Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

Birt 3 maí 2021
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • One side fight

  • Extremely over powered character versus good but incomparable character... it was cool to watch but had no business being a death battle.

  • Why even make this dumbass battle

    • Because it was highly requested

  • And after have baki vs kenichi

  • This is os bad you think Mikasa is gonna let her swing that missile

  • Due to those dislikes is this worst than Ben 10 vs green lantern and goku VS Superman 2?

  • Speaking of Rwby in death battle, for a future fight, I raise Penny Polendina vs Rudolph Conners (Robot); RWBY vs. Invincible

  • Seeing this fight, makes me want to get back into RWBY. It's been like a year & some change since I left off on volume 6. WAY TO GO BLAKE!!!

  • Ruby Rose Vs Maka will be a great battle

  • Devilman vs. Ghost Rider

  • To be honest, I'm surprised Mikasa cut Blake's arm off, given their speed and reaction times.

  • This entire battle was better then the entire demon slayer movie

  • Dude Mikasa is human, no powers and anything How the hell did she block or cut the bullets of blake

    • Actually if you paid attention to the analysis you’d know that death battle points out that Mikasa has genes of a family line of super soldiers who have Titan level strength and durability without transforming into one, she also has all the collective experience of previous Ackermen avatar style, so she’s not a normal human although she still loses to Blake mainly because of speed.

    • Because she can react to bullets

  • all i could say is Of course

  • Dude ..this isnt rven a match up. Like heman fighting liono??? Y ?!! Would ne body think this is fair or anywhere near anyway wtf ?!

  • This match up reminds me of Pikachu vs Blanka. Plus didn't they retcon Aura's in rwby? Where they are not always on?

  • Please make Ruby join Death Battle. She's the only one left from her team hehe

  • Characters that lost a limb yet won: Sub-Zero Samurai Jack Blake Belladonna

    • Also Sanji

  • Even after so many years these animations looks Like ex arm quality

  • well, other than Armin, Sasha, Hange and Levy the only AOT character I ever kinda liked killed by her own weapon... I mean It was expected, since there are quite a few inconsistent feats in RWBY, like being able to dodge lightning, but not being able to dodge something that's coming visibly slower, etc... but hey, Blake won, so it's all good in my book.

  • Can we get Lady Dimitrescu in an episode?

  • Knew it

  • everyone commenting on the characters but no one is talking about how trash this animation is

  • Omni man vs anyone?

  • Petition for a Gojo vs Allmight death battle

  • Shame bland won.

  • Would love to see Homelander vs. Omni-Man

  • If that was Annie, Blake should have been for good.

  • Yeah...A fight between catgirl with superpowers and a girl with swords....Who would've guessed the ending? XD

  • RWBY characters seem to win these fights often

  • Blake and Yang win... Rooster teeth bias???

  • I wanna see eren fight

  • Oh. Oh. Oh! Do Jesse McCree from Overwatch vs Erron Black from MK series. Cowboy themed showdown!

  • I hope kung fu panda wins

  • Maybe Galactus vs Unicron? Both world eaters...both make heralds... just saying

  • No Mikasa is better than this girl

    • Thank you my friend

    • well character wise yes

    • Sorry for the grammatical errors

    • I know, if you see the first time when mikasa launch the thunder spear they didn't use the real power of the thunder spear beacouse the explosion is bigger and stronger so if someone is so near the thunder spear you're death afterall they're made for destroy the armor of the armored titan. Then at the end when that Blake use the thunder spear against Mikasa, Blake shouldn't be able to do that: 1 Only Mikasa can pull the rope of the thunder spear since she launched it. 2 Even if the was cutted Blake couldn't send the thunder spear back beacouse once the rope of the thunder spear get cutted it will explode after some times or if there will be an impact with something or someone so when Blake sended back the thunder spear she shoul have explode and turned into ashes. But if you want a suggestion, don't trust people who do this kind of video beacouse they can declare winner whoever they want. SPOILER FOR AOT MANGA: No one survive except an Ackerman in fact Levi got caught in an explosion of a thunder spear, with injure but he survived.

  • Wat the hell micasa is better than every human been booooooooooooo this deathbattle suck

  • I vote for Blake.

  • What are the odds the Roosterteeth character won on their own show

  • Now they can share lost arms, also as always, the one with less detailed maths at the start wins

  • Maybe Lex vs Doom wasn't that bad after all

  • Next time on death battle we will see a normal dude with a pen vs a character from anime that we can almost call god hmmmmmm I wonder would win

  • You should do Ghost rider vs scorpion

    • Ghost rider vs Spawn is better in my opinion

  • Kinda one sided from the start. A magical super human against a scifi super human... Yeah, we saw that L coming.

  • Mob vs kusuo saiki please

  • Please do a battle between iron fist vs bang or garou from one punch man that would be so awesome.

  • I would say I didn't predict the result of this battle two weeks ago, but I'd be lying. The ODM gear is cool looking but is low tier gear outside AOT. Besides, if you take a weapon that is expected to break into a fight versus one that shouldn't ever break, your screwed. Its kinda unfair since AOT works with highly limited resources and manufacturing capabilities while RWBY doesn't have nearly as many production/resource restrictions, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

  • I got a fight in mind, which is kong in gvk and eren

  • Please do a Hinata Hyuga vs Sakura Haruno from the Naruto anime... everyone that is asked can’t seem to decide or says things like sakuras punch would end the battle or hinatas 8 trigrams would end the battle because of chakra would stop... please please please do this, I would love to see this and get a complete list of skills and how the battle would play out please🥺🤞😥 Can anyone like or comment and help me get this seen please?

  • Oh damn

  • kamen rider zero one

  • I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!!! THE PERFECT BATTLE!!!! Sora and Shiro Vs. Yugi and Yami A Shadow Game Death Battle! The King of Games Vs. Blank

  • Outclassed. This like She-Hulk Vs. The strongest girl at the local gym.

  • Okay, now I want a Death Battle episode that's Team RWBY V.S. TEAM MMMT (Maka, Mitsuru, Mikasa, and Tifa)

    • Mikasa is the only one that would lose

  • Yup, just as I figured. A waste of episode. May as well have done another superman death battle.

  • I still haven't watched either, so whatever. Cool Fight though.

  • My guy whats whats with the spoilers 9:26 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • @Byron Dacres oh I thought you were talking about what they were saying

    • @The crusader *mikasa

    • @The crusader mikas deals the final blow to eren isnt a spoiler?

    • That's not a spoiler.

  • you can tell that wiz has mad a more extroverted effect from broomstick these past 10 years and broomstick expanded his vocabulary

  • Yey blake

  • Someone's tryna redeem herself cus she lost against Inuyasha Ooooooooooo

  • I watched both and I'd like to say this it bull

  • cuuuuttteeeee

  • I honestly didn't think Mikasa would win this, kinda surprised she took one of Blake's arms. But im pretty glad that it turned out like this

  • Figured Blake had the edge. Can’t wait to see how Po measures up to Iron Fist.

  • Gwen Tennyson from “Ben 10 series” vs Atom Eve from “Invincible.” DEATH BATTLE! They both have really similar powers and look similar.

  • Dante from devil may cry vs inuyasha

  • They have never stooped so low

  • 17:01 Nah the Ackermans powers are just as efficient on humans as seen with how Mikasa was able to be on par with Annie Leonheart while they're in base, plus shes able to go toe to toe with the Female titan who isn't really a slow moving target like you described before when kt came to the thunderspears

  • Did most of this stuff happen in Season 7 for RWBY? The only one I didn't watch? Because Blake never fought Mercury or Emerald before. The nevermore also never hit Blake directly, even indirectly, it always collided with the environment. So why scale from that? She really only scales to Adam Taurus who she barely beat with Yang's help (meaning she is weaker and slower than him).

    • In V5 during the Battle of Haven, Blake was able to get the jump on Hazel and dropkick him back into the building. She then joined Ozpin's group in the fight, restraining Emerald, Mercury and Hazel offscreen while Yang got the relic. If you believed Blake did nothing from that point, she scales to Hazel who was able to react and attack against RWBY's assault, the same who were able to hold off Emerald and Mercury, so the scaling still holds. Blake has also reacted to futuristic missiles from the Paladin and the Sea Dragon's Grimm lightning (even if not real). Still leagues above Mikasa's speed. V1 Ruby and Yang were able to dent the Nevermore without getting damaged themselves, however Ruby had trouble against Roman Torchwick, somebody Blake was able to hold off on at least two separate occasions. Same with Hazel. You can still scale Blake to Adam through (sigh) the time she phased through the blade and did the double axe chop in V5. You think Blake has remained the same since V1 despite getting formal training on two separate occasions? If she wasn't as fast as remaining RWBY members, then team manoeuvres would be too difficult to coordinate. As for the Adam thing, it was an ambush and nobody of those three were in the best mental state. Anger, PTSD and shock.

  • Homelander V Omniman... come on guys

  • You should do Naruto versus natsu from fairy tail

  • OK! So, we're 2 for 3 on RWBY character combats! Now when and who is Ruby fighting?

    • Ruby will face Maka Albarn. Battle of the soulful scythe wielding schoolgirls. When? Who knows.

  • Iron Fist: Who... are you??? Po: Buddy... I am the dragon warrior.

  • I'm just wondering when they're ever going to do a ruby vs. Maka death battle

  • you guys should do Naofumi Iwatani aka the shield hero vs Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

  • Haven't seen most of the episode yet, but Adam's sword could do that because he absorbed the energy blast of said giant robot

  • Not a huge surprise. I figured Mikasa had a chance of winning, but I didn’t put my hopes into it.

  • Do Goku vs Naruto death battle

  • Oh wow, super powered character beat human. That's not totally obvious or anything

  • not even surprised by the result

  • If you have two sets of ears, wouldn't you just have TWO times the hearing? A partially deaf person doesn't have "Base" hearing, the default is 2 ears... so like... yeah...

  • Okay listen put the batman who laughs in a death battle

  • Aloy(Horizon) vs Bloodhound(Apex legends) -All mother vs The All-Father’s I really wanna see who would win in a fight between those two

  • I do think the inciting incident should have been Blake trying something against Eren.

  • Y’all should do a ghost rider v scorpion

  • No surprise their character won. DeathBattle is under RoosterTeeth

  • Pointless dumb battle. Just like the one before that and the next one after this

  • Blackbeard from one piece versus rogue from fairytail. Battle of the Shadow users.

  • Have you ever noticed that the aggressor is always the one who loses in the end?

  • it's unfair Magic vs Strength

  • what about Levi vs Bradley (Attack on TiTan vs Fullmetal Alchemist)

  • Wow, a character owned by DEATH BATTLE's parent company won vs a character owned by another company, imagine my shock.

    • Weiss lost her match so what you just said ment nothing

    • Weiss lost

  • Go RWBY

  • Let's have this same battle but have captain Levi and it might be a different story 😂

  • Mikasa sucks

  • What can mikasa do she is just a human hahahaha

  • You should do super man vs Omniman from invincible

  • Hey guys everyone has been asking who a win between Omniman vs Superman!!! Please do this guys we need to see it!!!

  • Does anyone else feel this fight was unfair or just me I mean Blake has special powers whereas Mikasa is just bio engineered?

  • Homelander vs Omniman