I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)

Birt 2 apr 2021
In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES & INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!
Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
"Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  • Why you don't want to show your fac

  • Slime farm Build a big trampoline Water elevator depth level 3/4 to height level max / pointless and usable / With glass. / first in hardcore, I think,

  • Couldn’t you just cover everything in lava

  • ive been watching this guy for like a week now im hooked on his videos i love his content so i subscribed but im not saying im apart of the wah wah army lmao

  • I dunno if u will see this WadZee but I think if you stand near with ur looting sword as they die it applies the affect 100% sure this works on Bedrock but I dunno about java Hope this helps😁

  • omg poor wadzee

  • It would be cool if you added an auto sorter for the stone swords which then leads to a burning system

  • Why did you cover the nether in stone slabs?

  • Hey you copied SB737 videos

  • Me doing this: I a blow up the bastion

  • Does anyone know what song he uses In his intro?

  • Wadzee mate, where did you go?

  • can you try to see how many withers you can handle at once? just to spice up things, making it more challanging hehe

  • Pewdipie : I have the best melon farm Lazarbeam : I am going to wreck this man's whole career Wadzee : bitches please

  • هل يوجد أحد عربي هنا

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  • When you're feeling so creative so you name your piglin "Poglin".

  • WadZee: *Finds Pigstep disc* Me: I'm ready for it, Lena!

  • covering the fortress is litterally what it feels like to build a hellbridge in terraria, THERE'S MOBS EVERYWHERE

  • you do all that work to put the slabs down to just dig them up again

  • Omg how much real hours do you spend for this? Hahahahaha love u man

  • #HARDCOREIDEA-I suggest trying to make a XP farm of every single mob except for flying mobs such as phantoms and bees. Please make a video for it. Thanks WadZee!! #WahWahArmy

  • Imagine if his netherite mine vas there

  • little does he know, pigstep is copyrighted

  • I thougt you were going to say " And the Most important Whiter skulls" 😅

  • 0:11 you mean infinite wither skeleton skulls.

  • U even hv caka farm

  • He gained 150 thousand subs in 2 weeks

  • Did you really use Reynard beach soundtrack from Air Rivals on on the video?? Lol... I know that song.

  • Next up witch farm for infinite Redstone

  • Does this work on xbox?

  • Bro I got an ad in how to distance yourself from computers and stuff while watching a video on a computer. what is ISchats thinking?

  • you should make a new world evenyually!

  • WadZee in 2050: I built a netherite farm

  • Yay coal 😐

  • Wadzee: Does't make a blaze farm in hardcore minecraft Also Wadzee: Makes a blaze farm in Nightmare difficulty in hardcore

  • i hate elsa

  • I am an Indian

  • Plant 300 instead

  • can i have the seed to your world please?

  • Why don,t you just pour lava on that area insted of putting slab

  • every minecraft youtuber:loses half a heart him:ohh my god i almost died oh my god

  • Music is ,I think should be changed

  • Him happy to find 2 acient debris in a chest but got over 5000 for a beacon. lmaooo

  • Precaution:No slabs were harmed in the making of this video

  • Good work man shhhhyyyyyyssss

  • Do you play bed wars

  • i think you can explode bastion

  • Wadzee build a big castle

  • imagine if 1.17 has a patch where mobs can spawn on slabs now LOL

  • bru where is shoutout machine

  • What if you tare down the bastion...?

  • Every time I see “loading” effect i do a pushup... Okay so I’ve done 93 pushups

  • every mistake with wadzee would be disastrous

  • 25:39, What's the name of the song?

  • Anyone else notice the nether is pig hell?

  • Do a wither farm

  • Yo someone give me a seed for my new bedrock survival .

    • -2076244187

  • vid idea i made 100 name tags for my dogs


  • Don't let technoblade see this

  • now just get a auto clicker and set it to click about every 800 milliseconds then use your looting sword then bam so much more loot

  • i don't think I have ever seen a dog that's sitting in a minecart

  • The real title should be: "making the nether look lie a snow biome then making a Wither Skeleton Farm"

  • If u enjoyed watching me place slabs, please consider suscribing, it's free and u can always unsubscribe. Enjoy the video

  • How much melons does WasZee have?

  • Kann you transform a bastion into something cool? Pls?

  • it works with button too

  • notice how he hasnt built a regular mob farm yet

    • if you mean with zombies skeletons spiders and creepers theres not much of a need

  • jesus, you chose to slab everything on your wither skelly farm... i chose to mine out a square 128 by 128, bedrock to bedrock... i regret everything

  • How does he get so many melon seeds?

  • You sound like a barber. A bit of slabs there, here, over here as well.

  • Good farm, thanks for sharing. But laying cobblestone slabs is not that interesting mate. Had to skipped half of your video. little tip for the next time :-)

  • Now redstone farm, for the memes

  • Plz make a raid farm For unlimited emaralds and totems

  • 26:00 someone tell me what that song is called lol

  • cant believe you actually did that!

  • I believe he used Flight of the Bumblebee on the start, Nice! :)

  • e

  • Ngl I want to download his map (if u finish the series can u make that we can download ur map)

  • Poglin


  • Warzone Minecraft edition

  • I enjoy his episodes when he suffers (JK)

  • Now you need to build a auto wither killing farm and make a beacon house. Or a beacon tower in the city.

  • pigstep is a copyrighted song smh

  • The slabs.....PAINFULLLL.

  • U made a new dimension where its peace lol

  • Just tell me when is he getting a pass to dream smp by tommy

  • As long as you hold a looting sword the looting effect will happen if the mob was killed because of the player (tridents, arrows, dogs or the player attacking it)

  • Next thing you know he makes an infinite diamond farm

  • Awesome work but woudnt it be better if you just bkew up the whole bastion with tnt??

  • Sheesh

  • U should join Hermitcraft

  • "...is to build this fu-" *ad interrupts and gives me a heart attack because I thought wadzee swore*

    • You must be 8

  • the dedication tho

  • To bad there is no diamond farm

  • Make a raid farm just don’t end up like Dan tdm

  • all the slabs on the ground look kinda like ash which kinda fits in with the nether

  • Does anyone know how rare a pigmen baby spawning on a chicken in the nether is??