Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?

Birt 13 apr 2021
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Do we need nuclear energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from science, environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years - but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it. So who is right? Well - it is complicated.
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    • Yeah I hate the negative rap nuclear energy gets

    • @Thạnh Phạm Stupid Boomer doesn't know anything

    • Stupid science Science doesn't know Viruses convert sunlight into oil fields. Viruses appearing for the first time on Earth are extremely sophisticated, viruses know to absorb photons ( sunlight ) to get energy the virus to work, after millions of years the virus developin algae . Algae convert photons turned into an oil field. Sunlight - absorbing algae convert into positrons + and electrons -- Algae uses 928 positrons + that attract 917 electrons -- creating protons + Algae 918 positrons + that attract 918 electrons -- creating neutrons Algae use 6 protons + that attract 8 neutrons attracts 6 electrons -- create carbon ( c55 h72 o5 chlorophyll ) Algae use 1 proton + to attract 1 electron -- generating hidro ( c55 h72 o5 chlorophyll ) Algae reproduce fast like bacteria When dead algae are deposited into sediments, sediments decompose after millions of years in to oil fields

    • @Thạnh Phạm Tch ,I so Lazy to Pay Attention To Boomer

    • @Thạnh Phạm look at yourself first before insulting

  • i saw a pokemon easter egg and just today i saw the pokemon on television

  • Your other vids debate this vids topic.


  • "Wellll it's CoMpLiCaTeD" This line is becoming iconic

  • I love your videos. But could you make a video about how renewables are everything but sustainable? Dams disturb natural flow of water. Wind and solar have many not recyclable parts, And the materials needed for it requires A lot of new mines to be opened in Africa and South America, destroying the habitat we need to protect. And the technology for renewables is hitting a plato. Its not the magic solution everybody is pretending it to be. And we're gonna NEED nuclear way more than people like to admit, a specially thorium reactors.

  • Modern Nuclear is renewable energy. A 300 life half decay is nothing, we could store that waste in a warehouse waiting for it to stop being radioactive compared to the amount of co2 fossils pump in the air. This is what China understand but the west won't compete because the masses were brainwashed to believe fossil fuels good, nuclear bad and a 10year development cycle means the politician who implements it does not reap the rewards as he will likely be out of office when it comes online.

  • people who blindly recommend renewable sources of energy 100% without thinking about the repercussions or the challenges that come with it are the same people who are wannabe vegans, mostly tik tokers and 14-year-old white girls thinking they want fame

  • i think all countries will create their own solar farms. they will share power to eachother. this way energy generated from sunny side of the world will give power to dark side of the world. i also think solar power in arctic areas will be used for reducing heat and producing electricity nearby countries. the main problem is weak electrical grid between countries. for example africa and asia has lots of areas for solar farms but political reasons prevent countries to invest these places. germany had to build solar panels but they don't have much sun. but increasing demand on green energy will force oil producers like arab countries to sell desert area for solar farms.

  • I would love to know is there a way to keep them safe so things like before are not gonna happen again? Like, put the nuclear and its waste in a remote place, far away from people, so we can minimize the damage

  • My personal reasoning for Nuclear over Fossil fuel is actually pretty simple: Nuclear power might be more dangerous, but fewer humans are required to keep it steady - and they're all trained professionals. In contrast, fossil fuels generally require manual labour and *a lot* of frameworks to keep it going. The less humans are involved, and the more controlled it can be - the less accidents happen. The only reason fossil fuel is still here, is "for the jobs". We need to stop being selfish and accept change before the world changes without us.

  • I really think the world would benefit from that little game at the end. You play as "The Renewables", fighting the hostile "co2 leviathan" who has 50 turns to consume the earth. 8:52

  • Kurzgesagst should make a mobile games with those characters fighting the gas monster at the end.

  • 2:06 magnemite magnemite magnemite

  • my project and based it off of facts and evidence from this video (my teacher will never know if i change the words)

  • Was it me or there was magnemite in this vid😁😁

  • Please evolve the Magnemites

    • i see all but why did not mention the nuclear power plant's real negative effect, for example, nuclear waste

  • Can't we just get fusion / thorium reactors and stop taling about this forever.

  • Thank you

  • Could use thorium

  • Anyone going to comment about the Magnemites that appear at 2:07?

  • Lütfen Türkçe altyazı koyun

  • Bullshit demagogic video.

  • I agree we should be moving away from fossil fuels and trying to use electricity more but not because of climate change, I still say that the climate change thing is mostly a hoax and that's coming from a guy who has a solar powered home

  • Stop climate change? Which season will we be stuck with? Fall is cool!

  • On earth? Probably nuclear energy could help but maybe become less popular in the far future A idea I have is that when we get to places like Mars, we could maybe use it there? It could be a place where coal and other sources of energy can be contained and used. If CO2 makes the world hotter, why not try that on Mars? would make the freezing wasteland hotter? Nuclear waste could also be stored there, as well as power plants being used there. That way in case of accidents, deaths can be a bit more minimalized and away from cities and places where mass death can occur? This is just a idea. feel free to criticize or give other ideas to me

  • No we need solar. But it’s “too expensive”

  • Sekiro on the tv when the bird plugged it in good shit y’all have good taste

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  • popularizer like you so thanks you !! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Buying Uranium ETF right now...

  • i see all but why did not mention the nuclear power plant's real negative effect, for example, nuclear waste

    • @ceerw buty likewise

    • Is it worth to invest billions on nucleare when the isotopes of uranium are so rare?

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  • Don't mind me, just sacrificing my comment to the algorithm.

  • But what isn’t said is that there is clean coal, which is what most nations burn other than China.

  • The Taiwan government should take a look at this video. We've disabled our nuclear power plants and depending our energy on renewable and burning more and more coal.

  • But climate change isn't real.. we all know the climate isn't constant, well the smart ones that can think for themselves do anyway

  • 4 nuclear reactors are closing in Belgium because politicians don't understand them and the people are scared of them ... Pls help.

  • 5:20. this makes me sad for some reason.he was just peacfully cooking and the power is out and hes sad and im sad to

  • 2:07 pokemon working in the backround the magnet ones

  • 1:43 guy plays sekiro too

  • Short answear: YES. But leftist wont agree with that cause the eminent anihialation os our planet is a very lucrative bussness

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  • I like how india is a part of nuclearly advancing nations and beating the west promisingly

    • I won't be surprised if India in the future will become a nuclear superpower due to their breakthroughs in reactor and waste containment technology. Along with china and russia.

  • when he said "alektricity" i felt that

    • my project and based it off of facts and evidence from this video (my teacher will never know if i change the words)

  • This one has one of the best soundtracks.

  • Is it worth to invest billions on nucleare when the isotopes of uranium are so rare?

  • Incoming "Thorium reactors are the future"

  • Nuclear energy is the way!

  • Starting to worry that we're all going to be doom before we can even reach type 1

  • I’m curious though, would it be possible to create a nuclear reactor that would work under zero gravity, and if that is a possibility, why don’t we just move them to space and figure out a way to convey the energy they produce over massive distances (make it like a space station so that maintenance can be performed) and have some kind of storage module that could contain a large amount of nuclear waste. Then, a way to unload said nuclear waste or launch it at the sun so that it would burn up? I know this has probably been talked about somewhere but still it’s an idea haha.

  • If only we could achieve Cold Hydrogen Fusion in the next few months xP

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  • It's cause wind and solar suck buttocks.

  • nuclear isnt technically renewable

    • @yasio bolo thorium reactors would be easier to get fuel since thorium is about 3x more common than uranium

    • You mean Nuclear ISNT a renewable source?

  • Nice video.

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  • 1:45 yo he playing sekiro

  • If humanity tries to use nuclear energy and renewable energy together that would be a serious life saving

  • while doing a essay on this topic i thought "what if i watch the kurzgesagt video on it and i ended up realizing this is in the same format of a argumentative essay and i just redid my project and based it off of facts and evidence from this video (my teacher will never know if i change the words)

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  • these vids are the best i love them

  • Auf jeden Fall you do, otherwise you guys need to buy energy from France or importing natural gas from Russia via the almost finished Nord Stream 2, and also facing US sanction for dealing with the Russians or as a last resort, you guys will burn brown coal which increases carbon emission. Gruße, Ich komme aus China, jetzt lebe in Australien und Deutsch lernen :)

  • im just gonna ask everyone who sees this comment please help earth

  • Germany plans to shut down all of its remaining 6 nuclear power plants until 2022. It's a good plan.

  • this dudes soo cool

  • 0:19 it always is lol

  • Renewable energy is very inefficient in land use while nuclear is very efficient and this will be a big factor

  • If renewables and nuclear is the way to go, what are we supposed to do as individuals to help solve the problem?

  • You mean Nuclear ISNT a renewable source?

    • nuclear isn't renewable rn

  • 3K+ Hippies who dislike this video would rather burn fossil fuels instead of using nuclear


  • !reggin yeH

  • Thorium

  • I am amazed you never, even once, mentioned the most obvious: if we want to save more we need to spend less. this is where your utopian ideology about capitalism comes to an end.

    • Socialism sucks. Viva la capitalism

    • When you get into funding new things you also get into the politics of how a nation should be spending its money, and I don’t think they want to spark political discourse in the comments. It is a science channel after all, not a political one!

  • Could you make a video about solar cycle and climate changes?

  • You have constantiated a world in which spending finite resources is, by default, seen as acceptable. A very, very, dangerous precedence.

  • Opinion add: How would it be to save energy to cut emissions? Sad this video ignores the nuclear dangers by far

    • There are barley any nuclear dangers with new nuclear power plants. They use nuclear pebbles instead of rods which if everything goes completely wrong the power plant will release barely any radiation. Which the chance of that happening is so so SO low.

    • they have already made a video about nuclear dangers and saving energy is not a solution

  • I have an idea Just use Solar panels and windmills 😂🤣😅🤣

  • They are going to take our fuel and make us all poor.

  • Nothing is going to stop climate change because it's natural.

    • @Ferocious Gamer hmm

    • @Scott Cook Everyone doesn't need to comply

    • @Dommy kun It will take world conquest to get every one to comply.

    • @Scott Cook yeah its natural and everything that is natural is balanced out with the other systems and the life of the planet, but we broke the balance and now the damage that climate change is going to cause is ridiculously high. what we want to do is reduce the damage and bring it back to balance. it is not difficult to understand if you read a basic science book

    • ​@Dommy kun I did not miss any point. Nothing is going to stop climate change because it's natural.

  • i mean diamonds are carbon

  • three is the best but if you used nuclear then seperate CO2 and make it diamonds from the carbon and O2 from the oxygen

    • that's not how things work

  • just gonna say this, but the united states navy has been using nuclear reactors on their carriers and subs for over 70 years and we have not had an accident once.

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  • Nuclear energy is just too risky we can't afford another spill or accident it's just a matter of time

    • @random name yes? still one big spill and it's all over

    • if theyre build good there is little chance it can go wrong

    • @Dommy kun but still there are risk of eathquakes a tsunami damage on Nuclear power plants

    • its not a matter of time and investment in technology is what we need to reduce this risk to the maximum

  • Solar and wind have no negative effects ? Oh please, Solar farm use Solar panels which reflect sun's energy back, every flying creatures who passes by will die of burning. And wind fields do the same, too. The turbo fans kill thousands of flying creature years by years. There're pros and cons of each type of energy, but if we want to step further, we have to use Nulear Energy. My country tried to build a Nuclear power plant once, but the locals were just too afraid of the consequence of nuclear waste so our government had to stop. As a citizen, i still hope our country can build one in the near future.

    • can we get some videos on nuclear breeders and smr's

  • 10:20 This wheel cannot physically go the same direction than the bird walking on it! Aren't thoses real birds and objects? I think we may have been lied to! :O

  • people advocating for nuclear power is why gas chambers were invented

  • people advocating for nuclear power is why gas chambers were invented

  • Can we make a nuclear source machine so that the solars and windturbines help to produce electricity and also charge the nuclear source machine..... So when it's not windy or sunny the nuclear source machine can produce energy???? Can't we do that????

  • dis dude tought me more than school did

  • this video is lame!

  • what about solar panel waste? or wind deaths?

  • they make me cry when I see the birds upset or dead

  • Anyone else depressed after this?

  • We've been polluting earth with greenhouse gases only for like a century or so and the situation already got worse so much, we really need to move on from them really fast, because it will get only worse like really really fast, not in some future like century after, but during our life time in following decade or so And about Russia.. Yea, our country definitely can technically, but it won't practically simply because of corruption For real, 90% of the budget dedicated to build some new nuclear power plant will be wasted by higher up in the government "people" and it won't be finished even in a decade

    • I prepare for the case that C02 emissions will continue rising the next 20 years.

  • The funny thing is that nuclear reactors are made of concrete and making concrete is bad for the environment.

    • The funny thing is that building wind turbines requires hundreds of tonnes of steel and concrete. And gasp, steel and concrete were both very energy and carbon intensive to make, they require much more of these than nuclear plant of the same level of energy capacity.

  • People who support nuclear energy forgets the waste it makes.

  • Why dont you show how many birds wind turbines kill each year?

    • maybe bc they are talking about nuclear power and not the dangers of wind turbines?