Birt 21 jún 2016
I made the world's largest Nerf gun to defend my honor.
Mike helped with the great drone shots-
Dani does prop work and made the gun look as amazing as it does- GatewayProps/

0:12- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
0:33- Time to be sad-
3:20- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
4:14- Birds Don’t Sing- TV Girl-

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  • This guy is beats physics and mechanics and took it to the nxt level

  • Ill giv eyou my grandma's rotting corpse for the gun

  • if watermelons take over the world we can use these weapons

  • they will be using these if any future wars happen LOL jk

  • Nerf but with artillery

  • I love giant Nerf gun it was owesone😆😆😆

  • “my niece and nephews bullied me with a laser pointer. so i made this.” *reveals a lightsaber

  • This Is My Favorite Video

  • I have that nerf gun

  • God and Jesus always

  • it is electrical right

  • Holy crap this guy has some old nerf guns

  • *Nerf grenade launcher*

  • 0:44 bottle go YEET

  • A H Y E S , C O M I C A L L Y L A R G E N E R F G U N , F U N N Y .

  • Not cool

  • i only want to see the reaction of the nieces and nepheq

  • My favourite part was when he build this not to get picked on at work.

  • I’m am Heavy Weapons Guy...and my weapon, she weighs 150 Kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per cost $400,000 to fire this weapon...for 12 seconds.

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  • But can it take k26

  • I'd love for a Giant Nerf Maverick

  • put in gunpowder

  • the coolest thing about this guy is he used to work with NASA

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  • Great video man

  • mark rober does what few can do, make science fun

  • 3:03 they look so uncomfortable 😂😂😂

  • Mark: This dart exits the gun at about 40 miles per hour. Also Mark: *shoots a kid with the same gun later in the video*

  • Imagine GunVsGun use that thing!

  • Best thing about it is it's much harder to lose the darts.

  • Imagine him carrying a bandolier of giant darts

  • Mark: invents huge Nerf Gun. Military: I will take your entire stock!

  • 0:46 omg lol I thought it was a mule kick perk bottle

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  • My dad just found this and now wants one to shoot at me

  • What happen when use the spear

  • It is all fun and games until you uncle pulls out a nerf cannon imagine if he got rid of the regyaltor

  • I dare you to make a full auto giant nerf gun like one of those fast shooting ones with a magazine

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  • Even when the bullets are massive you will still lose one

  • Ah yes a maverick rev-6 large

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  • You whish you have a big fan who can brack glass metales and plastic

  • This seems comparable to the Nerf missile launcher I had when I was a kid. It had to be taken away from me because of repeated property damage.

  • what a maverick

  • Worlds biggest nerf maverick rev-6

  • Just Remember: iT's nErf oR nOthiNg

  • Top 10 wepons baneed Wrom war

  • MEAN uncle... ain’t it COOL???

  • coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • God bless u ppl and have a good safe day guys:)

  • All Creatures Great and Small


  • Motar

  • Dude perfect wants to know your location

  • “Do Not modify Gun Or Bullets” yea it’s big brain time

  • This dude shot a bullet that breaks glass at his nephews and nieces lmao

  • they lower the psi for his neices and nephew obviously..shooting a projectile at someone that comes out at 40 mph would hurt or injure

  • Military troops: *sees a legendary nerf blaster* general this is the most of the powerful weapon 🔫

  • Dad:wanna go see uncle mark? Kids;YA Mark:you wanna have a watermelon party? Kids:YAH Mark:ok first lets see how to make a watermelon blaster! Kids:CaN wE jUsT eAt ThE wAtErMeLoN

  • Furry ww2

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  • Mark: Hey let's have a nurf gun fight! Kids: *finally uncle's being normal for ONCE* Mark: *sike* Comes out with massive nurf gun Kids:...Should have thought.

  • Lol can you drop one off at my house please

  • The the world largest BB gun but for safety make it shoot foam balls so you don’t kill someone

  • If the darts exit the blaster at 64 km/h, and if we convert that to fps, we get 58 feet per second which is less than the average modern nerf blaster (70 fps)

  • just snipe em

  • Kids: who are u ? Mark: Death

  • thats a big glock

  • It’s a grenade launcher with a giant handle

  • Bro when I was a kid I watched this please make more nerf gun videos

  • Blow them away with fun and games..till someone gets hurt!!!

  • 50 cal. SABOT rounds intesifies

  • You seemed so familiar, I thought of it, our class watched your bacteria video a month ago.

  • Meet the Demoman.

  • Me when I see my ex

  • Me looking at the nerf darts: wait is that a plunger?

  • Was the nephew ok?

  • Moral: Don’t mess with the nerd

  • @dudeperfect and him would be a nice vid

  • Never Lose a bullet again.

  • that looks like unspeakable gaming's old house ngl

  • does it have an n strike barrel attachment point?

  • Love this video, so funny!

  • LMAO

  • mark "so I don't get picked on" me BRUH IT CAN KILL SOMEONE

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  • Does it hurt?

  • Man I wish I worked at a place that had Nerf gun wars. In fact most coworkers barely tolerate each other.

  • Nobody: Mark: I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and THIS is my New Weapon.

  • I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon

  • 2:52 that kid got destroyed

  • 0:03 now that’s a lot of damage

  • “Or dude perfecting” i love this guy

  • Kids: I got a gun Mark: I got a bazooka

  • The kid didn’t survive that shot