The Hero Tik Tok Needs

Birt 3 maí 2021
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  • Interesting that the woman is the bad guy in most of these videos... 😑

  • I would just like to say that your videos are perfect high laugh material

  • He just ragdolled the hell out of that kid, way to break a Neck Esmer


  • türk yok mu 🥲

  • When are you an Noel doing another That's Cringe?

  • Where does that guy live?

  • Are we not going to talk about how he dropes the kid and they fell down 😂

  • You should check out @bryceparkers tik tok and do a video on that pls

  • Omg he is turkish noooo 😭

  • I like how he is soooo confident that the phone won’t bounce and hit the kid

  • Lying + Pissing In Snacks = Justice

  • dude the kid ran past the car and the guy brought him BACK in front of it to "save" him...


  • Hahahahahhahaha his name is not esmer it means brunette in Turkish and the username is your brunette. IM SO SAD That this man is Turkish but... p.s. Not all people are like that in Turkey

  • Love how he isn't wearing a mask

  • Cody’s face down in the corner… I just can’t 😂😂

  • This guy has savior complex

  • In a realistic sense, he’s actually endangering a child to film these tiktoks about how you should care for your children

  • Reading the comments before the tiktoks have been shown. Needless to say, I am very confused.

  • He really evolved into a Dennis the Menacian character, after his humble superhero beginnings.

  • The most disturbing thing in this video is imagining all the glass bits flying into the baby's eyes during each time he slams down a phone :-o.

  • i was expecting a casetify ad after all that

  • That one where he was getting stabbed had me laughing my ass off.

  • the best thing about this is the slow mo is just dropping the playback frame rate.

  • POV: You settle in to watch some of hero boy’s tik toks. They spread a message about awareness and coolness and slow motion and you think you know what you’re getting and then BOOM right turn into a murder. Then you think all the hyucks and yoohoos are over and you’ll settle back into the groove of his content and then POW piss chips. The man is a walking pack of mystery flavored airheads.

  • None of my homies sit on the loser bench

  • They all have the same blue phone LOL That kid sorta looks the same too haha

  • I absolutely loved that you used slo mo at the end. I was def lol'ing 😂

  • This dude literally committed a felony just to get back at someone for taking his seat.

  • I guarantee this man has posted, "Girls never go for me because I'm too nice. Girls only date assholes!" on his Twitter at least 12 times.

  • this man gets funnier every day

  • “How we would make people fall over in middle school” was it just us or did everyone call them table tops?

  • I feel bad for that kid because it looks like he keeps being thrown around

  • Thought it was anne frank in the thumbnail ngl

  • For a second, I thought cody's gonna do a casetify commercial

  • Who the fuck is watching these though?? Fr??

  • Idk why but Cody reminds me of that weird dude on grown ups(yk the bus driver in the last one)

  • Why did that woman have to fake a pregnancy to sit at that picnic table? Like... just sit on the other side instead of making someone move.

  • OMG the stabbing part shocked meeeee hahahahah

  • pin me i say sonos

  • the hero took her pone like "I threw it on the ground!"

  • when he peed in the crisps packet i lost it-

  • So that’s gonna be a “no” on the Seattle show? 😣

  • please the cringe in those tiktoks is getting me, somebody send help

  • WTF?! These are SO bad. Lol His slow walking, with that awful hair and ridiculous expression every single time is super cringe. I also wonder how many times he’s hit the kid in the face with the phone or parts of it. Lol “Make sure you keep your kids safe guys, while I yank them around and throw phones at them!”

  • idk if anyone said this but kelsey looks like gareth bale

  • Damn cody you look good in this video. The hair - flawless The skin - glowing The fit - sick

  • He has you’re hair

  • Tell me that black and white doesn't look exactly like the Wicked Witch of the West before OZ?!?

  • 798269814

  • Phone bad, pay attention to family

  • Okay but ezmir or whoever looks like Danny Gonzalez in the thumbnail

  • why does he break everyone's phones

  • You need to react to fortnite youtubers like techy or mr top 5

  • I’m crying

  • I laughed to hard at this video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Where my Turks at?

  • I was disappointed that "daddy" was recorded on earth, I thought TMG was in space, but apparently that was a lie...i am bamboozled. No but all jokes aside, how sick would a TMG song with a space theme/alien theme be?! (TMG I approve you using my pitch)

  • Get a pop filter

  • Where'd this burst of motivation come from man's making videos constantly

  • The one where he got stabbed literally had me crying lmao

  • i thought there was a witch in the thumbnail

  • There's someone filming all this and nobody notices. So, not staged at all.

  • Hello

  • Hello

  • I cringed so bad😂

  • Is your user base in children territory these days? It appears like you're pandering to a younger audience with your current style of "humor".

  • Subscribe to me for daily memes 🥶

  • truth or dare with your gf omg plzzzzzzzz

  • Zac Snyder could never with those slowmos

  • You know daddy is a song that was already made by PSY.

  • okay kids what did we learn TIKTOK´S ARE BULLSHIT

  • Short vid but it’s a good one

  • The reviews of shitty social media accounts is tired at this point. It's low hanging fruit.

  • Bro u gotta do ALL of india tik tok. Theyre all priceless. The ones where they think making crazy long eye contact and sprinting at you is badass

  • yo wtf is the song at the end called in the outro

  • This guy is really throwing this kid around for tiktoks huh

  • reflecting n word bussin

  • Cody you make awesome videos but somehow manage to find the cringiest most unwatchable people i just can’t do it

  • I was really hoping you'd make your own version at the end

  • woah we got the extra long cut of the outro music this time. nice! thanks cody!

  • wtf i want a cut video.

  • Hey Mark Wahlberg!🙂

  • CODY! Please make a video on the show “Finding a sister wife” from TLC it’s hilarious, you would love it

  • you should do a roasting fans part 4

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 this is amazing commentary sir

  • hmmm I'm not sure what to say, can anyone helpé me?

  • Indian tiktok just be on next level sht 😅

  • Genuine question: why slow-mo equals black and white filter?

  • imagine he accidentally messes up his role and gronk spikes the child

  • ✂ cut it

  • It’s literally like Cody stole noels hair lol

  • When Dad posts 🥰🥰🥰


  • Cody and Ricky Montgomery look way too similar

  • I listened to Daddy. There's only one thing I got to say... STRAIGHT UP BARS !

  • Anyone else miss That’s Cringe?

  • LMAO

  • Homies legs are broken then uses both his crutches to point at the money