5 Valentines Dates For 5 Brothers

Birt 12 feb 2021
It's Valentine's Day 2021 and we are super single so I hope you like this funny video!
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Alesandra (Micah's Valentine's Date)
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Aislinn (Elijah's Valentine's Date)
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Kaley (Josiah's Valentine's Date)
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  • You should make a song called “I just love pink”

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  • I am6 years oldok

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  • Brother anyway I was just sold my car is off of ninja will you show my cards are that

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  • Judah wants to propose lol


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  • He :next time we are the girls what do we do Judah? Judah on one knee with a ring box in his hands Evryone: No no no Lol

  • Any indian

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  • Put your hand down

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  • Jocelyn you where supposed to ask for $100,000,000 dollars from him!!

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  • Daniel fights david

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  • they can make jokes that's it.

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  • 6:38 “I owe that kid 20 bucks” *doesnt even care that he got a valentines date. Just cares that he owes 20 bucks to a baby*

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