be tethered to the physical brain and attempt to mimic brain activity at a decently micro scale for a length of time necessary for the brain to have a deep amount of imprinting analogous to the neural pathways that uniquely exist in Human brains already. This way, the new brain would "learn" how to interpret data incoming from your natural brain and even be able to replicate certain stimuli ---> reaction phenomena that would otherwise be near impossible to program. Next, (and this is the tricky, yet potentially groundbreaking part) is incorporating a link of some sort between these brains that can test out if certain regions of the new brain are able to "carry the torch" of the natural portions of the original brain the region is associated with. For example, if you inhibit the part of the brain associated with sight, could the artificial brain pick up the slack? Would it allow you to see and be able to simulate the patterns and functions of that original section of brain? If no, then keep testing and tweaking; however, if yes then one could technically begin the process to moving onto the terminal phase: integration & transfer. Integration would involve, once proven successful by trials, tests, and experiments, replacing functions in regions of the original brain with that of the new brain. Piece by piece and region by region the new brain would be put through the paces testing to see if it can actually act as a replacement brain for the biological original it is based off of. Finally, once this is established, one could permanently neuralink to this new brain and begin genuinely substituting regions of the biological brain for the artificial and slowly but surely begin "shifting" their conciousness entirely to this new brain; not in some "upload" event, but rather like a slime mold slowly shifting its biomass from one side of a tree stump to the other. The conciousness would crawl into this new brain like a dye diffusing across a membrane. It would be a slow process for sure, and would perhaps take weeks, if not months or years, of therapies and experimentation to work on even a person-to-person basis, but in my eyes this is one of the only ways to feasibly transfer one's conciousness/awareness/soul to an artificial format.

  • TIL our brains make no fucking sense at all. 4km of nerves in a 1mm slice of a mouse brain???? nty, i guess i'll just die and go away forever after that lol

  • Maybe instead of uploading an existing brain we make our own, that might be easier

  • Why CP77 failed? Because all its development money was spent into marketing.

  • aged like milk

  • Who would win? Human evolution or one meaty bio with noodle

  • The 100 fans here?

  • i dont know how you made this video with atleast one refrence to arnim zola

  • i think that the way we would ever achieve a sort of "immortality" would be some form of the classic brain-in-a-jar concept. if we can figure out how to replace biological components with artificial ones (eyes with cameras, ears with microphones, etc.), then it would a short step further to replace the entire body, and perhaps keep the brain alive with future technologies, like stem cells.

  • Why i wouldn't want mind uploading; at the end of the day it's just a copy. You, the REAL you, will still die. Your actual consciousness will end, it will not be "transplanted" into your digital self when you expire. You will not experience anything anymore, only your digital copy will. It would drastically change over time, eventually turning into something nothing like you that your surving kin might no longer enjoy being around and only cause them grief as they miss the actual you more. In the end it'd be just a highly advanced journal of your life, nothing more. Death is the actual end, no fairytale beings in the sky will stop it, no crazy advanced scientific technology will either. Learn to enjoy every aspect of life while you can, and learn to accept the reality that death, and a permanent end to your consciousness is inevitable.

  • I’ve often thought of the soul or consciousness as something made out of a perfect form of matter, perhaps some sort of exotic material from a higher dimension. Something that can only bond to corporeal matter once the correct molecular blueprint is formed. Thinking in this way, I assume we could bond a conscious identity to computer code if it matches the soul’s pattern.

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  • the brain named itself

  • Why don't you guys add english & indonesian subtitles yet?

  • These are so well made, i love it.

  • Wouldn’t it also be plausible to 3D-print a cloned version of your brain and transfer your consciousness to it? Then, just get a new brain (or even an entire new body) every time the current one gets too old.

  • ok well i won’t create a digital copy of myself. i would prefer to keep my brain alive while he’s being removed from my head and put it in a liquid that could preserve my neurons and prevent it from rotting so i would be immortal however i have a function for mind uploading : brain death. like imagine someone’s brain just died, the brain did not started to rot but reanimation is now impossible. the person can’t be reanimated, but his brain didn’t started to rot. the only way for his loved ones to still have the person with them, is, you guessed it : mind uploading. create a digital copy of the brain in this situation, could actually be useful. and another situation : space exploration. but they already mentioned it. by the way this video is amazing

  • This video didn’t glitch out this is not a collab w CDP

  • For anyone scrolling through comments and unfamilar with the other references, the general answer is NO. To "upload" is to copy. If you *upload* your brain to another substrate, and if the substrate supports operation, rather than mere storage (like the difference between a CPU and an SSD,) the copy that has been uploaded will think it is you, and go on to have a life of its own. You, meanwhile, will still be stuck inside your skull, as subject to the laws of entropy and physics as ever it was. Neuralink is just a stepping stone. Later iterations could allow for artificial neurons to be installed, which will support operation in the same way as your original, organic neurons do. The processing that is your consciousness *could* at that point, begin to operate on them instead of mortal neurons. (Another critical step should be gathering all the other memories you have not accessed recently, but that you can be reminded of; I've encountered this as I've begun to locate and scan old photos and movies.) You are not a brain. You are a process that operates on, and is fundamentally influenced by a (your) brain, and how it operates (or fails to do so,) or is affected by things that happen to it, from the dizziness that arises from riding in a centrifuge, to the intoxication from alcohol, to the sensation of being injected with a vaccine, or the trauma of being locked in a closet for a week at a time. Yes, there is lots of information about specifics within a given brain, but the structures are similar. They're made of the same elements, which work in the same way everywhere physics applies. (If you're trying to describe a mountain made of dirt, you don't have to describe granite, quartz, and feldspar every time you find it. It might be possible, considering we're dealing with brains, to start with a "standard brain" model, and indicate and describe the variations that make the particular brain under consideration unique.)

  • Don't confuse yourself with your mind.

  • POV: You are now breathing and blinking manually

  • The missing point here is that I'm not the mind.

  • u know even with physical immortality u still have things u can achieve but in virtual word u can live in u can do anything u want everything u desire u can live in a world with magic if u want its a place where we all are gods what would be the point of living then ?

  • Altered carbon series in a nutshell

  • Brain - a CPU full of ifs and while-dos, ultimately leading to BSoD...

  • Sadly cyberpunk was a living joke

  • The humans in this video are so beautifully animated.

  • That's the premise to Eight Bit Bastards. Check it out on ebook, paperback or audiobook.

  • It's like Altered Carbon

  • but what i will gain of creating a copy of me if it's not " me " ?

  • “Inside my mind, there is a digital mind.”

  • dora lol

  • No because we don’t make the jump it’s a copy of you but you stay and die. A version you lives. But you are two different people

  • What if you don't copy a brain, but instead simulated the brain development from the lowest stage possible and let it grow up like a child. After all brains just develop from a small amount of cells. I wonder what yours opinion is about this, if we keep ethics aside? :/

  • This didn't age well

  • I imagine making a copy of your mind is possible but I doubt you can transfer your consciousness to a artificial body. So at that point there'd be two yous at once. If it were me, once I was successfully copied into a robot body I'd just have the original me killed so there's not two of us at the same time. Besides the robot me would be better in every way. It'd be nice to no longer have biological needs and desires. Good riddance I say.

  • I have so much more sympathy for cdproject red seeing the marketing they did for people to buy that game. Wow. They failed hard bro. Damn

  • 😒 I'll be dead by 2077

  • Why not a mix?

  • monkey always hold something new

  • If I was given the option instead of dying to live on until the end of time and I would spend that time watching humanity separating myself from them but only watching from the shadows to see where it all ends and if anything could be true I would hope for it to never end

  • “The ability to leave our flesh packs” this’ll have good comments

    • Why would u want infinite life and the ability to leave your fleshpack, living a life feeling all sorts of emotions and being content with the end is the beauty of life itself

  • This really also needed to reflect on the game Soma

  • For the hormones can’t they be 1&0 for mood


  • its like cloud storage but for humans

  • Yes but every ones brain works differently doesn’t it? Yes the brain has its average jobs but every persons mind is unique so you’d have to know every unique aspect of that persons mind in order to accurately try and simulate their consciousness right?

  • The last assumption kinda sounded like we'll end up like elves... Once we are bored of life we chose to die... Or we might still be killed

  • if you don't get it you are basically a god with the power of all human history and make your own dimension

  • Do your animators just skip sleeping all together?

  • As much as I love this channel,it adds to my depression.... 😅

  • the transition between the images for cyberpunk 2077 is so representative of the game rn lol

  • l love the part where the monkey eats brains!

  • Honestly, the trope of the evil despot uploading his mind into something and "achieving immortality" is the most idiotic thing ever, and has been done about a thousand times. Not sure why CP2077 even went in that direction, story-wise. Thought Cyber Keanu is cool, I guess

  • SOMA

  • But would be able to still get high?

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  • 3:40 Hey that is the name of the crash bandicoot main villian,now that make sense xD

  • To be honest it's interesting and life changing but I kinda don't want it to happen. People can get more power to do undescribable things that we can't even possibly imagine and eternity is immeasurable. It creeps me out a little. All I want for the future is solarpunk technology, nothing less and nothing more. Who else thinks this shouldn't happen? Just me?

  • well actually, since I was a kid, I realized that the human body is not suited to contain a cosmic entity, if only we had a better physical body but unfortunately the laws physics was unable to prevent aging

  • Hi, I really admire your channel. How can I be a prop for a single combo ?. haha I like to be a "bird - ironman". You know, my dream is to die in space, on a spaceship that keeps floating endlessly so my soul can travel through endless universe, once again, your channel is so great so I'm so like it

  • Would having a corrupted mind be like having a mental illness

  • Why upload yourself to a computer when you can line your brain with eyes and become like the Old Ones?

  • COOL video !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This video is best advertisement for Cyberpunk ;D

  • You guys should do a video about ideas of Alterec Carbon!...

  • It's unfortunate that the brain is not evolved to understand itself, but only for reproduction.

  • Everyone else - Cool Me - IS THAT MONKEY EATING A BRAIN

  • Idk ask Ross

  • Same concepts are further investigated in Black mirror on Netflix. A must watch

  • why the hell should we upload our mind our bodies are better than dumm AIs

  • I hope there's a fan built into my computer-brain because if there isn't, I'm going to get a bad headache.

  • a sponsorship with a lot of brain information in it? well done bringing value

  • Trying to gods, seems that the limitless endeavour is to manually try to find the answer to everything. One ought to also remember that history tells us that they're always destructive forces that occasionally overpower constructive forces. If we reach a point of unlimited control whose to say what will happen once these destructive forces take hold because they definitely will.

  • This would be the worst though, you’d just get ads everywhere you look “OnLy 3% Of PeOpLe CaN sOlVe ThIs”

  • This channel deserves 100 million subs

  • I think that before we can upload the mind we should first master AI, so we can learn to simulate consciousness.

  • The key question that's never addressed is not whether a mind can be copied, but whether your consciousness (from your own perspective, not the perspective of your copy) can be transferred to copy. It's a very different problem when we think about it this way. Instead of thinking about scanning every neuron and copying it, a process that makes more sense to me is to slowly augment or replace parts of the biological brain with artificial components which the biological brain can interface with. Overtime, these would be integrated into the consciousness process. Eventually, as more parts of the brain are replaced, I would intuitively say that the transfer of consciousness would be complete, and that the consciousness has indeed been transferred and not copied (of course someone might say I'm wrong and that point actually marks the completion of the copy well the original has been slowly dying and is finally dead). At that point, I would say the mind would be immortal so long as the state of consciousness is not extinguished. You can make many digital copies to back yourself up, but from my perspective, you would only live forever if your instance of consciousness can be moved to those copies. Of course I'm making huge assumptions. I'm going by the assumption that consciousness is basically an uninterrupted stream of signals. And if you were to completely shut off the stream, and reboot the brain, that would be a new consciousness born inside your brain. It would be you from everyone else's perspective, but not from your perspective. I'm probably missing something here because it seems so obvious to me, but I understand I'm naive and making assumptions about something very complex. Maybe consciousness operates very differently than what I imagine. E g., If every time we go to sleep and wake up, our current perspective is killed and we are reborn as new instance of ourselves, then I'm thinking about this wrong. But if copying ourselves is equivalent to uploading ourselves, I would start to question the nature of life itself, and so would everyone else who learned this. It would be potentially dangerous information as it would dramatically change people's priorities. If people started to believe that they, from their perspective, died when they went to sleep, they would shift their priorities. Maybe they would try to make the most of their tiny blink of lived experience for the benefit of those who come after ... or more likely, they would be exceptionally selfish. They would know that today is their only day to live, and they might refuse to go to sleep and go on a hedonistic bender, or if they're a psychopath they might be be extra emboldened to do horrible things, knowing that there will be no consequences for them because there will be no tomorrow for them. Okay, maybe some questions are better left unanswered. I'm a STEM person but clearly the philosophical questions are at the center of this discussion. The notion of true self immortality is very different from the notion of dying to be superseeded by a copy who gets to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I would love to see Kurzgesagt explore that side a bit more, as I believe I'm not the only person thinking "well, obviously the COPY is not me... but can I be uploaded?". Other than that, great video, as always!

  • are you talking about cpu brain integration?

  • I think the last guess makes the most sense. The fact our brains aren’t designed to last that long kind of deal so the digital copy would eventually take its own life at some point. Or reset/erase a lot of its memories to feel “young” again. Crazy to think about

  • Nothing is complicated but everything in this world is simple in its origin and secondly, food, clothing and money is not purpose of life , neither sleep is ...Neither love or hate is So a conscious soul out of body needs feel miserable and lonely if he/she don’t know even what is beyond the physical pleasures And if anyone releases it’s physical pleasure they don’t possess the love or hate so they don’t want the memories..

  • Humans cant upload your minds but a machine can

  • mikoshi