We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker

Birt 24 jan 2021
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Inspired and intrigued by Disney's latest visual effects surprise in "The Mandalorian" season 2, Niko and the crew decide to take their own shot at bringing young Luke Skywalker back to the Star Wars universe.
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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile or PC: clik.cc/MrfQ0 and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days!

    • Yes

    • It would be cool to have Mark Hamill to do it. Send him the video? How could he say no?

    • Zillow tajh7

    • Nah, this game is all spam and is getting annoying as shit

    • It's almost perfect. There is a light patch on his forehead and the eye movement before the "he wants your permission" was kind of strange. But overall it's better than the original. Good job

  • Honestly this looks ways better than Disney’s version

  • Not gonna lie, your tom cruise deep fake sizzle reel looked like shit as well lmao Edit: as did the Luke skywalker deepfake, although yea it looked way better than Disney’s, but who’s surprised.

  • I think its objectively better, there is better lighting, the eyes and the smile really sell it. I would take more emotion with some compromise of overall continuity any day.

  • I mean the Kazotsky Kick is the only proper reaction to success like that tbh

  • It'd be cool if y'all could try to remake the intro to Eyewitness. There was a lot of early days CGI and other effects. I remember really loving the intro.

  • did Jake draw the short straw and become the designated sponsor shill i just have a hard time picturing the corridor crew grinding Raid when the got a smash station

  • Disney should just hire these guys imagine what the corridor crew can do with a digital set and unleash peter in unreal engine you could probably get some help from your bros at stress level zero

  • way better

  • Nop, Disney was better... sorry!

  • You guys made it way better

  • He is strong with the Force. But talent without training is nothing. I will give my life to protect the child. But he will not be safe until he has mastered his abilities. -Luke Skywalker

  • @Corridor Crew Okay. That looks way better. I wonder why Jon Favreau didn’t hire you guys to make a CGI Luke Skywalker in the season finale.

  • Fire KK

  • Way better ! No doubt about it. This version of Luke really comes to life.

  • The issue was with the hair (it's has too much volume), and the stand in was too tall--with too long of a neck. As well, I think Luke was supposed to be emotionally reserved in the scene, and not smiling. Why? It creates tension, as the heroes of the show don't know what to expect from him--thus they respect him...out of fear, not just because he is a Jedi.

  • The emotions are wayyyy better, but other than that... meh, kinda worse in a sense But if you take into account that you're not a multi-billion company with hundred, if not thousands, people working on the project.... Overall... It's a yes for me !

  • You did it better

  • My one complaint is that even the deepfake doesn't form an "m" properly.

  • Fitting it into your environment changing things a lot

  • The beginning was a bit too cgi-ish but the rest...man you did it....you overshadowed Disney!!!!!! Yours looks more realistic in terms of manerisms and details.

  • For me it looks so much better.

  • Shamook's Luke is better than this piece of crap...

  • "better"

  • On Disney version, they digitaly removed Mark Hamill 's Mustach

  • That's quite good. Now, please do Baby Yoda. How is that animation believable? E.T. was much better than Baby Yoda.

  • too cg

  • Face is amazing only thing is that he moved around a little to much and his hair was a little weird

  • this video is a mess

  • Geez, did that light to the right of Luke have to be blinking the entire time? So distracting. It would’ve been more subtle to have someone offscreen yelling “SEE HERE HE IS HE IS HERE AND HE IS REAL LOOK AT HIM”. That’s basically what the light is saying every time it blinks. I know you guys could’ve done a way better job with this.

  • horrible....looks horrible

  • This is not better. Disney wins this round.

  • Its good, but the hair is meh

  • I think if he had some subtle head movements along with correct hair it would be spot on the lip sync is about 90% but still miles better than what Disney did

  • Bruh he give him realistic skin reflections he looks like dreamcast target render 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Nice Spoiler Alert after showing the spoiler.

  • that is not a better version

  • thank goodness i have Opera,, I cant imagine having to sit through all these ad's . i honestly would not watch this videos if i had to view all the ads packed in it.

  • well in all fairness, Luke's face would be wider due to his age,, so i think Disney did alright.

  • Not 100% obviously but man that is waayyyy better. More human expressions

  • Ew you're wearing a stupid mask in the video, pass....

  • Not better than the original, just different. The original shows an older Luke, which makes the most sense.

  • Better in some areas worse in others

  • "It's Luke-ing good!" I still think the one from Disney is more polished though.

  • Dude you should be hired for disney editing, if you were, your finance problems just whoosh away

  • The only issue I could really spot was when there was dialogue, otherwise it looked a lot better IMO

  • You guys need to check this dude's work out: ischats.info/fun/kdqseHuoopVopYw/v-deo

  • I thought the Mandalorian’s Luke looks like Zac Efron

  • Yeah guys no cap but this wasn’t any better, but good effort though

  • Looks better than Disney Luke

  • Sassy justice!

  • I think the lighting as well as your guy being a little skinnier than Mark Hamill I think his neckline looks off. Other than that it looks great, reallly excellent work.

  • Very very good. Disney should take notes from y’all

  • Now can you guys make a more human Kathleen Kennedy

  • It's def not better. The performance was, tho.

  • Absolutely mind blowing! When you compare Disney's version to yours! YOU NAILED IT!

  • Parece yucateco

  • Disney version is better

  • The image is definitely sharper and the character more expressive.

  • Why did the remake Luke have Lego hair?

  • It looks great! The hair is a little distracting from the face but I think it would have been less noticeable if I didn’t have it in mind to compare it in the first place.

  • Honestly for 13 days this looks stunning, imagine you have a month of time thad be amazing.

  • 5:10


  • I’m not gon lie but the Disney version looks overall better

  • Great job if you are making it for a video game. It's just hard to do as you know its not real.

  • Brilliant work chaps! (Here goes : The hair is too thick.The neck jerks are Mark H's signature and that needs to be simulated. The face is brilliant and the eyes ,like the deep fake Leia, make the figure come alive...Lots of hard work has been done ..Enjoyed watching your amazing team work. thank you.

  • Don't take me wrong it's a great job, but i would not say better than the original maybe as good, but not better.

  • Face looks way better, but hair looks worse. Overall, great work!

    • ischats.info/fun/p86YZoKBY36JfIQ/v-deo

  • Disney’s version was EMBARRASSING. What a huge huge let down. Everything about it was flat, lifeless and slow motion. It was such a let down

  • His face is very good but his neck look to long......

  • Nice Carpenter Brut shirt

  • looks no better. but cool vid.

  • still looks like cgi lol

  • Also Disney: Ban Corridor Crew from everything reeeeeeee

  • Lip sync is off for me.

  • The hair isn't great but otherwise I'd say that's generally better.

  • It was actually Mark playing Luke in this scene, Disney then used CG to de-age him.


  • A 1000 times better than #CancelDisney !!!!

  • tbh people shouldn’t be annoyed at disney like appreciate number 1 a good star wars from disney and number 2 the fact that luke is even here!

  • YOU DID NOT DO BETTER! For 1 your Luke looks more cartoonish then the Disney version. The Disney has better skin tone and more vibrant color then yours. You did a great job & I think a strong runner up, but no comparison! Disney out did you guys.

  • You guys are awesome!!!

  • no noo... this is the real CGI

  • Looks like Dean/Luke added a little Jedi mind trick in there....

  • no you didn't

  • Oh God it's the same as the original

  • Just finished season 2 now, but already had this bit spoiled from the thumbsnails/title when this video was first released. :( Not Minnesota nice. :'(

  • They be a multi-million dollar company but your a multi-million subscriber channel

  • The face and eyes are very close to perfect but the hair still doesn’t look like Luke’s

  • it does look more lifelike and it really is all in the eyes! kinda cringey that it looks better than disney's version which undoubtedly cost a ton of money, maybe it was rushed at the last second

  • Sorry but... Disney is better!!!

  • Bullshit, you made a good video game model. It's not better, its as bad as it was but different.

  • dont really matter now...show is dead

    • it's more alive than it has ever been, cry about it

  • I disagree. Yours is way worse.

  • Omg it looks sooo much better. If I had to be picky, I would say that the lips didn't always match up, and there were sparks coming from the backround that were a bit much, but other than that, it was spot on and perfect! Disney NEEDS to hire you all!

  • this looks so much better

  • disney should have just got sebastian stan to play luke

  • anything looks more alive than disney

  • Um this is not better...