Film Theory: The Godzilla vs Kong They DIDN'T Want You To See!

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What if I told you there was a Snyder cut of Godzilla vs Kong? Theorists, Zack Snyder does not have his own version of this movie, but I believe there is a LOST CUT. That's right. Somewhere out there is a version of this movie that NO ONE was allowed to see. Today, I'm going to crack open the vault on the Godzilla vs Kong movie we SHOULD have gotten but likely never will. Let's go!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • reject humanity return to kermit.

  • Vat 19 reference

  • during the tour of the factory.

  • Theory for Film theory.What will happen in the future of Monsterverse.The Lost cut sounds better

  • release a 5 hour version

  • I dare you to make a film theory about A PBS Kid show

  • No body cares sonic the hedgehog movie 🎥🎥🎥 popcorn 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • Sometime I would love to see is an Alien invasion movie that happens in the Monsterverse and then Godzilla, King Kong, Monarch, Mecha Godzilla and other monsters would have to band together to stop the invasion. It wouldn't be a completely random plot twist either, they could say that the skull of the space dragon was acting as a sort of beacon, or that the aliens sent that dragon to Earth beforehand to wipe all life out so they could come in later and inhabit Earth.

  • Not gunna lie matpat really thinks this really through

  • im gonna watch it tonight cya tomorrow

  • The monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • The real question I have is would the earth survive after the big hole to the center of the earth Godzilla left closer to the end of the movie? Could the earth ever heal itself from that??

  • subbed

  • Can we get a death toll on this movie??

  • OMG

  • After they killed mechagodzilla they should have had one more fight and one more shall fall

  • I never want matpat to stop talking about this movie

  • There is a new movie on the horizon. zootopia 2 watch the trailer an make a theory please

  • I f**king called it! During the movie I said “I thinl this is going to lead to MechaGidorah, he’ll regenerate around mecha Godzilla

  • 0:44 I mean, everyone predicted that

  • 9:03

  • Nobody cares 7:47

  • Spoilers... Matpat, you know Godzilla beat kong right

  • SPOILER ALEART Hey why are you reading this just so you can complain about me spoiling

  • yes this sponsor is for me, an underage kid.... hehe

  • I really hope they continue with the monsterverse there is so much material they can use to make some great stuff

  • actually the heisei godzilla series started in 1984 not 1989 like the text said

  • Matpat: a show that bows to no one *here we go song OST Intesifies*

  • Pudg mobile has coporation with the movie

  • From Godzilla’s POV: Rawr Rawr Rawwwr MONKE MONKE rawr MONKE Monke RAAAAAAAWR monke rawr rawr rawr monke... Rawr

  • hey matpat can you do a theory if assanation classroom can exist or a theory on demon slayer they both my fav shows

  • They did got the right thing but mothra is the mothra is the mother of kong and godzilla

  • Who else is hyped about the pubg mobile update they're adding godzilla vs king kong on the maps it's gonna be hella awsome

  • In my opinion destroyah will be better in the next film

    • @soinhu foitu wdym?

    • I loved it. Speaking of giant lizards, do you have any opinions on Httyd before it's relevant? I would love for you to destroy it.😏😏😏

  • In water, chimps drown

    • How do you edit these videos there really good

  • better

  • Monke 😔

  • godzilla won idc wut y’all say

  • Matpat you are not made out of nits you know.

  • Why did this turn into Pacific Rim all of a sudden? Seriously I listened to this without visuals and thought I got the wrong video for like half the script. P.s. I watched Godzilla for the humans, who cares about some giant dumb lizard, I want to see the human reaction to it.

  • I remember the time 2016 you do the cool intro I what it back

  • Hello MatPat and dear ISchats users. I just wanted to mention something sad that has happened on this channel. As you know, Mathew posted a video about the show ATLA (Avatar the Last Airbender) and the science behind waterbending. In this show, if you don’t already know, there are 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. These elements can be controlled, or bent, by people in this universe. Only the avatar could master all four elements. This video, titled: The Science of Waterbending, was posted on September 29 2019. In this video, you promised a 4 part series about the elements and the science behind bending. It was even written in the Description! I am very disappointed that after almost 2 years you have failed to achieve this goal. I have been waiting. I know that you have lots of work to do on other projects and video’s, but COME ON! And it is actually a great idea to continue doing theories with this franchise because it is getting way more popular, so to speak, on countless social media platforms. ISchats, Facebook, TikTok, Insta and even Pinterest (who uses Facebook nowadays i dont even know). The point is, you have disappointed me and i have decided to unsubscribe. I just really want this because you have kept me waiting! A promise, I suppose, no matter how corny it is 😂, is a promise. Plz reply is any of you feel the same way.

  • While Kong and Godzilla were fighting everyone in the theatre was just mesmerized and I was wondering how much money it was gonna cost to put Hong Kong back together

  • Monke monke

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  • A theory on the anime spongebobe episode.

  • Remember this is the guy who made Kool-aid man the next marvel villain and here he is making jokes about how genetic memory is stupid 😕

  • I thought Monke was pronounced "Monk" not "Monkey"

  • How do you edit these videos there really good

    • mentioned that after ren passes out and seemingly dead that whenever they go back to retrieve the body that it's missing that no one's been there so it could still happen

  • I loved it. Speaking of giant lizards, do you have any opinions on Httyd before it's relevant? I would love for you to destroy it.😏😏😏

  • apex legends :D

  • Film theory did got his prediction right, except that MechaGodzilla is not Godzilla in disguise.

  • Can you PLEASE do a vid about the show "Series of unfortunate events"

  • Here before 10 mill

  • Okay so after watching Goofy Movie, how much did Goofy spend to go from Ohio to LA in the pattern he did, with all expenses including motels, gas, car damage, food, and fun attractions? Also, how long was this trip? @MatPatGT I need you to solve this one 😅

  • I want to see a film theory on Pete's Dragon. Like how did he survive 6 years in the forest? Insert interesting question here

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  • What's with the sponsors all of a sudden? I thought you guys were doing okay as a channel, was that wrong? And alcohol too? Not so happy about that, but hey, if it pais your bills, go ahead. Stay safe everyone, you matter!

  • This is monke --> 🦍

    • If we will probably never got then how do we prove this theory wrong!?

  • Don’t you know pump it up The tics are staying up

  • So Mr. Theorists read the novelization of Godzilla V Kong and use the data mentioned in the novelization as his theory. Kudos man that's how you stole and act like it's yours. Nice.

  • believe it or not the ren being possessed by Ghidorah is actually already in the lore within the book of the film and it's still semi-official minus any plot holes that the book has that make it not able to entirely fit with the film like how most of the books do wear that they show the film but then they have some details that are contradictive but the point being is that certain things are still undeniably Canon like the time that Godzillas dorsal plates smashed by Muto prime using an MP roar or stuff like that having an effect on his performance in the film's so ren could still have been technically possessed by Ghidorah it's just we wouldn't get to see it since I was cut from the film meaning he could still actually be out there because in the book it's mentioned that after ren passes out and seemingly dead that whenever they go back to retrieve the body that it's missing that no one's been there so it could still happen

  • 3:29 EEEE-vun-gelion.

  • aaaaa fillllmmm theoryyy

  • Me: finishes Godzilla VS Kong Also Me: MOVIE THEORY

  • imagine the directors of kong vs godzilla watching his like: ugh we have to change the script again HE GOT IT RIGHT

  • The truth is if kong would have died the looting and "peaceful protests" in America won't stop for the next decade.

  • I really thought he was kidding when he claimed that his previous prediction crushed it, because it really didn’t. Mechagodzilla was already confirmed to be in the movie and the idea that he would disguise as real Godzilla has already been debunked by the director himself before that video came out. And that video only brought up disguised Godzilla to make the point that there wouldn’t be a clear winner. So basically no, the theory was debunked before it came out, and it didn’t crush anything. There was a clear winner, and mechagodzilla wasn’t disguised as real Godzilla. And you can’t claim predicting a confirmed characters appearance in a movie is a solid theory. It wasn’t a theory, it was just MatPat doing a surprisingly bad job at his research, since he USUALLY at least crushed the research. Also monarch was literally in the film so, seriously MatPat you doing alright?

  • I'm pretty sure we all knew it was gonna be an "enemies teaming up for the greater good" scenario.

  • Hey, Mat, I have a theory that the godzilla universe is the same as the pacific rim movies. if anyone wants to know more, let me know

  • #ReleaseTheMonsterCut

  • When you say worse are you saying that the movie was bad in your eyes.


  • If we will probably never got then how do we prove this theory wrong!?

  • in my opion godzilla vs kong sucked


  • the kaiju is the main characters

  • hesei era is 1984 -1995 but7 if you where saying the part where godzilla kills kaiju yeah i would be sure its 1989-1995

  • You were assuming that Mechagodzilla would have Godzilla skin on and that Kong wouldn’t be battling Godzilla all movie because it was Mechagodzilla. You then went on to say that Godzilla would show up at the end to help Kong defeat Mechagodzilla. No hate, but I’m just saying, that that sound exactly “spot on” like you said it was (no hate, no hate at all! But I was just pointing out some facts).

  • Then:😑 Now:😷


  • :) hi

  • The Godzilla vs kong movie is already released .

  • I mean, it’s Warner Brothers. Are we really surprised at this point???

  • Listen I am indeed watching it for the human character. Freaking Millie Bobby brown leads me to watch every single movie she’s in

    • @Zachariah drake? My names harold

    • Ok Drake

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  • 7:46 LMFAOOO

  • Ghidorah possessing Ren, sounds like FNAF

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  • I'm pretty sure we all knew it was gonna be an "enemies teaming up for the greater good" scenario.

  • Monke should lose

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  • Bruh he talks about wine and I'm still interested

  • New name Ren..... Wait who?

  • “And in the end everyone gets their happy ending, except for Hong Kong which lays utterly decimated in the battle.“ (3:46) I chortled. Your script is always on point.

  • Are you team monke or team rawr?

  • 9:15 - "I talked to Barzini"

  • 11:18 The Heisei Godzilla Era was actually from 1984 to 1995!

  • monke

  • Eleven will always be known as Eleven for the rest of her career just as RDJ will always be Tony Stark lol