Birt 28 feb 2021
Chelsea vs Manchester United Match Reaction Join in the match chat on our Man Utd live stream as they take on Chelsea in the Premier League. PLAYER RATINGS
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  • Headless Dan mcgeedy

  • Playera that dont have MANUNITED quality: FRED, mctominay , JAMES, LINDELOF. we already take off fellaini Dalot and pereira let’s take out now this others


  • Bruno went missing in a big game look at his top 6 stats

    • ole is a coward when it comes to big games we havent won any game against the big five

  • Playera that dont have MANUNITED quality: FRED, mctominay , JAMES, LINDELOF. we already take off fellaini Dalot and pereira let’s take out now this others

  • 3:17:20 Mark loses it

    • maradonna re incarnated not sure what the ref is doing there

  • Youre sacked, youre fired

    • Lmao I think Bruno penandes should to better in big games😂😂😭

  • 2:55:46

    • Dan James is no Mason Mount


  • Nearly there mark at the magic 1M 🌟 I have been subbed since 2k and yes I feel proud to see how this channel has grown 👏

  • If the rat had a bad game, you do. Too dependant on him, never works.

  • If the answer is 12 points, what is the question

  • 12 points, in case you missed it🖕

    • @Cornflex I only speak facts

    • @Dko069 is that the only thing y’all got say about city? Lol

    • Ur plastic

  • 12 points, that is all🖕

  • Bruno missing again

  • All the Premier League managers in the comments section!

  • Manchester mCsecond is overachieved lmao :D Bruno should of partnered kdb : D

  • McFred lmao :D

  • maradonna re incarnated not sure what the ref is doing there

  • ole is a coward when it comes to big games we havent won any game against the big five

  • Lmao I think Bruno penandes should to better in big games😂😂😭

    • Dude looks like martial at 10 💀

    • Imagine going to a teams channel u don't even support. Get a life m8

    • Learn how to spell mate

  • Dan James is no Mason Mount

  • Headless Dan mcgeedy

  • 1:31:06 Seb’s a legend.

  • 3:17:46

  • Love to see United getting sweet karma with var, remember when azpi was choke slammed by maguire ?

  • Ole is the luckiest manager I have ever seen. We don’t deserve to be in the top 4. He is lucky that every other top 6 team besides City have dropped points. He should have been sacked by now. Time for everyone to realize he needs to go. Not only that his team is super boring to watch. It’s dreadful.

    • @LEXION Embarrassing that he still has a job. He is completely out of his depth.

    • His win rate in the EPL is roughly 50%. Terrible !

  • When you look on are bench you need someone to come in and have an impact you have Martial who is not in form, so we need to sign a attacking player

  • Hudson adoi it was no handball his hand wasn’t out he tried to hold Greenwood off

  • Bruno went missing in a big game look at his top 6 stats

    • @h mulla12 Because we play defensively against the big 6

    • @Bilal Ahmed "in the prem"

    • Like against Liverpool?

  • We need to put all our energy into getting the glazers out and exposed we will never win a title with them owning this club

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully we need the glazers to go and get a new takeover

  • Time stamps Your welcome 😊

  • Rashford is a fabulous player, blistering pace and dynamic shooting ability,....BUT,... like Martial, he lacks a winning mentality. The game was there for winning by either side,..Rashford should have been terrorizing their defence in the later stages...but no,...seconds to go and he's happy to push the ball back to defenders....

  • Freestyle FC😡🤔

  • Bruno played worst than Ziyech put no one will stay it

  • There's no tactics

  • 1:44:14 for VAR check and obvious penalty not given reaction

  • Bruno should be called Moanendes not Penandes. whiny af.

  • Remember when deluded united fans thought they were in a title race? LMAO

    • 20 times my friend the most in English football history 🥳

    • Didnt even think they were in a title race, they thought it was wrapped up.

    • @0_0 yep, I agree, they of course can say themselves is in a title race, but some said they are winning the league this season is a bit stupid

    • @swag lad idk, they were first for a while after christmas and only recently city made the gap, so i think they can say it, but who won it is the other thing

    • @0_0 they just weren't Only united fans thought they were

  • U deserve that no pen call cos of the maguire one at OT stop crying m8

    • @qais Ahmed we deserve the draw we’re practically feeling how you felt at that time

    • @Minecraft Villager still tho

    • That’s what 6 months ago

  • solskjaer isn't good enough going on a good run for a few games than back to the same old for months no consistency at all

  • Anyone got the brilliant Dea Gea save? From Ziyech

  • Whaaa haaa haaaaaa a, another failed attempt by boring, boring Man United. Karma me think 😉

  • U know ole isn't good enough for united, so why u didn't say ole out? Be honest, Mark. I m totally agreed with all ur opinion, suggestion and so on except one thing, "I'm not ole out'.

  • Your an embersment to the great English game

  • Thank god we don't see to many matches involving UTD we would be slashing our wrists

  • What a shame you all can't blame and abuse maguire


  • Unaited never wins anything with ole, everyone knows if but he is left ?????

  • Jesus OMG if you're the second best team than I give up watching football

  • I have never ever ever ever and ever seen that fraud Ole make a sub arnd the 60 minute mark. Not even once. Its always 70 or 80 or even 90. I believe we had enough on that bench to at least TRY to win this match. We can never win anything meaningful with ole. Its the blunt Truth

  • I love how people bother to watch us against the top 4-6.. Ole is such a coward against decent teams

  • Sack ole now. He is clueless. Its showed brightly that his tactics is limited by doing only one substitution. We shouldn't be as a united's manager

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully he deserves to be in the job until may. Even though his tactics are painful we’re still 2nd.

    • @Minecraft Villager ya, u r right Bro.

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully we aren’t in arsenals position we’re like what 12 points ahead of them

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully the thing is we’re acting like we’re in arsenals position. We’re 2nd place. Of course it’s nothing to celebrate like a trophy especially before the last 10 years but I respect your opinion

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully completely different situation tk psg and Chelsea. Chelsea were doing awful and was gunna miss out on top 4 so they sacked lampard. And everyone says tuchel getting sacked was unfair and its not like poccetino is doing well. He's like 3rd of 4th in the French league😂. Why would united sack ole when they are 2nd in the league, is in the europa league, is in the fa cup.

  • far in from City

  • We should of had a pen in the reverse fixture 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Dean Henderson needs to be sold

  • Gg

  • several rows of zeros

  • no pen no bruno crap in big games

  • Ole shud have rested key players at europa last game , you need to be strong ole. if he did . we could have won.

  • Do we have the players to play attacking against the top 6? I think people are deluded to think these set of players are any where near the level required. Ole is a magician to get anything out of this game. Look at the quality of chelsea. In form. We are not at their level. but we still got the draw. I would of took the draw at the start of the game TBH

  • How and Why is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still manager at Manchester United? All I ever see are these meaningless unbeaten runs albeit with a huge proportion of draws that amount to as many points dropped as half-a-dozen losses, and too which end as soon as the pressure is cranked up. Then they wilt and the excuses start. How blind and deluded do you have to be to not realise we are going nowhere fast under this risk averse manager. The Possibility of Top 4 is his ABSOLUTE ceiling. The board at United are obviously not serious about winning anything.

  • The handbrake on the buses we drove to chelsea today were definitely not Chinese made imo. If we"ve made so much "progress", how are these buses different from those driven by Mourinho/Van gal ?

    • Idk we pressed them higher up the pitch and overall we played better than chelsea

    • Our CBs ain’t good enough to let loose the brake

    • Can't really blame ole tho, we have seen what happens when we play expansive football, Maguire and lindelof both drop a disaster class and they get exposed evrytime on the counter

  • What a load of crap.

  • Last season we beat every single top 6 team apart from Liverpool this season we can’t beat any

    • true because that was ole's cowardly tactics to not get embarased again after 6-1 but we're yet to face city,liverpool,tottenham & leicester lets see what will happen and i think another thing that was missing is pogba & cavani

    • Yeah coz we wanted to challenge for top spot so we needed to be more defensively more tight plus the forward line remains almost the same without cavani as it was last year. We need a good transfer window for becoming champions again a no9 , a centre back and a good right winger will do the trick.

  • @the united stand Mark this is why you are harsh on Ole in my opinion. Ole has not been backed in the transfer market, it makes it very difficult for him to make changes that can affect a game. You said it yourself during this video about how good chelsea's bench is, united dont have that. Yes you can argue tactially he could change things, but even that is harsh because you need players to do that. Chelsea didnt change their system but they had players who could change the game from the bench. That is the difference. It all comes down to the glazers and woodward.

  • Bruno terrible as usual in a big game. Statpadder at best

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully U are joking

    • Portuguese ozil

    • what can bruno do when hes fellow attackers and midfeilders cant do anything?use your brain you stupid hater

    • The players around him make him look bad

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully fred did good today wdym

  • Ole should have sub James. What was he thinking

  • ‪We have a pe teacher who picks the wrong team and doesn’t even know our best XI. He doesn’t make subs, without pogba we have no creativity in midfield, what do you expect Bruno to do everything one man?🙁😤😤‬

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully any top player will turn up bruno is only a pen man

    • shreyas chaudhary kdb turns up for the big games unlike bruno

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully exactly!! Individual brilliance of a few players saves this manager everytime!!

    • Hello Sancho uncle😆😂

    • It's funny how you blame the manager when the manager shouldn't be taking any blame for this performance because he played a strong team and its on the players to get the result so where the blame here. Our attack is a big issue and it's just as big of an issue as our defence. We need to get haaland in the summer to fix this attack because haaland has a quicker reaction in final third then rashford and martial and unlike those two he knows how to score and not shoot it to the goalkeeper. Rashford shot more balls to goalkeepers then in the net.

  • I don't know why but I'm disappointed with ole.hes a good guy but he definitely needs to step up.just buy that guy what he wants so he can win something

  • 😂😂

    • How are u happy your still behind west ham

    • 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

    • Lool how r u happy with a 0-0 draw fam🤣

  • yawn of a game

  • Timestamps-........... Piss of very frustrated manh we had made so many chances ffs leave it

  • Timestamp anyone 😆

  • Rashford, Martial, Fred, Pogba, James, Lindelof, Mguire, all need to go. Just not cutting it!

  • 1:45:09 Penalty reaction NO GOALS AGAIN 😭

    • Would have been a fucking farce had that been given. Respect to Stuart Attwell.

    • That’s why I have came for. Thanks man )

  • First

  • Mc tominay and fred can’t pass a bloody parcel

    • It’s honestly so painful

  • seriously i dont know how people back this manger absolutely useless no difference between Mourinho football, at least mourinho had better tactics..

    • 🚫OLE OUT🚫

    • @KhabibCherrypicking WeightBully Chelsea were tired from there tough fixture w Atletico this week.. we had a chance of winning this one but we choked

    • Only come here to see the plastics moaning every time we don’t win a game 🤣🤣🤣

    • @DanB 😆😆😆😆

    • Thanks for the highlights 👍

  • Timestamps Hope you have a good day👍

    • @Jameel Far nah you only get half the rage then

    • @Luke Wlsn its actually 1:45:19

    • @Luke Wlsn 👌🏾

    • 1:45:09

    • Summed it up perfectly mate