Man Got Catfished - TLC #14

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  • what kind of nickelodeon for kids intro is that lmfao

  • Would u like to do the jiggy jiggy with me -Indian Guy On Phone Call 📱

  • Everybody: what an amazing video Me: where the fuck does he get that fidget spinner from

  • Bad click bait tho

  • That f**k off at the end was the highlight of the video 😂

  • About the conversation he had with that girl in the store: Him: *joking* she has chosen me because i'm handsome. Am I not? Let me check it in the mirror. Girl: *laughing* okay, check yourself *rising curtains*. So he wasn't lying.

  • Is her husband Arabian?

  • We need to get Aladdin with someone real

  • My dad literally had to block his girlfriend from his social media bc she would constantly argue about him liking posts from female friends or females commenting on his posts.

    • LMAO 🤣

  • Me being Arab and understanding every word that aladin is saying is my biggest flex

  • who's gone tell him toronto isn't in the US

  • 20:05 jajajjaja

  • I hate it when she calls him honey... It disgusts me😒

  • no one'd gonna talk about the girl in the thumbnail 👀

  • This is literally a middle eastern man telling a girl she is the most beautiful thing in the world on social media lmao

  • 9:41 I literally thought pewds just yelled “bitch” randomly at first

  • Finally the series of pewds laughing his out is back

  • If I ever hear the word “jiggy-jiggy” I’m gonna get sicky-sicky 🤮

  • Lauras son is so cool🤣 and reasonable.

  • "hoony i lof you so mush, give me your sweet fingar"

  • A serious and hot man? Wow. What a shame I’m too slim... Men like big girls

  • I used to say jiggy jiggy when I was younger instead of the actual word-

  • That guy Aladdin should go with the 19 year old girl in the other series And the old lady should go with the old man who is with the 19 yr old girl

  • Toronto is not in the United States - it’s in Canada

  • women be like that

  • poor man

  • Apparently Toronto is in Canada guys

  • You know

  • I watch TLC because of Pewdiepie now

  • The Thor hammer fidget spinners got me distracted...🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • Cocomelon lol

  • Jingy jingy

  • My favourite quote was: We have lots of *jiggy jiggy*

  • BRS Hue Hue q sabem ingles tmb assistem :D

  • I hope he ends up with the girl from the dressing room. She seems cute. They'd make a good pair.

  • This live action Aladdin is different than I remember

  • i remember the female protagonist being more pretty......

  • Damnit my daughter heard the cocomelon tune and came over 🤣

  • I kinda like the guy...

  • Second hand cringe overload 😬

  • My dad has a book called baby names for dummies

  • when I saw the thumbnail My Brain: How could she catfish and type if she cannot see or breath lol

  • 9:41 Covid Sneeze

  • 6:02 "... so her solution is to buy a guitar?"

  • She's More Like..... "More Cushion for the Pushion" lol

  • This was obviously a stunt lol

  • The energy of the short guy has me weak.

  • His name is Aladin

  • luba

  • "A GUITAR' HAHAHAHAHAH lesliieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • That intro genuinely scared me

  • This "You Know" keeps reminding me of Jin-

  • What is that gold thingo that pewds has

  • 5:59, this came out a about a week after he was confronted about that, and just that fact made this joke 1000% better.

  • Is he playing with a mini golden mjölnir or is it just me seeing that

  • Lol all of his friends are awkward.

  • Hey you know... I know...u know ...hey u know

  • That guatemalan elf is based

  • Lara: I’m originally from Toronto, Canada Pewds: Why do Americans always do this???


  • Toronto is my favorite American city.

  • The moment that a girl requires me to take pictures of everyone I speak to throughout my day just so she doesn't have to feel jealous is where I draw the line.... I don't know how, whatever this relationship is, got this far in the first place...

  • You weren't brave enough to tell him in person but you are brave enough to just tell it on live TV.... makes sense.

  • Gosh felix your intro is creepy HAHAHAHAHA

  • the guy has weird taste in females like cmon

  • I live in Toronto and I feel ashamed that she did

  • The intro😂


  • That green card must be valuable huh

  • plot twist: her name is jasmine

  • I'm sorry was that a coco melon reference? 😂

  • "jiggy jiggy" 😂


  • Time for Jiggy Jiggy 😅

  • 7:20 felix... she said toronto *canada*.. shes not american-


  • "If I put myself in her shoes I would be taller cause she wears high heels."-son

  • Hes not local from qatar😂

  • This whole video got me rolling

  • This vidoe is very jigu jigy broo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • dude Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  • Finally someone from my country

  • she’s canadian so that makes me better

  • I cant stop staring at the fidget hammer

  • That guy basically sees how old she is. And then comes up with excuses to get mad. Literally same thing a gold digger gal does not When she finds out that cute guy with the lambo, lives in his lambo

  • And we got clickbaited

  • Lakris

  • "I am the man and she will listen to me." Aladin, shut up.

  • and then you got married

  • Fuck that intro 😰

  • Why I am still here I am just suffering 😵

  • But then. *pewds starts wheezing* Jiffy jiggy. Pewds: why am I watching this

  • You can heard the pornhud thing in the back ground in the back the beginning

  • "He doesn't look too bad" she says about a man, id bang as a straight guy

  • Judgemental much?

  • clickbait lol ive been fooled jk

  • Her son sounds like Dexter from Dexter's laboratory

  • I'm ALL For the Littler Dude to start a Comedy Career! I need this dude in stand up! xD... "stand up"

  • Thiz is so funny 🤣 😂 😆