How I Fixed My Balding (One Year After Surgery)

Birt 18 nóv 2020
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The moment you've all been waiting for! One year later, Zach's official hair restoration transformation is here! See the results from his surgery that aimed to reverse balding!
*Disclaimer: This video was filmed a few months ago, when COVID cases were low and all parties on set tested negative for COVID-19 before beginning filming
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  • Imagine you added more hair to the front of your head how much nicer it would look :) A full head of hair not just thinned planted area ;0

  • I don’t think the doctor is completely honest about the true affects of Finasteride. I was considering taking it, but many of the affect will occur long term and there’s many clinical studies showing how they can in some cases be fatal. Losing hair is scary but I think being able to live is less scary. I’d rather be healthy and alive than unhealthy and have hair. Again I’ve done lots and lots of research on this topic. I was at one point going to get this pill but I’m very glad to say I never did. Happy for his results but don’t agree with the pill

  • damn i wish i had any sort of way to afford this, or friends that would support me through this process like this guy has... jelly af ;(

  • I'm doing this

  • That's the biggest part of the Hair Rest. Surgery - The Realization At one point you understand you are much more substance than your hairs.

  • Loving the confidence boost

  • The best look, and also the cheapest, would be to just shave it all off.

  • Transplant turned out great but would still look better buzzed

  • Dude congrats for your new look you look great but Search for tamer husny's hear transformation . I think there could be better results for you man idk

  • Not for nothing bro but in my opening he should go to a black barber or Dominican to get him right

  • Been taking propecia for over 30 years and NEVER had an effect on my sex life..EVER. Stopped my balding in its tracks.

  • No impressed.. :(

  • I dont watch try guys often, he looks way better than the last time I saw him.

  • 💕

  • That haircut was unnecessary idk😕

  • How do you screw up finding a photo of Bruce Willis?

  • I am so sorry David - but Zach you need a different hairdresser. I think David Dang is an absolutely lovely guy who is great at STYLING hair but he has not got great skills at CUTTING hair. I have read that that the training for haircutting is pretty mediocre in some towns and cities in the USA. David - if you're reading this I would recommend going to London for hair cutting up-skilling as the academies in London employ the best Hairdressers from all over the world and you deserve to have amazing hair-cutting skill as well as incredible hair styling skills.

  • We have all been waiting a year to see how it turned out; and now seeing how happy you are, and the results, too?! Totally worth the wait.

  • It’s not even just the hair he just seems so confident now. Not that he wasn’t before but even more so and fully happy!

  • So.... the results are not just from the hair transplant but also from taking daily oral medication.

  • How much was the procedure?

  • You look not so great, just... ok, was more like autosuggestion.

  • It's cool to see this stuff normalized for guys, and it has the side benefit of making things easier for women too. I'm lucky enough to have incredible genetics, but almost everyone I know isn't so lucky, and it's virtually ubiquitous for men to have insecurities about their hair.

  • Not a great transplant to be honest, but hes happier so thats what matters, however I would suggest he got a new hairdresser...

  • 4:38 What's the point of the surgery then if I still have to take finasteride drugs just to maintain the hair and run the risk of not being able to satisfy my wife?

  • "zac had no style" says the guy wearing a denim shirt with a denim vest

  • how much does something like that cost

  • What was the name of the medicine called ?..... Im going balled lol. ... For real name please

  • You should of included Johnny Sins when mentioning bald characters lol

  • Still bald bro.

  • Aww that melancholy feeling he was having right after was him becoming self conscious about what other would think and how that made him felt.

  • The body is interesting isn't it. He has a hairy body and could grow a full on beard, but his hair on his hair say, ciao cacao.

  • Wait... Can you actually get a sleeve tattoo that'll only last 5 years? I bet the fade-out would probably look bad though...

  • As a person who had a breast reduction due to back problems, I related to this SO much, especially in the moment when Zach talked about feeling melancholy after the procedure. I just thought something was wrong with me to feel depressed after CHOOSING to have a procedure. I felt like I had betrayed my body by not accepting it the way it was, and I had this weird body-horror feeling like I was some Frankenstein thing and like my chest wasn't mine. I still feel like that - I have numbness and scarring that reminds me of it daily - but for some reason, I never realized how normal it is to feel like that. Zach sharing his hair journey was really eye-opening for me.

  • ...Oh my... There is hope.

  • Only reason he doesn’t think he looks good bald is because he’s scrawny. Notice how everyone he mention that was bald wasn’t a skinny gay man.

  • Still looks like he’s balding 😂

  • Regardless of his hair, Zach seems like a super nice guy..!

  • Just shave it boys, its not that bad. Its freeing

  • Just shave it boys, its not that bad. Its freeing

  • Thanks

  • So when he’s older and goes completely bald. He’s gonna have black tats on his head?

  • How much does this cost???

  • It sucks that zach went to get his hair transplant with doctors that aren't the best and that if had done some research he could have gotten a better result. He would need 2 more hair transplants to get a good looking result. But it is good that he tried to get fixed and takes alot to put on video and talk about hair loss.

  • I feel like the way he styles his hair makes him look balder, it's pushed to the side and looks like a toupee. He looked really good when the barber surgeons cut his hair really short. Zach is handsome with great skin and such a nice shaped head. He should keep his hair short!

  • Damn he looks damn good best decision he’s made he looks 18 all over again

  • it still looks like he’s going bald. he needs it again to make it thicker.

  • But what's the average cost for this procedure.?

  • You use chemicals after surgery lmao There was no need for surgery to begin with if you're g asking finasteride

  • Tf was that haircut

  • i think semi-bald zach at 6:47 looks good to me :o

  • They need to fire that hair stylist!

  • I wonder if they could have took some of the body hair to replace the ones on his head

  • He’s like the only person on ISchats to not have good results.

  • U look great!!

  • Father Time is undefeated. You can run, but time will always catch up to you.

    • Okay so reminding all of us that we’re just gonna die someday, great vibes 😌

  • to guys in here considering finasteride, be careful reading up on forums and such about it. remember that many men that take it are fine and dont go online posting about it. there are also unfortunately lots of people who arent well on those forums, as well as some just plain bitter people. best thing to do, as with any medicine, is speak to your doctor.

  • Could they harvest hair from the chest???

  • My question is when do you stop taking the pills?

  • Johnny Sins

  • Zack, change is good. You have to be happy with yourself and if your not it effects your everything.

  • Damnnn stylist gonna do him like that

  • Maybe he should of tried working out, eating right, and maybe shaving his body hair and then see how insecure he was then try the permanent surgery. Looks good tho

  • I felt the same but organic treatment saved me 💗

  • He got scammed. He had a hair transplant too early on and they pulled the donor hairs from too high on his head. Those will die off.

  • bro get your money back and ur not a good act soz

  • I'm sorry but that hair stylist st the end effed up his hair with that bad cut. WTH IS THAT? 😆🤣

  • I don't see any difference

  • He should’ve just shaved his head. Now he just looks like he’s a balding dude.

  • Ok, but the reality is he still look likes he’s balding and doesn’t have great hair. This is very LA, everyone’s telling you you look great when there’s barely any difference. The best transformations I’ve seen on men have all been in London on men opting for the latest technology in semi-permanent hair pieces at places where they do amazing styling and superb cuts.

  • are you two lovers?

  • He needs more hair in the front. Bring the hairline down more...

  • I still see a comb over 🤔

  • How much did it cost?

  • 2 weeks in from my surgery, I'm happy with the progress so far except for the swollen face feeling for a few days as well ☺

  • Me: oh his hair looks so good :D it would look so great fluffy! Hairstylist: *cuts it all off* Me: D:

  • How much is the procedure ?

  • Zach is literally the most wholesome guy on this planet

  • Style 2 looks amazing on you

  • Looks good I’m not so crazy about the sides buzzed off

  • Can someone tell me how much he payed for that

  • Zach is such a genuinely nice person. Sending loveee

  • The Zach package awww

  • He went from a 9 to a 10. Good job!

  • Still looks like you're balding.

  • I like seeing Zach in videos where he's actually being genuine and open, instead of turning everything into a goofy joke, like that's the confidence at work

  • Anyways use minoxidil , that will help to make it even better

  • Those guys you showed as examples of guys rocking their baldness are masculine, and macho. No disrespect intended, but a gym membership and a bit of bass in your voice would have been a way better, and more economical solution. Sincerely, if you were my son I'd say, "lose the glasses, grow a beard, stop wearing t-shirts and hoodies. You're not 6. Don't advertise your insecurities for the whole world, and don't resort to unnecessary surgery and drugs for superficial crap like hair. Again, this isn't meant as an attack. You're a nice looking kid, but you scream, "I've have no confidence, and no idea what being an attractive man is." Build your mind, body, character without extreme choices.

  • You look very, very thin...Like a little Kid. o.O No Muscles. Do something for your body and not just for your hair. After all, the balance should harmonize, shouldn't it?

  • But... the people want to know: how much was it!? How many grafts did you use and what was the cost per graft. Does the machine cost more than a doctor doing it himself?

  • His hair looks great when he's sitting in the chair going over how his old hair looked, completely different from the picture(s) on the tablet. After the stylist got done...he just re-thinned his hair in the front and exposes the thinned/white spots he was insecure about.

  • No big change, waste of Money

  • Don’t let him style or trim your hair. It looked way better... Before he savaged it all away :(

  • You are so bold...despite ur transplant..Sorry

  • Is it just me or he looks the same bald as before surgery?

  • What was the cost?

  • A second procedure would make it look great

  • are hair pills lifelong?

  • Young Larry David

  • cdawgva liked this video.