BARE HAND Bottle Busting- Science Investigation

Birt 31 ágú 2016
Kevin and I get to the bottom of a science mystery using only our wits and rugged good looks.
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Using the Scientific Method and with the help of the Backyard Scientist, we determine how someone can break a glass bottle with their bare hands.

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  • Where have you been all my life rober

  • They’re hypotheses, not theories.

  • My favourite subject is science because even if you don't learn that chapter meaning what is it meant about but what you understand little about it by there self they will fell it cool mean the people that don't like learing still find it interesting

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  • 2:00 look at the brand marks pointing @

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  • I tried this with a Guinness bottle yesterday. I could not get it to work. I wonder if the Corona bottle is thinner?

  • Me: is that a corona bottle? Also me: They released the corona virus 😳


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  • What else can you bust with your bare hands? A peanut shell.

  • 2:53 thats a nice beat there

  • The amount of times I have fucked up my hand doing this is too embarrassing to say

  • Look at the brand of the bottels😂

  • just a question but 2:55 - is there actually something called "Corona Beer" ???

  • The bear or sparkling water the carbon in it rushes up making it to the water or the liquid doesn’t hit the bottom as hard that’s my theory

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  • I think its enargy+carbination

  • I love your videos! You do such a good job on them!

  • 4:05 Did he just say fu**

    • He said you punk not fu**

  • I think the reason the carbon drinks don't work is because the bubble form at the bottom so fast that when the liquid gets there the bubbles soften they crash

  • Mark Rober broke the Corona bottle in 2016. *4 Years later*

  • Here is my theory. When you hit the bottle all the Gforce from your hand goes into the bottle the force dosent have anywere to go so it just keeps going down

    • I don't think it will be that cause in that case the glass would start breaking from the middle or start. Or would transfer all of the energy to the hand.

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  • Great video

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  • Arthur Smith

  • I remember accidentally doing this with a glass water bottle when washing dishes

  • Would this be the air impact or cavitation causing a vacuum and at the surface of the bottle a water jet will form impacting the bottle as the vapor collapses

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  • They made it with Corona extra

  • Love this, we always did this as party prank to people's beer. One night i broke a guys beer just like this, we had no idea why, just figure i was drunk and hit too hard, now i suppose his beer could have been flat. I feel less bad about breaking his beer now that i know he was likely just babysitting it.

  • We can see those bottles are from Corona beer. 🍺

  • They're using Corona bottles- *Foreshadowing intensifies*

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  • Me sees trick : cool Mark :

  • Water hammer right?

  • Is this a Corona beer? Xd

  • Congrats On 16 Million !! :)

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  • There's another theory - a shock wave moves equally and radially down the glass bottle and crashes into itself when it converges at the bottom of the bottle directly opposite of where it was struck. You can see this effect in a video where a guy shoots a glass globe with a gun. The bullet penetrates one side but does not break the globe and on the exact opposite side the glass breaks as if it were shot on that side as well. This is from the convergence of the shock waves on the opposite side.

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  • 2:53 Can we just take a moment to appreciate how clean that was?

  • Why would the outside pressure have broken it? It's holding beer under pressure.

  • It makes sense now. A vacuum sucks things into it to fill the empty space, that causes the water to hit the bottom really hard, which then breaks it.

  • As a bartender always used water and made like 20 bucks a shot to show it as I usually bruised my thumb muscle. DO NOT hit in the center of the palm, hit that bigger muscle mass of the base of the thumb. Taught this to a fellow female bartender and it sure increased her income in tips... everything they say here is truth.. sorry the trick is out now

  • the difarence is that water has no carbination so nothing gets suckt in the void

  • Alternatively, do it with water than get your friend to do it with beer and they end up with a beer covered hand

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  • Can anyone explain me how higher vapour pressure helps the trick?

  • i think that the when you hit it the water goes up in the bottle and when the water goes down thats what breaks the water

  • That corona bottle tho

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  • But why does this still happen when you hit it while the bottle is standing on a table. Like because the table flexes slightly?

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  • How much beer did they have to drink?!?!

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  • if u look closely the beer sends a shock of beer down so it sends force down all that pressure makes in breake thats my theory

  • Wouldn’t this be the same as the science of a water hammer

  • Pretty simple pressure .

  • That bottle is kinda foreshadowing...

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  • He broke the beer named "Corona" meaning, the corona(virus) broke open and spread to the world yeah.

  • 5:22 Am I the only one that heard ghonorrea?

  • What would happen if you use the pressure of the water once the bottle smashes to break a bottle to create lots of energy.

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  • Well technically water is heavier than carbonation fluid.

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    • We would break bottles like this for extra credit in our fluid mechanics class 🤓

  • The fact that they have the "Corona Extra" Beer makes this even better xD

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