Breakfast On A Wednesday

Birt 25 okt 2020
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  • *One day or day one you decide*

  • How did he eat a whole bole of cereal in 3 bites

  • This the life story of nicokado avocado

  • This is oddly inspirable until Tony comes in.

  • Sameeeeee

  • I thought meat cannon was only able to produce funny and horrifying things never did I think in a million years he'd make it sad

  • Me on a Monday eating rice krispies

  • Try it. They are great. 😂🤣

  • This is depression

  • 1:08 put it on 0.25x speed and it sounds spooky

  • I sent this video to my bigger friend because I’m an asshole 😁

  • 我他好 難過了this is後天

  • Joshua: no... I must change Tony: ha ha, little piggy goes munchy munchy

  • That's kinda depressing NGL

  • I nominate this video for the ISchats awards

  • Fun fact: You is watching it on Wednesday.

  • Please make a Tony shirt i beg of you

  • Keep going 💪

  • The old man is supposed to be be his finger? Fuck.

  • Make one on how depression kills you😔

  • This way too emotional for my mental health

  • I have a strong feeling Tony would have killed him.

  • This video is an apt metaphor for the epidemic of urban tiger cults. Remember kids, tigers are crafty animals and all they can give you is a string of lies, and cereal

  • This isn't even funny. This is DEEP

  • I'm on the side of Tony.

  • *They’re great.*

  • Why do I keep seeing this videos?

  • Can we all tell this video is the only one that have no bad word and have no gore and just a scary tiger cereal with a guy? Or there's another video have no gore and bad word in meat canyon?

  • 1:30 holy shit joshua run RUN!!!

  • "You always tell yourself 'ill star tomorrow' but you have to take action to make change" Ehh... Ill take action tomorrow

  • if this guy starts inserting himself less in these videos it would be much appreciated

  • This video fucking me creeped me tf out once it hit 1:31 lmao tf *Watching this at 2 am*

  • Who eats dry cereal "they're great!"

  • Like for him to lose weight

  • Id listen to that background music all day

  • Damn

  • Please do daddy o five

  • Frosted Flakes aren’t even that good

  • ITs like this tho. Decades of advertisement trying to brainwash us. YEt still...this was smexy. ^,;,^

  • is that fucking jim?

  • That live action part gave me a fricken heart attack, jesus.

  • Anyone else think Joshua represents America?

  • Wow this is not hilarious dark satirical and sad for me and I love it

  • Wow... this is depressing

  • My favorite lesbian icon

  • Kevin sent me a link to this.

  • What. The fuck?

  • It's about weight loss

  • I hate how he ate the cereal... WITHOUT THE MILK!

  • No one: Me: He finished an entire bowl of cereal in three scoops

    • B R U H

  • Im fat too and this motivates me to lose weight thanks meatcanyon

  • this sounds like a scp document

  • The video they should use in school for addiction awareness.

    • True but I know that majority of (young) students would just laugh at it instead

  • This is the less cursed video from this channel

  • f

  • this is fucking creepy

  • Guys. Tony the tiger is a "CEREAL KILLER" a "SERIAL KILLER". The whole John Wayne Gacy vibe part where he's painted like a tiger/clown. The preying on younger guys(athletic cereal) with his "sugary treats". This food is killing people slowly on the daily, the correlation here is YUGE.

  • tony sounds like obama

  • Dude did he just seduce him into eating cereal-

  • this is about capitalism and megacorporations having people eat unhealthy food to get addicted

  • This almost made me cry... Out of every parody this made me the most uncomfortable.

  • Deep man deep

  • Tony: somethings wrong,I can feel it.

  • I was really not expecting that live part. It shocked me lol.


  • Okay,but the message at the begining is SO true,

  • 0:23 the worse part is that he said my name

  • This is so fucking deep bruh. That last line was scary.

  • Plot twist: this is a Frosted Flakes ad made during the Great Depression

  • I feel the same way about gloryholes.

  • This is why I eat fruit loops... Cause I'm not eating cereal from a furry

  • Where's the milk?

  • Cereal is drugs for children.

  • the taste of retribution...


  • I dont remember this in the frosted flakes commercials

  • Expect this to be on Spooky Scary Sunday guys.

  • For some reason I can relate to this Except for the fact I don't have a creepy tiger in my home

  • This is mega scary but tony is being nice now I I’m hungry

  • Love Tony’s voice

  • This hit really fucking hard. Like holy shit.

  • What about the hot cheetos guy

  • You should do barney or Thomas, only imagine how a large friendly T.rex gets the MeatCanyon treatment and becomes a blood thirsty killing machine. While a train is scared because he has a face and runs over sir topham hat.

  • Imagine being an overweight male subject whose name is Joshua, trying to lose weight and happened to see this video. I wonder how's the feeling..

  • Ohh

  • This is creepy and i love it

  • This just really is what it's like, isn't it?

  • 1:31 that scared me

  • i can relate.... to being dominated b6 a tiger with anorexia.

  • The next day Joshua throws out the box of Frosted Flakes, puts the Tony the Tiger apparition/metaphor for addiction in a chokehold and breaks his neck, starts weight training, jogging, boxing and becomes the most Giga-Chad ever to exist since the days of Rome.

  • Do apple jacks

  • Bring it up to those L U C I O U S L I P S

  • I'm hungy 4 tigy

  • him massaging the fat guy is disturbing and funny LOL

  • Adult swim really needs to give this guy a deal

  • This made me vaguely uncomfortable. I might stick with Reeses Puffs and take a break from Lucky Charms. I don't want another sequel of Leprechaun.

  • Why do I feel like this is an abusive relationship...

  • You now you can lose weight and eat cereal at the same time😂

  • One like it’s all it takes to see... God

  • Wow I could not stop watching. You have made something so stimulating , nostalgic , and horrifying all at once!