Superliminal (FULL GAME)

Birt 18 nóv 2020
Superliminal will blow your mind over and over until there's nothing left but ashes and dust at the bottom of reality and then it'll do it all over again!
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  • Why for mark’s voice sound unusual

  • He be goin around the house at 3 a.m looking for BEANS.

  • Well he did not sign all the papers but he sure as hell pressed all of the soda machines

  • Timid Jazz Pianist got me

  • mark: i am forward marching- me: hErE wE gO, MeMbErS oF tHe AgEnCy BaKuGo, SaI- EuGh

  • The die is a reference to the die-t from the simpsons

  • Zach king the game

  • This game:character is in a dream sequence and leeps on trying to reach a goal( going through the elevator) Call of duty cold war: character(bell) in a dream sequence trying to reach a goal.(opening the door.)

  • Honestly this one of my favorite videos ever I keep rewatching when I not well I really wish I could like more that one time

  • Portal Parable

  • Game:**is serious** Mark: big box

  • 1:24:32 I thought the exact same thing Mark

  • My brain is officially broken. This is the trippiest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • 20:35 - Illinois?

  • “I like cheese” “I love beans” “I like guac” Is there a food mark DOESNT like?

    • @KawaiiLemon I mean. I guess soju works

    • @Ice L Koreans can drink alcohol. You realize they invent like three types of alcohol right? Mark can’t drink alcohol due to medical stuf but Koreans can DEFINITELY get schwasted. My gf and her family can drink me under the table any time and they are always busting it the soju.

    • Not onions anymore XD

    • @Magic Music 117 Koreans can’t drink alcohol

    • @Ice L yes? i am aware.

  • Lowkey getting some portal 2 vibes from this game(namely the dialogue from somnascript's staff)

  • I watched this while high and wow wtf lolol I love it ^_^

  • hqpl

  • i fell droonk

  • tath does nothing to my brain cuz ive ben triked to many times

  • 43:45 i thought i saw somebody standing there but i looked again and nobody was there😭

  • 54:55🤣

  • 5:01 his brain just broke lmfao 🤣 💀 😂 😭

  • Mark is my 3d favorite ISchatsr he also takes the place of 1st and 2nd

  • Imagine explaining this to a blind person

  • so.. stanley´s parable's verse

  • Deep voiced mark is so nmgsyegzyeh🥰😍😘

  • What happens if you get all the blueprints?

  • Soda Steve Anybody remember tiny box Tim 😭

  • I don't know how, but I watched the whole video despite it being gameplay. I absolutely loved it.

  • You left soda steve!!!

    • Also it was never sunday!!

  • The timid pianist is adorable-


  • Mark not seeing the pawn fits into the dice killed me inside. It was RIGHT THERE the whole time and it never clicked for him

  • 1:22:32

  • No one: My dog when I open the door for 0.057 seconds: 1:28:02

  • 38:08 mark: "thisiswhereamonsterwouldCOMERUNNINGATME.... no...." *Add plays*: "excape to the world of anime-"

  • 25:44 same


  • 36:16 why did his scream sound like a door creaking open, i can't 😂

  • Anyone else crying?

  • Murder murder murder murder BEANS

  • Why does he low key sound like corpse in some clips

  • i am so triggered that he didn’t put the chess peice in the dice.

  • mark is fake this is a dream

  • Turn on captions I dare you

  • I’ve seen mark wheeze a lot

  • did i spend almost 2 hours in one sitting watching this? i dont wanna talk ab it

  • 28:01 You're welcome, Mark. For the beer, that is. I know you shouldn't consume a lot so $5 should be fine, yes? Yes good, glad we can agree.

  • After hearing mark say "Portals" I immediately thought this was just a portal game but in dreams Because You play through puzzles As you play You discover bits and pieces of the lore But there is no GLaDOS

  • I would pay to have a video of mark reading bedtime stories with soft jazz in the background. Seriously would help my insomnia.

  • In case someone hasn't done it already: Table of Contents: 0:00 Beginning 1:29 Induction 12:53 Optical 28:26 Cubism 37:00 Blackout 48:15 Clone 58:13 Dollhouse 1:08:09 Labyrinth 1:18:46 Whitespace 1:31:44 Retrospect 1:34:55 End Credits

  • Is it just me or was there like a test run of this game, or like something with the same mechanics, FOREVER AGO? Like, didn’t it have the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower in it? And I think a chess piece as well? Also I like how the Woolworth claim to be helping with feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy and yet the AI consistently evokes those feelings throughout the game. Clever

  • mark isn't real theory: in this video he mentioned that he wouldn't be able to be here without us. So what if he's our collective vision of the perfect youtuber? A soothing voice, a wide array of content, and an attractive figure, without being overwhelmingly perfect. He's funny, but knows when to be serious, and he keeps us interested. That's why we're all still here. If we stop believing, would markiplier stop existing? Have we given him the power to control those around him? make them bend to his will? and if we have, how can we ever undo it?

  • no probs mark 27:58

  • 17:02 just a time stamp for me but yall can use it if ya want.

  • This whole vid that what’s she said

  • Lol 17:28 19:00


  • For anyone in the future watching this video, this is an INCREDIBLY cerebral game. That being said, if you’re stupid and don’t like being confused, you should leave now before you start. However, if you’re not stupid or like being confused, I urge you to watch this video. It has an extremely profound message disguised by a very unique style of game that in the end really reaches out and, ironically, touches reality. Not to put to fine a point on it, but it really puts the world and most of life into perspective

  • 1:17:54 the ikea car park after the human race got wiped out

  • I actually feel kinda dizzy after watching this

  • HA, YOU CAN’T STEAL MY DREAMS! because I lost all my dreams years ago.

  • ok...i love this game!

  • Me when I watch this:"...... hOw WhAt iS ThIs gAmE ReEeEeE"

  • mmm year punish me DADDY

  • E

  • 20:33 Is it just me or who else thought of Hamilton?

  • Lol its big brain time sorry I can't git the sticker for it

  • 17:32 didnt get it

  • nobody ever me falling asleep then wakening up talking about duck tape with mark lol I'm serious that happened

  • hi mark

  • This game reminds me of the Stanley Parable

  • 16:02

  • the game: *has an invisible barrier Mark: *has a mild stroke

  • Why does this entire game just remind me of zack king? (May have spelt his name wrong)

  • I pity the laughing fool

  • "Congratulations on falling asleep" wahahhaha

  • My brain hurts

  • 19:07 just... Why? 19:13 I LAUGHED SO MUCH

  • this video game reminds me of some of Zach kings vines

  • 57:15 *Yoda has joined the chat.*

  • kdo je tady od wedryho

  • 38:50 his face 😂

  • "murder murder murder murder murder murder beans,'oo I love beans please tell me it's sunday."

  • How could we like if we were frozen

  • Is this doesn’t become an animation with the piano part as a part of it then I’ll be depressed

  • Poor lixian

  • im cOnFuSeD........

  • My cat pushed the like button for me, XD

  • 33:54 is it me or is the blocks are moving

  • 1:18:13 he keeps saying my name

  • I believe markiplier played a game like this called Museum of Simulation Technology

  • Markiplier: *Talking about squeezing someones head like a grape Lixian: *Head gets squished* Me: Rip Lixian

  • I was putting of this video until i finished the game my self, i did today and watched this right after. There were some moments were you said the exact same thing as me, lol!

  • This Video is so read more

  • 5:49

  • 1:28:10 it just turned into that area in NieR Automata!

  • It’s crazy when he’s holding objects in this game my perspective starts to shift to seeing the objects getting bigger instead of it getting closer to his face if you know what I mean

  • Is it me or do I feel like a lot of the views are just people rewatching this?