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Manchester United vs Granada watchalong with Mark Goldbridge live. Join in the match chat on our Man Utd live stream as they take on Granada in the Europa League. PLAYER RATINGS
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  • 3:00

  • 3737th

  • 3:00

  • Tuanzebe deserves a lot more game time

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    • Donny played decent today

  • "We are sponsored by Manscape, we want to see some BALLZ!!!"😂😂😂😂😂😂.......Goldbridge 2021

  • Mandela Effect (Pogba).

  • Cavani song 1:41:40 that’s why I am here !!!

  • 3:00

  • 1:41:36 Groovebridge

  • Anyone got the time stamp of Fred off target shot

  • 1:41:23 Cavani song

    • lack of rhythm sense =D

  • Mata was class when he came on, moving instantly around the pitch, keeps the ball. Him and Donny should play so much more

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  • Ole Must Trust His Squad More! Free Donny, Axel, Williams, Diallo 👍

  • Good result for you lot. Hopefully we can meet in the final. Good luck 🤝

  • Where's the cavani song?

  • Cavani 1:36:57 OG 3:17:56

  • Ricky see matic was starting and he stripped down to his socks and sandals the holiday specials in brown leather AND THEN rubbed himself down in Croatian jam AND then told the wife and kids to leave the living room 🤯🤯🤯🤯 edit He then stood in front of the mirror and went full silence of the lambs .

  • Referee MOTM. wanted to be the star too often 😡😂

  • Lindelof & Matic in exchange for Coucek. Donny and Dan James in exchange for Rafinha. Lingard in exchange for Rice.

    • This isn't career mode

    • Why exchange donny get mctominay out

    • That would be a mad team but I think I bribe in donny bc he was pure class tonight

  • Cavani 1:36:57 OG 3:17:56

  • Thats it,Im boing to sleep now.where is the streaker when you need him

  • VDB does so man things so simple, he makes he right passes and runs

  • 1-0: 1:36:54 2:0: 3:17:57

  • Van de beek better start on Sunday. Tge boy is class, hes too intelligent for this team

  • Cavani: 1:36:54 OG: 3:17:57

  • someone comment the timestamp

  • How does VDB not get game time.What a performance

    • He wasn’t that good he was alright stop sucking him off

  • 1st 1:36:56 2nd: 3:17:55

    • Thanks


  • Get ready for a Smalldini, Mkhitaryan & Dzeko masterclass in the semi final

  • Tuanzebe was the man today.

  • Love the streams mark, keep it up!

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  • Manchester United just made Europa league quarter final look like a training match!! Semi finals here we come❤️🔥🔥

    • @Finn Roberts teams which get knocked out in the first round themselves get a chance to play in europa , it's way better then getting knocked in later stages , and getting. No silverware 🤭😂😂

    • @Finn Roberts ya so what ? Isn't in europa teams play football , they play right ? So , I like how ppl compare Europa and UCL

    • That’s probably why we were able to beat Spurs without training because the first game was a training session.

    • Against Granada...

    • Calm down its only the europa league

  • 3737th

  • Ole pleaseeeeee free Donny and Amad they deserve more game times. They are good players.

    • Amad understandable just came in young, but Donny what has he done that ole is just keeping him in the bench.... I hope they sell pogba in summer and keep Donny a regular starting eleven replacement

    • I agree, my only problem with Ole is not playing VDB

  • When you’re here earlier than the time stamp guy

  • VDB is just class

    • @Gaz Gaz by favourites do you mean the players he think suit the system, and have the best attributes to win a game?

    • @Jason Eagles No, he will continue to play his faves, no selection headaches for him.

    • The best I’ve seen him play tonight. I think he may have given Solksjaer a selection headache after that 45 mins.

    • 😂 what he touches the ball and man utd fans moan when he just shoots smh

  • Donny played decent today

    • Very well. Let’s hope he gets more opportunities to play alongside Bruno. He made a great impact.

  • Yesss boy

  • 2-0 united

  • Fred is so poor

  • Great result

  • here before the timestamp guy

  • Lindelof disappearing was more entertaining than most of the game

  • Lol