I put my PHONE NUMBER in Fortnite!

Birt 8 apr 2021
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    • Good

    • Nooooooo I wanted to spam you

    • I actually tried to add you and call you

    • What of he just said that so that no one calls him maybe he is still using his phone

    • Oof I wish real number

  • Dude lannan calling him a bunch of times killed me🤣

  • next time i recomend putting call before the numbers u will get more calls but great vid i loved it

  • Fun fact: they go to there mother to get her phone.

  • Sick vid dude

  • Thank god im young for a phone

  • 2:49 the guy who called him is speaking facts

  • I will never like And subscribe to your channel for that spare phone thing

  • Gamer girl calls fresh.Fresh are you single.

  • Cows r the best animal so I would love to be called a stupid cow 😚✌️

  • He said get a job. Fresh is doing his job your Interrupting his work


  • LOL the people that said trash realize that your litterally better than ninja 🥱

  • Plz change ir phone no

  • Fresh ur no. Got leaked in the first kill

  • fresh i know it was a spare phone but u could literally see the phone number in the kill feed

  • U took this from McCreamy

  • Hi

  • he copied young chip

  • Bring back the old intro pls!

  • Guy:get a job Fresh: this is my job ISchats is my job I make more than a job can get me. Guy again: U probably only have a little though Fresh: Wtf I have 2.3mil

  • The funniest part is how crappy the peoples insults are XD

  • fresh use a face cam plz just for one day

  • I have my number in my name

  • Cool

  • Yo

  • For anyone wondering, the phone number used for this video is 0423535770

  • hi

  • Big.Boy.Tyler is on my friends list

  • When he said get a life get a job lmaoaoa he is making cash from fortnite 😂

  • The ones who said get money

  • Blurs the number when he wins creative doesn't blur the bottom left

  • I remember watching Lannan’s stream prank calling fresh

  • The number is in the kill feed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Get a job man if he knew who fresh was he wouldn’t say that

  • Guys what Is up yes

  • Ur intro all the same

  • i love how he says i just noticed i was on the wrong sense this whole time i wonder if that means he can play wit any sense

  • You know lazer beem

  • It would be cool to see another one of theis

  • 3:20 i love that part its so funny the way he says it

  • call fresh

  • Toxic lazer beem {funny}

  • He didn't blur out the top left

  • You should’ve done this then said that you didn’t play fortnite

  • Number in thumbnail😂😂

  • Lol man said get a job. Fresh prob earns more money per vid than he makes per year!!! XD

  • You know to that guy that said you should get a job just say well then why don't you have one

  • I love the "get a job" when that is your job🤣


  • Ooo now we know your sensitivity

  • I wish he said i work for lazer beam for a life

  • Realising that fresh spent a lot on that phone just to entertain us

  • 0423585770

  • Blurs the number once and I still spam call the number

  • Fresh be like always at the beginning of his yt channel WHAT'S UP GUYS YES

  • 3:24 is number is therr

  • It’s funny how people are calling fresh S$!t at fortnite

  • Ah yes “I put my phone number in ✨Fortnite✨

  • That's how I feel but without no one calling me lol. Literally everytime I play tilted zone wars and kill someone they always say " Your so bad". I'm like bruh who just died lol

  • 6:00 the dude got mongral classiced onnn

  • 3:22

  • You inspired me to sweat and I got in to a tournament thank you for inspired me

  • 3:02

  • You Didn't have to blur the number u already showed it when you clicked the setting thing

  • Nick: "YOU F_#+ING @$$ YOU..." *Realizes it's Fresh* Nick: *thoughts* "aw $h!t"

  • Yo what's the number

  • POV:you called his number

  • This guy dropped hard

  • Guys look at the kill feed when he kills them and u will thank me later

  • lol, lannan just calling u.

  • 10:22 that boy will watch thus

  • Bruh of corse all be mad at you becuse u do a toxic dance

  • Bro I can’t call you it’s not you I am on iPhone we’re going away for fortnight I watch your videos

  • I put my number in my name


  • Bro lazar is funny

  • tHE NUMBER IN THE VIDEO WAS 0423585770

  • Caught in 4k 3:23 phone Number

  • The only problem with doing this is that the people r gonna have him as a contact and start calling him a lot. 😂


  • 3:04 left his number.

  • The title is 420-696-420 😂😂😂

  • Fresh u put your name in twice

  • These people probably watch fresh on a daily it didn’t realise it was him

  • Anytime someone tells me the Fortnite community isn't toxic, I will show them this video lmao.

  • fresh is a great guy his vids make my breath fresh without mint

  • You pulled up the leader board so we can see your number

  • Omg whattt i saw someones phone number on game

  • Me over here like. I wonder how many of them just realized they made themselves looks so rude on the internet 😂😂

  • right now there are 6.9k comments

  • 1v1 me right now!😂😂

  • Bro your a nice guy for letting him win brother I never watched your videos and always said I didn’t like ya but your awesome lol

  • Hi fres you or good am in my sisters i path pls can you put me on you vit plssssssss

  • I saw you in a game😁😁😁

  • How to get girls phone numbers 2021

  • Why do insults change from “you’re a fortnite kid” to “neck yourself” so fast

  • the one that said ur a spuid cow sound like lazer beam

  • I prob gonna get hate but f it fresh is dumb cuz blurred the number here 5:01 and he doesn't blurs the number in the kill feed....

  • I saw his number o423585770