Acting challenges with Tommy are absolutely HILARIOUS

Birt 31 mar 2021
Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit and Jack Manifold from the DreamSMP do comedy Improv for like 20 minutes
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Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


  • I dont know about anyone else but wilbur is makin quarenteine 1000% funnier

    • @Wilbur Soot *dead*

    • lmao

    • HECK YEAH HE IS And I suppose you and quackity are as well

    • Man when the child is right

    • and i thought i couldn’t spell quarenteni-

  • nUtTi PiZzA

  • Tommy is sooooooooo innit

  • 3:12 JUST YES

  • p l e a s e f o r t h e l o v e o f m e r c y d o m o r e

  • Tommyinnit is the nicest Karen yall ever gon meet

  • i always love watching this when my friends ignore me in call :))!

  • Tommy would make a great Karen (as in he’d be really annoying and stereotypical)

  • I haven't kept up w mcyt for a while so I forgot these guys are just like, genuinely good actors, and I was losing my mind at Tommy's Karen Smile™

  • I love how fucking chaotic this shit is

  • I didn't think they could make the pizza bit any funnier but then tommy asked for his number and I lost it

  • Tommy :- "Can I have your number" I freaking sobbed lol laughing

  • I need a part two

  • Tommy would make a very good Karen lmao

  • It actually takes me 6 seconds to check if im subscribed

  • Tommy is TO good at this

  • My biggest flex, wilbur and jack talk about my home town 😂


  • Zimbabwe #random #yolo #XD #epic #2018

  • Boobylaser69, got me

  • tommyinnit is so good at being a karren....wait a second

  • 2:37 "Don't explain things like to me that" Uh... tommy?

  • lying

  • Wtf, how 29° degrees is hot? I live in a fucking country that the summer is like 41°, I hate Brazil

  • tommy's the most talented karen i know ngl

  • Three british boys

  • *realizes wilbur is taller than my dad that is 40 YEARS OLD may i add*

  • As a lesbian we will 100% go to scunthorp for 8 years to make our partner happy

  • Tommy as a Karen is rlly accurate that’s what makes it hilarious😂🤣

  • Istg wilburs editor is so so so talented

  • no bc thats how retail is actually like skjrdfhgnksd

  • Pause at 5:53

  • Wilbur soot changes his tone, it be fine if he just talked normally but still is all funny.

  • “the hat did it all for me & without it, i just don’t know if i wanna see you anymore.” - jack manifold 2021

  • "like to me that" - Tommyinnit 2021

  • Wait this is the editor for game theory isn’t it Maybe I’m just thinking of one game theory video ;-;

  • jack: and i’m not accusing you but- tommy: you’re accusing me aren’t you?

  • wait, why is wilbur not verified for me

  • Tommy at 12:41 makes me happy lol

  • Make another one I find this good

  • S

  • 1:34

  • man loves prawns.

  • songs to prawn to

  • 23:34 don’t mind me

  • Can someone please take all the acting audio and fully animate this


  • Tommy acting like a Karen is actually suiting for him, *which is scary as fuck.*

  • Can you do this again with Tommy, Techno, and Pliza

  • Im in the middle of learning about Athens while watching helena and sasha break up💀💀💀

  • I live near Basingstoke and can actually visualize the game scene

  • my guy jack manifold please never bring hate to the name nathaniel or nathan

  • Tommy is the nicest Karen

  • the edited in ppl talking made it so much funnier


  • Tommy as a Karen is a perfect match


  • Tommy witness to many Karen's lol

  • Praise God 🙏

  • Jack looks like a skeleton that wish to be brought back to life but it only worked halfway

  • Me and my friends have decided to this for our school play this year, Jk I wish

  • I hadn’t seen this video for a while, just the clip of Tommy with the nutty pizza and I thought it was a real story 😭🔫

  • Ok but Tommy would be a good Karen ngl- 🤭

  • Wimblur really named an improv vid and called it "acting challenge" to trick people lol

  • Not so poggers...~tommy 2021

  • Oh my

  • "Me when booba"

  • Kareninnit pog


  • im painting my nails blue while watching this, this is the furst time ive painted my nails since i came out as trans

    • Pretty nails are pog. Good on you for coming out

  • Alr if you didn't laugh at this you have no humor XDD A nutty pizza tho like if your like me and have a dirty mind then it just makes it 10x more funny XD

  • i just realized wilburs editor had to search up "little kids"

  • tommy became such an american this video

  • Tommy was such an amazing Karen

  • Kareninit

  • The hat did it all for me

  • Just for fun I search up for disney movie scripts to read out loud and improve basically BAHA

  • Everyone is talking about Tommy’s Karen impression but no one is talking about the masterful love triangle that is Helena Sasha and Grug

  • As a Greek, I'm honored of Wilbur using my country in the role play o7

  • Tommy: if you let me touch your hair- Me: jack has none rn

  • Can’t wait to play “ call of gamer “ later

  • Glad to know grug is a reacuring character

  • K Tommy stole that Karen bit from Angela Martain

  • The fact that this was published on April 1st makes it even funnier

  • You gotta love Jack Manifold, lmfao. His 'nerd' sort of character was brilliant.

  • this video was an emotional roller coaster

  • Baldbur soot back again

  • why did i search up the zoo on google... what the fuck is wrong with me

  • The internet is a dangerous place... *Tommy as Karen intensifies*

  • Why was Tommy's Karen impression perfect?

  • why is tommy such a good karen-

  • The subscriber numbers don’t add up

  • I think the craziest thing in this whole video is that Scunthorpe is a real place

  • (I felt the need to attempt a Scunthorpe welcome sign) |---------------| | WELCOME | | TO | | SUNNY | | SCUNTHORPE! | |- ~where giraffes roam~ -| |---------------| | | | | |_|

    • Wait Scunthorpe is real-

  • can you imagine this with quackity? that would be HILLARIOUS

  • I swear im the only British person who hasn't been to Marbella i've been on a plane twice and I went to turkey and ibiza 😔💔 going dark😿😿

  • Me who can act out everything just with friends: *Whats the purpose of my acting skills when I couldn't use them-*

  • wilbur, and tommy and jack are threos like KARENINIT AND KARENJACK and BOSSWILL is so funny, makes me smile everyday GAAHSCVGTFDYAJ

  • Why tf is tommy so good at being a karen

  • Friendlygamerwhale99 is so cute