Birt 22 júl 2020
The Palms Casino hotel got a $1,000,0000,000 (that’s billion with a B) renovation. And the crown jewel of the hotel is this $100,000 a night penthouse suite, that jaw-dropping price-tag makes this the most expensive hotel suite in the world. It’s called the Empathy Suite and it was designed by artist Damien Hirst. When you open the door you’re greeted by sharks floating in formaldehyde, it’s all part of Hirst’s unusual artwork that fills the suite including butterflies carved into the floors, and art hanging on the walls designed to look like a medicine cabinet. The massive suite has 2 bedrooms a private pool overlooking Vegas and a giant glass cocktail bar where drinks are served over glass encased medical waste ?!! Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary gives you an exclusive look inside the priciest hotel room in the world.
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  • As a person in the medical field, I would not pay 200K to look at the medical, biohazard garbage I dispose every day. Yes, I know they used clean sterile never used but still. I see that everyday.

  • Let me go sell half of my organs before I can live there for 2night and just bleed to death in the swimming pool

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  • Definitely not worth 100k so I can look at dead sharks and medical waste.

  • It’s like sleeping at my old

  • Ugly

  • $100,000 a night and I have to look at medical stuff in the countertop? rip off. Just coz its being called artistic doesn't mean its suddenly worth what other people are insisting it is.

  • USD$200,000 for 2 nights minimum. Me: Check in at 3pm Sat, check out at 1pm Sun 46 hours of no sleep, that's $4,347 per hour

  • The art is actually genuinely very cool and interesting, but it has absolutely no business being in a hotel suite

  • this is so aesthetic... 2020 teens would love this

  • This is a mediocre art exhibit not a luxury suite.

  • This is like the tackiest looking place ever.

  • Renovation: $690million Coronavirus: Hold my beer...

    • Its now 100 million lol! Complete trash art and taste!

  • not anymore-

  • 1000,000 a night to have biomedical waste at your bar 🤢 no thanks

  • 100,000$ 🤔 I could just go spend a few weeks in the hospital or move into a CVS for much much less!

    • Yeah Okay 🙈🙈🙈

    • @Eric K Psh, maybe even 4 🤣

    • 100k will get you three nights at a hospital!

  • The stupidest sh*t you see and hear on earth🤦🏽‍♂️

  • NOPE. Won't stay there even if they offer it for free.

  • anything finds this hotel....ugly?

  • i'm almost positive there's got to be a hotel suite elsewhere in the world the price per night of which exceeds that of this one? i seem to recall the atlantis resort's (bahamas) bridge suite being a minimum four night stay at $250k/night over a decade ago. whatever the case, i'm sure dubai or macau will one-up it in no time lol.

    • Also Macau isn’t as expensive as one would think.

    • You were thinking 25k a night not 250 lol

  • I thought adrianne maloof owned the palms ?

    • Her family used too up till about 5 years ago

  • Kevin is very suitable for this show.

  • Bwah ha ha ha!

  • Total waste of money just a scam, not worth $100K no elegance dot.

  • Let me tell matter how much money I have.......I will never pay 100,000 per night.... It looks stunning, but that hotel have not a 200,000 of value in experiences for me on that night.

  • This is disgusting

  • I'm rich

  • Молодцы!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't think anyone would have ever checked in this suite other than paid artists for its promotion 🤣 butterflies everywhere

  • The Pedo Adreno room. Disgusting.

  • Looks 💩💩💩 tbh artistic mess I would not pay 1000 to stay there

  • For $100k a night one can spend the money for many good causes for the good of humans and the world.

    • Exactly but these are the super rich. Theyre in their bubble and dont care abt ppl who might rlly need it


  • "art"


  • What people consider smfh .

  • Coming from an artist wtf is wrong with people medical waste butterflies and sharks hmm

  • Dead sharks? Medical waste? Butterflies (indicating MKUltra mind control)? No, thanks. This is straight-up luciferian.

  • Looks ugly

  • Where is the video of inside drake his house?? Why did you delete it from your youtube channel

    • I knew something was funny if you was able 2 watch the video the designer of the house was claiming the house like it was his IDK very confused maybe Drake invested in the property with him I guess ?

  • “And when the biggest whales or sharks like ME checks in here, their personal butler escorts them straight to to the 34 floor” lol okay

    • tubwatcher69 lol what

    • tubwatcher69 it’s crazy, I never knew he was a dickhead like that

    • What a tool. Anyone who has to say they are rich, strong or smart is for sure NOT.

  • Garbage

  • I've seen this before... two words...Doug demuro (but Doug didn't get into the economics...very interesting here)

  • Second

  • Doug DeMuro did it first.

    • Mike McKenna boy would be stuck in that crack house for two days looking for the quirks and features