Jordan Belfort: American Greed's Biggest Cons

Birt 24 júl 2020
Jordan Belfort ran a rock ‘n roll brokerage firm and got caught cheating. In 2013 his story became a hit film based on his exploits. Now he’s back with a surprising update. American Greed: Biggest Cons "The Real Wolf Of Wall Street" premieres MONDAY at 10P ET on CNBC.
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About American Greed: Discover multi-million dollar scams that build unimaginable wealth. Go to places where devious frauds feed deviant desires. And witness the fatal flaws that bring criminals to justice.
American Greed takes you deep inside shocking true stories of brazen con artists who thrive on stealing fortunes, ruining and even taking lives. In-depth reporting exposes the devastating effects greed has on victims-, bringing you up -close to heartless villains living large on other people’s life savings. How do these crooked masterminds defraud the wealthy, rip off their own families, and scam their friends?
On American Greed crime pays well, until the crooks get caught.
Some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY….with evil like this, no one is safe.
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Jordan Belfort: American Greed's Biggest Cons


  • God, this stupid wasp blond chick doesn't know what's she's talking about! I call her "The Cobra" because of that little head move after each teleprompter statement

  • #eattherich

  • You become a cheater only if you fail, if you cheat and win then you’re savvy

  • Oh sweetie, that green dress is all wrong. Yikes.

  • Idc if he’s a con artist he made a great movie

  • Learn how to calculate your Net Worth!

  • I'm pretty sure there have been bigger cons in the last few years. Let the guy live

  • So Jordan has a right to sue? The reporters literally just admitted Red Granite received funding from dirty money

  • How can I watch the full program?

  • Jho Low makes JD look like a toy poodle not wolf of Wall Street 🤣

  • Fun Fact: the Narrator is actually Michael Keach

  • only in america

  • Ashley Cullins is legit hot 🔥🔥🔥

  • I guess crime DOES pay.

  • It doesn’t matter how good you get, always remember that there’s an asian dude out there doing it 10x better than you. Hahahaha

    • Why an Asian

    • Usually an Asian less than half your age as as well

  • Next on american greed Dan Bilzerian Ignite Stock will go to ZERO! corona virus exposed all the weak companies.

  • Lol Jordan is now still a very successful mentor, CNBC trying to create drama or what? Let the man do his business, he paid the price now he's legit.

    • JQuery lol he still owes his victims over 100 million dollars. Dude is far from legit...

  • We’re gonna ignore the all seeing eye at 4:48 ? Hmmmm

    • Wtf they knew exactly what they were doing

  • The biggest cons used the laws to legalize there scams. Offshore accounts, shell companies, etc. Panama papers show us.

  • The narrator sounds like the warden from the show, prison break.

  • The movie was financed by a fraudulent holdings company Jynwel Capital in which Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak put up tax payers dollars into a fund that blew it on hookers, blow and degeneracy.

  • So many people destroy promising careers just to satisfy their greed and ego.

  • Sociopath

  • Not J-Lo!!! Wait wrong one

  • the fact that he duped multi millionaires and people with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the market to put their entire life savings into penny stocks shows you the mindset of the middle aged american, the get rich quick mindset, the fear of missing out mindset, the list goes on

    • Of course. It’s survival of the fittest in the US, even when ur making a decent paycheck you’re not gonna be afloat if the economy changes. Especially with covid how many family do u think are going to be in poverty since some of them settled for less than what they should get paid for? some didn’t have a choice sure but some did have a choice to excel and provide more for their family, and I feel like the people who had no choice needs to get help.

  • JP SLP is fuego

  • 22 Months wtf. He had some good attorneys

    • @Grace Munich lmao let's see their other charges while we're at it and depending what state you live in

    • @Grace Munich you sound like a typical victim lmao

    • his friends probably liked him so much they bailed him out

  • Hatchet job. You’re saying it’s ironic that he’s filing a suit for people scamming him because he had scammed people before. You guys are unbelievable

    • Exactly. They’re making out like Belfort is scamming them. Ridiculous

  • Good news is that if he wins he can pay off his investors he owed money to in full!

  • I didn’t know if your a criminal you can file lawsuit that’s the first to me I thought you don’t have rights if your a felon

    • They have more rights than the free

  • Karma's a biach!

  • Jordan needs to write a new book and a new movie about all this 😂

    • ?:? he already wrote a book you moron

    • @?:? he still rich

    • no writing a book is too hard. Jordan wants quick easy money, suing people, or scamming others is his style.

  • And to think the former Malaysian prime minister was found guilty TODAY lol

  • Jordan Belfort is the greatest scam artist in America

  • When the Wolf cries Wolf.

  • Hollywood is sickening.

  • He should add this to his ISchats video

  • Lol CNBC? You guys promote fear. Jordan Belforts straight line is gold. Put some respect on his name!

    • exactly, Jordan is a genius

  • The whole malaysian thing is on Netflix, joe low is a party animal ! The series is dirty money, its pretty interesting.

    • It’s Season 2 episode 2. Google would have told you the same thing by searching the phrase “dirty money Malaysia”

    • ap23z ok what season and episode is the Malaysian one and how long is it? I am in the UK is it available on the UK Netflix?

    • What’s the episode called?

    • ap23z Thanks buddy

    • A1BELLS it’s called Dirty Money... each episode is on a different scam. The most recent season covered Malaysian scam

  • Hushpuppy look up to him as kid , lol

  • Cabal is worse... We see you clearly NWO..... Keep using cash folks! So glad and happy that more and more folks are awakening to the evil sham being caused by a small group of self entitled despots! Plandemic. Scamdemic. CV = cabal FAKE bio-weapon. 911= cabal "pearl harbor" type galvanizing attack per PNAC. We have a criminal, corrupt, immoral and deceitful monetary system. It is astounding that we continue to allow central banks and the fed to exist. They have always been a secretive, crooked and in equitable operation. There is overwhelming evidence we've been lied to and deceived for millennia on a grand scale about almost everything by a group of greedy, dysfunctional, entitled, "elites," 13 families, council of 300 et al. A huge tapestry of deceit, greed & secrecy, to control and keep the true nature of humanity from ourselves, our history, true origin, destroy our pineal gland and keep us tied to debt, cause constant wars, confusion and tension for them to get more wealth, control and power over us until we and our descendants are eternally enslaved in this NWO Luciferian web. From the Annunaki, Adamu, even our redacted, edited and corrupt bible, nibiru, monoatomic gold, religion, wars, Lincoln, Jackson, Garfield, JFK, the federal reserve, USS Liberty, giant skeletons, abduction/disappearances, pedophilia, PNAC, COFR, Tri Lat Comm to 911 and now the war on "terror." The best way we can support our troops is by bringing them home now. Let's stop battling enemies of the fed and start helping folks and create heaven on earth as we should. Let's KRUSH da kabal!

  • Narrator speaks like he is eating marshmallows with ice cream on it 🤣

    • 😂😂😂

    • @Allie Remember him in Mike Hammer?

    • Stacy Keech, actor who served jail time for pot back in the day. He also was born with a cleft pallet.

    • This is the funniest comment I've read in a while

    • That’s how Bane talks too lol

  • Nikola...Trevor milton

  • 06:05 "vip swagger" 😂😂😂 yeah, okay

  • This guy was a genius. Whether he used it for good or not... That fact Can't be denied

  • 22 months for $200+ million dollar scam.....3-5 years in jail for weed 🤔 America is made for scammers.

    • @Gurinder Singh people like then went on to do anything to earn money which ultimately becomes fraud

    • Nievas so many people wont realize this the amount of info that he gave saved government decades without it he would have been at least 20 years in jail

    • Unbelievable

    • He had to snitch on everyone else to get his sentence lowered. A trade the government will always take

    • 22months is literally unacceptable, and weed should be legal

  • Jane wells lol that’s the lady that did the classic interview with Conor mcgregor and Nate Diaz

  • That was over 30 years ago. You guys keep holding on to his mistakes. Nobody is perfect. He’s a badass closer though. His straight line material is very useful if you want to improve your closing.

    • Yeah 100 million dollars. Crazy

    • It was over 30 years ago. He still owes 100mill to the people he ripped off. Thats probably why they still talk about it

  • Didn't know I funded small part of wolf of wall street

  • Redemption of a self fulfilling prophecy, I root for him