The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (full film) | FRONTLINE

Birt 28 sep 2019
One year after the murder of columnist Jamal Khashoggi, FRONTLINE investigates the rise and rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia.
In a never before seen or heard conversation featured in the documentary, the Saudi Crown Prince addresses his role in Khashoggi’s murder exclusively to FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith. Smith, who has covered the Middle East for FRONTLINE for 20 years, examines MBS's vision for the future, his handling of dissent, and his relationship with the United States.

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  • I had my mom laughing, how are they going to blame the black dude( General). I was like we can’t get a break nowhere. “Lighting the mood”

  • Really good and informative, now I have to go reach more on the Crown Prince, that has the king locked in the Tower. When #45 said this is peanuts, for you. It felt like he was trying to sell the guy a used Gremlin.

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  • It's cause of the president we had at the time this happen

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  • The fact that this documentary says “the saudis may have infiltrated..” is beyond me. How can you dehumanize an entire nation based on the murder of one of them? You have been killing them for decades, by the hundreds

  • Wake up America!

  • The USA is currently depriving all of it's citizens of their most basic rights. It is shameful cowardice, and this documentary is like the kettle calling the pot black. Cowards are undeserving of liberty, and are in no position to criticize others. Now go mask up and hide under your beds, cowards.

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  • Saudi Arabia has a bright future as a mainstream tourist destination. Murdering their own citizens on the world stage is a great way to attract foreign visitors! If only COVID-19 would go away so I could book my flights already.

  • Kashoggi said.. I cant breath.. yet they didnt let him breath. .hmm I have heard something similar.... May be in USA

  • I think MBS is better than old guard.

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  • Documentary: Why attack a foreign country? Why are you committing atrocities inn a foreign land? He framed it like the war would be a quick and out thing.This conduct is shocking. Literally every country with American and European troops: Seriously?????

  • One of the best documentary Ever, thank you for showing the world the truth about the Saudi government and how they use the oil money to mask their crimes. I believe this documentary need to be shown in every country in this world. I sent it to my friends whom they live in the UK and it was blocked! Please allow the world to watch it and learn about the brutality that Saudi Arabia practice against humanity.

  • I seriously don't see any difference between any governments, they all do same shady shit to win.

  • So, MBS is a 'Nationalist' (23:00).....and Frontline and its globalist sponsors (CIA, etc.) are NOT. Everything's explained then...

  • This man is good...clearing out not on satanic pedofiles from SA but working w/the good generals-white hats to clear all evil from this earth.

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  • This is a beautiful and deep investigation documentary. It shown the rotten and sick act approve by goverments. The rotten not only approve by Saudi but by US and UN. Where were you lead this world if you pointed your self as Leader and how you answer your responsibilities before God?

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  • This guy is straight up dictator. How is he even in charge.

    • @Norma Valladares No Norma. Most Arabs are not loyal to their king or ruler like in North Korea. They're just completely terrified of him, that's all.

    • Are you serious? He’s in charge because of religious fanatics. A lot of people actually support this man. They believe it is his birth right.

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  • Arabs fighting Arabs ..... crazy 🤪

  • . Wow I've learned so much. America plays so much in this destruction. This is a lot to take in. I have to watch this in parts

  • As always money/power always gets away with murder. When will it be the day that powerful people receive judgment.

    • When justice will be served equally And same for all regardless of any power or position

    • The day of judgement will be that day

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  • I've always found it naive that people think they can change a dictatorship through democratic means? That just doesn't make sense?! It's like trying to win a war by not fighting or killing?! History has shown that the democratic nations of the West had won their democrcies through blood sweat and tears. By fighting their oppressors through war. Not by protests?! What makes all these other nations think that they can overturn repressive dictatorships through protest and civil disobedience?!

  • What happened to the girls in jail?



  • For Saudi Arabia to accuse anyone of terrorism is laughable at best. ALL OF THE 9/11 hijackers came from one country. Can you name the country?

  • Amazing information 💯

  • They catered to Trump? Every other President from the US catered to them. Big change.

  • Stop buying there oil 🛢 stop visiting Arab countries Stop doing all the investments and business and you'll see they'll soon be eating their own send

  • Can we all live in peace & not war...!!!

  • When Isreal and american is your sponor and friend this is how these regime fee embold and get the approval from monster like trump and isreal dictator carry out these act of brutality terrorism against human being

  • Better learn from paxitan how to kill opponents ( karima Baloch and thousands other) and still no one in the world asking them, no human right, nd this main journalist of this program, why he is not going to paxitan and doing human right with there. This world is big hypocrite.

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  • Suleimani killed by USA : It's ok. Iranian Nuclear scientists killed by Israhell : it's ok. Khashoggi killed by Saudi : it's horrible

  • A real and laked documentary.I appreciate it.

  • Charge MBS in the Intl Criminal Court. Freeze his assets and bring in a bone saw.

    • hahaha, no Saudi Prince or King will ever turn up before a infidel court. Neither will a president. Thus far. This "journalist" wrote a lot of bad things about the kings family. He had something coming, he must have known not to overstep the mark.

  • All despotic/repressive regimes have something in common... they all terrifed of their so called Rule falling apart so they resort to the most henius of crimes against humanity the likes of Communist China/North Korea/Egypt/Syria/Saudi Arabia and the list goes on & on.... but what these despotic so called Rulers fail to realise is surely sooner or later they'll have to meet with the Angels of Death & that's when the real most terrible of Punishment will start which is of the eternal Everlasting blazing Hell Fire as Promised by Allah Azawajal..... Supposedly with all these new sort of 'surveillance measures' the West is slowly but surely implementing is heading in this repressive/oppressive direction to say the least ...!!!!

  • And no word on China and their genocide, organ harvesting and persecution of Christians. Got it. Great job 👏

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  • If you believe the the CIA you are all fooled. The CIA has tried to take down so many countries even the USA stating so many lies they are part of the Deep State.

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  • Stunning documentary

  • Does anyone ever wonder why or how the media picks who to go after? What world leaders they decided to cancel and why.

    • @Ronnetta Bell I think they are prepared to destroy the dollar. We're going full globalist.

    • If it going to effect US $ , they are coming for you.

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  • Great documentary ! Poor Jamal ... nobody deserves an awful death like that.

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