Saturday Nights - Chill out music mix - Khalid, Ali Gatie, Jeremy Zucker...

Birt 15 ágú 2020
Saturday Nights - Chill out music mix - Khalid, Ali Gatie, Jeremy Zucker...
Please stay at home and listen to this pop rnb chill mix:
Discover the best pop music & chill songs:

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Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
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  • Listen to this:

    • @Jommel Austero ฝ

    • you could have added alec benjamin too

    • @Ketupat Lebaran I love you too ttttttt u

    • @Adam Gavin Trying it out now. Seems promising :)

    • Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

  • this playlist was has been my emotion rescue today : (

  • at the time 22:53 what song was it i really like the song :

  • can you say the name of thirst song please?

  • saturday nights intro kinda sounds like iu's bueming lol

  • If Only💙🌺🎤

  • 🇻🇳

  • Chill cực luôn

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  • Put the song name

  • nice

  • The first song.. just makes me cry..

  • this video makes me to feel that im beautiful❤

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  • any one just type down what u feeling and just erase it cuz u don't whant your teacher seeing or your freinds of family cuz if they see then u are in deeeeeeeeep shit with your family and your teachers worry about u and make u talk to the some 1 at the school

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  • My fav songs all together love this R&B chill mix

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  • These songs somehow brought me into a different world where I can relax. Free from everything that stressing me out. Thank for uploading these songs it helps me a lot.

  • The best is 32:33 ❤

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  • Hello, if maybe you have some extra time, can you watch my video? thanks i will appreciate it a lot!!

  • today i'm so sad:)

  • Name minute 20:40 plis

  • Really forget all tension when listening you. Thanks a lot

  • this is so fire

  • Post more sad songs

  • im listening to this and doing homework so chill and viby

  • Channel love life good I love channel

  • To listen without ads 32:33

  • It's actually Saturday night today its midnight im doing homework

  • Pls can you make another playlist like this

  • Thanks for all your kind cmt, when i feel alone and reading it all i feed so so sooooo better, thanks you guys. I wish u a Saturday night evening❤️

  • im listeninh while drawing

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  • ive known you for 3 days but i love you already. not in the friend way i mean it in the other way xoxo

  • friday night* pog

  • Yo

  • 0:00 Saturday nights (Khalid) 3:30 What if I told you that I love you (ali gate) 6:44 turn back time (daniel Schulz) 10:28 comethru (Jeremy Zucker) 13:29 better (Khalid) 17:20 before you go (Lewis Capaldi) 20:55 hurt so good (Astrid s) 24:24 don't start now (dua lipa) 27:28 crazier things (Chelsea cutler) Have an amazing day everyone

    • @S!MON .77 Will do

    • @Tr4il Spread the love mate ❤

    • @S!MON .77 No problem mate

    • Thank u ❤

    • Thx 🤍

  • I love these songs so chill!

  • I listen to this to make myself sad; why?

  • Daming ads potek 😅 imbis mag ienjoy ka makinig nakakarindi pa skip skip hahaha

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  • gandA YANG kanta na yan . simply lene

  • it's my 1st time listening to this type of Music, Wow I am hooked

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  • I love this playlist

  • YOUR LOVE IS LIKE A BANANA ... Am I the only one who heard that

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  • POV: Listening this in my pc while playing mobile games

    • @Yanniverse Gaming idk

    • @Nextrollsented why tf you care?

    • @Yanniverse Gaming why would u rather do mobile games tho

    • @Nextrollsented what do you mean i said mobile games not pc games you ok? Read again🥴

    • Bru u can listen to it in your browser and play pc games

  • 💞🌹

  • I love this song its amazing

  • i like it

  • If your like me and likes to keep to yourself and mind your own business, doesn't want to cry, then welcome to Stressed club.

  • so good!!!

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  • I can not get this out of my head

  • i love chilling this is the only song i like

  • i love music ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • gaada yg gaenak lagunya :)

  • Amazing

  • 14:25 qual é o nome da música???

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  • What is love?

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  • Cool

  • Nice songs🤗

  • everytime im playing this. I see my parents and they seems to enjoy every song that played and i feel happy because they remember every memories they had in past. And thanks for this because my parents are so happy to hear this

  • People listening to this do class work or homework

  • I'm drawing and listening to this, so chill and it helps me focus! Love you 💖

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  • I love you 😛😛😛

  • Wish you a productive day

  • Wish you a productive day

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  • gooddd🥱🥺

  • Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee These last few weeks have been exhausting I'm lost in my imagination And there's one thing that I need from you Can you come through, through? Through, yeah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Just stop and think for a moment... ...You're part of something bigger and you are loved x

  • This playlist makes me feel free. Free from all the worries in my little world... thank you for this! 🥰

  • Music is everyone's remedy

  • very nice

  • peple in here being sad im just doin homework but be happy out of the 7 billion people alive and the 500 k that die each day that ur alive and well dont add to the 500 thousand someone loves you and if u dont beleive me text me on snap "alexxturkey05" ill love u if no one else will

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  • I really like listening to this while I doing my homework☺️☺️

  • youre listening because youre tired doing things for the world

  • amazing

  • listening to this reminds me that there's still hope for this winter

  • Am I the only one who heard "Your love is like a banana 🍌~" in the chorus part of 20:55 ? Anyone? XD

    • No I saw it too... lol its so confusing I was wondering if I was dreaming and it was so funny

    • @Yandere Isa Good to know I'm not alone XD swear I froze for a second when I heard it.

    • Nah I did too LOL

  • soo good

  • If you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Whatever your reason; we’re in this together. Rest your eyes ❤️

    • First some smoke. But it is not the same because i help an other when the Needed for. You?

    • @Jurish K 😍

    • kissing your heart ❤️

    • Thank you! Hope you're doing well there. 💗

    • ❤️

  • POV: You sit or sleep in your bed and thinking about someone specific that some how all this songs relate to 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  • These Gives Me 2017 Vibes (The Great Days 💖)