Film Theory: The Tragic World of Arthur Exposed! (PBS Arthur)

Birt 8 okt 2020
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Remember Arthur? The aardvark that helped you know how to SPELL aardvark? This PBS show is still running and I think it's about time I ruin it for EVERYONE! It's my job! I started watching through some episodes and started to notice something: there are a LOT of bunnies on this show. Now, there are plenty of jokes to make about rabbits but what I have to show you is MUCH darker than that. I am about to pull back the veil to show the tragic secret of the Arthur universe.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • And I say HEY! (HEY!) What a wonderful kind of day. If you can learn to work and play And get along with each other🎶🎶. 😭😭

    • Nice

    • You got to listen to your heart listen to the beat

    • Hijack that song with magic bullets and a couple jumbo jets, lies and a few wars:

    • @Farhaan J xc'

    • **Vietnam flashbacks**

  • Who else thought author was a mouse

  • Theodd1sout had joined the chat

  • you just ruined my childhood

  • Mr. Ratburn is mathsexual. He's attracted to numbers.

  • Plz do godzilla plz plz plz plz

  • somehow one of those people who doesn't live in us aka all of the people

  • Roses are Red Painting is art Believe in yourself For that's a good place to start

  • A zonkey is also called a zass.

  • Arthur is the original zootopia.

  • Francine is a monkey she just needs a bannana 🍌

  • I have another idea for a theory how about James and the giant peach

  • Film theory, over thinking kids TV shows

  • I show my dad this video, his only reaction, it's a T.V show.

  • I want a film theory on a less popular PBS cartoon like Martha Speaks, Clifford the big red dog, or Word Girl. Am I the only one who watched the smaller things in life

  • I think it makes alot more sense in that the offspring of 2 different species, their off spring has a 50/50 chance of being either one of the parent's species. All rabbit characters have one rabbit parent so maybe rabbit genes in the Arthur universe are just alot more dominant.

  • Amazing theory of Arthur and there is lots of catchy songs in Arthur too.


  • Mattpatt is a GOAT. Great work on this! I never even watched Arthur....

  • i feel like some adultery has been going on in Arthur

  • You must be pretty low on content ideas if you made this episode.

  • Am I the only one that watched Arthur in elementary and middle school

  • How did this video teach me that Francine is a monkey

  • I think matpat went overboard with the theme song references...

  • wait till peanut butter gamer watches this

  • Darn Buster was my fav character.

  • Also how was the teacher still alive wasn’t it supposed to die at his teen years? Is he 16?

  • Thanks for taking away my childhood! (Again)

  • You forgot about the canon spinoff series, postcards from Buster, in which Buster travels around the world and meets all sorts of different people. Yes, people exactly like us. Non-animated human people. In real places like New York City and Quebec. This implies that the arthur universe somehow exists within our universe, and that somewhere in america is a small town of animated anthropomorphic animals.

  • The 1st longest running american show would actually be Looney Tunes.

  • humans with genetic features that resemble animals

  • Wait you have a kid



  • I used to love arthur as a kid I would watch it everyday after school and never miss an episode 😅 I even went to PBS website to play the online game lol 🤣 But nowadays there are some many inappropriate arthur memes circulating on the web it's ruining my childhood memories 😃

  • Guys what is PBG (peanut butter gamer) was a special guest on this theory 😱

  • well, yes

  • rabbits have the most kids and they problably dont want to keep them all.

  • When I sell you 🤣🤣 iconic insult 🤣🤣 and hold up Binky is a bulldog?????

  • Wait that's ilegal

  • WHOA IT WORKED i have a liquid brain now

  • Btw there is actually an episode of Arthur where DW learns about swearing! I believe the episode is called Bleep

  • I think the people who didn't watch arthur are the ones who had cable tv so they switched it to cartoon network and nickelodeon

  • Savage rosted

  • Welcome to the south where we silence people we don’t like. But seriously wtf Alabama.

  • What about Zizzy and Pony ( Roblox game btw )

  • Me throughout watching this video: "can this have something to do with dominant and recessive traits in the Arthur universe?"

  • I'm not 100% sure what I thought Binky was....but I didn't think he was a bulldog xD

  • Me: **reads description** “ARTHUR IS AN AARDVARK!? I thought he was some sort of mouse! You have opened my eyes. Also he never taught me to spell aardvark.” Me after watching the video: “OH MY GOSH I NEED TO DO RESEARCH! I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT ANIMALS MOST CHARACTERS ARE! I’M SO FREAKING STUPID!”

  • Muffys plastic surgeon was so funny

  • Everyone: Francine is a monkey?! Me: Binky is a bulldog?!?!?!

  • I damand more FNAF NOWWWWW

  • 12:33 dang

  • Poor rats

  • holy sh!t a monkey?

    • final(maybe) thing. wow, ruining childhoods! ( I am a child so thanks!!!!!)

    • god why? (spider monkey)

  • "Unless I missed the episode where The Brain has to suppress his bear-like instincts to avoid devouring his classmates." Ah, so Beastars then?

  • I really like ruining childhoods too

  • I did not know that Brain was a bear, I thought he was just a really big hamster ._.

  • why is The Film Theorists taking on Peanut butter gamer Turf because Austin does Arthur on his channel.

    • They are stomping on my turf as well. Someone needs to teach Mr. "Film Theorists" a lesson. A well written form of complaint or a professional video response.

  • Maybe the show creator likes rabits

    • Yeah, I wouldn't blame him.

  • I didn't even watch this show and you still ruined my childhood 😂😂✌️

  • Hey matpat, your probably never going to see this lol, but I have a suggestion for another theory, there's this hbo max original called raised by wolves and so far I love it. It's about two androids who were put on a different planet to raise kids as atheists after a battle between the atheists and the believers destroyed the earth in there battle. It's a really good series and I highly suggest it because there's probably more lore to it than there is in fnaf lol. And it's only on it's first season.

  • Matpat: List different Zebroids Me: Impatiently waiting for him to mention Deerbra

  • Am I the only one who has never seen buster’s father before?

  • Franklin next???

  • Rabbits havin more babies then grandmas

  • I didn’t really get aurther anyways

  • Old Aurther having World War 2 flashbacks is just amazing I’m sorry 😂

  • Friday was the anniversary of Arthur punching his sister Happy times and i right

  • People saying that it's strange for arthur to have a dog while some of his friends are of the dog species have never heard of monkeys or dolphins (Dolphins aren't as humanoid but are incredibly intelligent, being able to lose days of sleep without losing cognitive functions, unlike humans, its unnatural and it scares me)

  • Wait what is muffi

  • Wow my child hood was throw out the window

  • But have you noticed that in some episodes there is this man who looks exactly like carl?

  • Captive rabbits (when well taken care of) can actually live for 8-12 years! Potential (or current) rabbit owners, please keep this in mind!

  • I didnt watch this show much, only at my grandmas because i only remember watching PBS at her house. My mom insists she had cable, but i dont remember watching anything but pbs at her place

  • Why does he sound like James from the odd1out or is he in odd1out Haha lol

  • Growing up i hated anther it was so weird

  • Actually, in 2020 (this year) Arthur became a 4th grader. 24+ years and he will be in 5th grade.

  • Please tell me I wasn't the only kid who thought that Arthur was a Guinea pig/Hamster!

  • The lifespan of rabbits in captivity when properly cared for is actually 8-12 years. A lot of misinformation is spread about rabbits and they are frequently not cared for properly. Please, any pet owners or people considering pet ownership, make sure you have accurate information and know how to properly care for you animals.

  • Aardvark?!! I thought he was a hamster!!

  • That roast in it tho is awsome

  • exists in this world?

  • I thought you were gonna be talking about the Bleep Episode Scott Cramer talked about haha

    • the brother and sister with the dog mom has the dog mom's snout nose. So, I mean... yeah

  • Im in fourth grade

  • Film theory slowly turning into Interspecies Reviewers and I’m ready for it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I was beginning to think he was going to question the hierarchy in the Arthur universe and why animals have pets.

  • Muffy: My mom knows a good plastic surgeon! ME: 😭😭😭😭 lol muffy is SAVAGE

  • God loves everyone and can help us through this tough time!

  • Maybe interspecies relationships follow One Piece rules: In OP, there are a lot of species apart from regular humans: Giants tribe, long arms (People with long arms and two sets of elbows instead of one), long legs (ridiculously long legs, regular number of kneees), Minks (animal people), Tontata (dwarves only a few inches tall), Merfolk (human top, fish bottom) and fish folk (people with fish-like traits). The Mer and Fish folk live together on Fishman Island and can procreate. What the kids end up as is completely random, more or less. The kid can either be a fishfolk or a merfolk, though sometimes traits mix. They can also inherit traits from an ancestor: You dad could be a hammerhead shark fishman and your mom a koi mermaid and the kid could be a gold fish mermaid because of great grandma Goldie. Then there is Big Mom, who has children of almost every race because she's a freak

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  • Or rabbits are just the mail man.

  • Family guy

  • The show was so perfect but then they added Mr. Ratburn's episode😒

  • You didnt talk about how in the books arthur had a long nose

  • You never mentioned on how they have pets, how can they have pets if they're animals themselves, are their pets infants or something?

  • But what about the pets, after all Arthur does have a dog and there are other pets that don't seem self aware in the Arthur universe. what makes the characters more human like?

  • I thought pat was going to say that they were eating some of the rabbit people.

  • why don't you figure out what poison ernesto used, now that would be cool.

  • But the rabbit children actually do have features of the non rabbit parent... like the rabbit kid with the monkey dad has the prominent nostrils of the monkey dad, the daughter of the brother and sister with the dog mom has the dog mom's snout nose. So, I mean... yeah

  • wow 😆😆 wow