Why This Sofia Vergara Situation Is SO DISGUSTING, Logan Paul, NFT's Boom or Bust Rise, & More News

Birt 4 mar 2021
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00:00 - Vaccine Brand Hesitancy
00:42 - Sofia Vergara Wins Embryo Legal Battle
02:11 - Kings of Leon To Sell Their New Album As NFT
06:14 - Sponsor
07:09 - Arizona Law Might Bring Fortnite Back To Apple and Android
08:45 - South Carolina Adds Firing Squad To Death Penalty
10:49 - House Passes Voting Rights Bill
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Health Officials Urge Public to Trust Johnson & Johnson Shot:
L.A. Court Sides With Sofia Vergara:
Kings of Leon to Sell Album as NFT:
AZ Advances Bill That Could Restore Fortnight on Google and Apple App Stores:
South Carolina Bill Would Expand Capital Punishment Options:
House Passes Voting Rights Bill:
Netflix Launches “Fast Laughs,” a TikTok-Like Feed of Funny Clips:
Death Toll in Myanmar Surpasses 50 People:
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  • Big shoutout to your Mom for giving me a quote for that first story 👊🏻. A lovely lady for sure. 🔥

    • After returning from an NFT rabbit hole, I realize that that clip should be auctioned with an indefinite return of royalties.

    • Big shoutout to my mom for not fucking makeup wearing lady boys

    • That was unnecessarily funny gonna be honest

    • @Jeph-Whiskey Rants not on a pc so I can't copy comments effectively.

    • @arie gelfand Well, thats literally not what I wrote. You could have just copy and pasted it....but you didn't

  • Should we accept the death penalty? I don't believe so. But, if a man should take an innocent persons life, and the person be put to death, then if the state takes an innocent persons life should the state end? With how any incarcerated people in prison who did not commit a crime, or got blamed for someone else crime. The justice system need reform however that should not be capital punishment.

  • What makes me uncomfortable about the firing squad is that you have people paid to kill people. Can you imagine what that kind of job can do to a persons psyche? Or how messed up with power they might be? I’m sorry to say that I don’t trust people to maintain a healthy mental state while having jobs like that.

  • What is this; opposite world!?

  • Imagine being the "land of freedom" and still arguing on what is the most humane way to enforce death penalty instead of finally abolish the death penalty. It's 2021 Americans...

  • NFTs in the online space is useless, but value exists where it is perceived not where it exists which is the wildest phenomena in all of economics in my opinion. That being said the government should have the right to take a life only in instances of like serial offenders who will not reform and commit grievous offences.

  • Please talk about the environmental impact of NFTs

  • $15,000 for “ownership of the moment”....wtf

  • Well hell, Black people already have to face a firing squad before being convicted of a crime... we call them the police! And the majority of white folks make it very clear that using the police to murder Black Americans is something they don’t want to be stopped.

  • Late to the ball, but trying to use someone's reproductive sytem without their consent kinda sounds like rape with extra steps.

  • NFT is dumbest waste of money I've ever seen.

  • Welp guess I won't be going to South Carolina any time soon

  • I wish more people would talk about the way that there are nearly no protections for artists on the internet and NFTs are a great way to take advantage of artists online further. In the online art community, people have been discussing how stolen art can easily have NFTs attached to them. Similar to how people have their designs stolen for online retailers. This is where the "van gogh" analogy ends. For a painting, you have people who are trained to be able to identify the artist, which is just not the case for my art unfortunately lol. I don't mind famous people using NFTs to cash in on the dudebros that are into NFTs, because they have protections and their work is certifiable, but for the small artists (which is most of us) there's a very real fear of having our work commodified against our wishes. And most of those people don't have the means or access to file through the court. I could also see how a judge might rule in favour of the thief, seeing as how the blockchain is being explained as a reliable receipt of ownership. As with anything in digital spaces, I'm interested but extremely cautious.

  • In app and in game purchases should not be a thing.

  • Idky the line: Does the government have the right to take a life? Hit me so hard when i heard it

  • I've just recently discovered your Chanel (lol I know I'm late)... I really like your voice! 🙂

  • NFT sounds like a complete scam

  • If I have to hear nft one more mf time 🦾🚙

  • Ethan and Trisha brought me here - you made me subscribe. :-) Thanks for posting!

  • Omg this country is literally regressing. We're the only developed country that still uses the death penalty and now we're bringing back the death squad? What the actual eff?

  • Death Row - this is inhumane!

  • Not everyone on death row is actually guilty. We have murdered many innocent people. This is why I’m against capital punishment. Until we have a much better way of weeding out those who are actually innocent, we shouldn’t be in the business of killing people.

  • NFT’s is nothing but rich people flaunting their money and spending it on the dumbest shit.

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  • It’s just hyping up something that doesn’t need to be hyped

  • Everything in life is a unique experience and thus a non-fungible token 🤔

  • So NFTs are kinda like when people get the "special edition" style concert tickets for being the first 100 people to buy and are pretty much useless unless they are rare enough or there's suddenly tons of demand from other fans to own one. Or those signed posters in sports memorabilia stores

  • NFTs seem more and more like tax evasion schemes

  • so Logan Paul is selling videos of him opening packs of pokemon cards for $8,000?

  • I think if we were putting less non-violent criminals in jail for lengthy terms, we wouldn't have our prison systems overrun and if we were letting those out who were put in jail for marijuana or something like that then we wouldn't need the death penalty for violent crimes because our prison systems wouldn't be overrun in the first place. I feel like there are so many innocent people that get accused of murder and 40 years later they get released because of new evidence or someone lied or the evidence was tainted that if those people have been killed they would have never had the option to know what freedom was. I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty even though yes I will say that there are certain people of course like child molesters that everyone can agree should just not exist in this world but I also feel like there are so many innocent people that have died needlessly that it's not worth it in my mind to have the death penalty.

  • ok..... yeah, still don't get it.... the nft thg....

  • No i dont think they should have it because if they die they dont suffer for what they did and if they are innocent they have a chance to get released

  • I'm SO confused.....Logan Paul is selling moments? The understanding I have is that he's selling the moments that he opened certain Pokémon cards on video for $8k....not the cards themselves, or even the video - but the actual moment in his life??? I DONT GET IT

  • I mean if I'm going to die I'd like to have a choice. Like, if I was in jail, and I deserved to die? I'd actually pick firing squad and ask them to move the date up. I'm fucking WEIRD though.

    • I actually am not opposed to the death penalty but it must only be used in places where it is without a shadow of a doubt. Otherwise, jail because the innocent should not be executed.

  • Logan created the Pokemon bubble and will pop it . same with these digital art nfts .

  • I don’t get how something digital becomes limited like that. Like whats stopping it from being reproduced and shared around the internet?

  • NFTs are so confusing, even with an explanation I was just like “huh?”

  • If someone can't make a decision to take their own life, somebody else shouldn't be able to make that decision either...

  • Electoral reform isn't happening. This may be the past dem trifecta till the end of the decade.

  • I think NFT giving a freedom for Artists

  • I don’t want digital NFT’s to catch on. Please god no.

  • You know what was a scam? Betterhelp! 😂

  • I don't know if you will ever see this, but PLEASE look into NFT energy use and the damage it does to the environment before you make your own. It's not worth the cost and the only one who profits is you. The future generations will only lose. Is it worth a few grand to ruin your kids futures? Research before you do it.

  • Kind of disappointed that Phil didn't dive into why NFT's are such a hot topic in the art community right now... There's a lot of outrage surrounding them due to the impact it has on the environment. The problem is that for the average transaction, it uses 48.14 kWh of power (the same as what an average us household would consume in 1.63 days) 😟 Lots of artists are getting cancelled right now for hopping on the NFT bandwagon because of this, and there's basically a small war going on in the art twitterverse at the moment lol

    • There's also a lot of artists worried about theft, which imo, should get more coverage.

    • @Erick Santiago This is just my guess, I’m not fully up to date on NFTs either. I think it’s due to the file’s complicated nature? The tokens are encrypted in such a complex and complicated manner that it requires the computer an insane amount of computing power (and subsequently electrical energy) to do so.

    • Could anyone explain how or why a file would take that much energy to transact? This sounds absolutely absurd for the uninitiated.

  • Phill you should definitely cover the massive amount of energy that an NFT generates.

  • I am not from the US, but my two cents is that I am against capital punishment, but mostly because I feel like it is an easier way out. Those who have truly committed awful crimes should serve life sentences, but in prisons like those in Russia that are serving life sentences where the prisoners truly have their life taken away from them as punishment with just the bear necessities and no luxuries. See documentaries on ISchats as examples. The US prison system just seems also like a holiday compared to those in Russia for those serving life. Also in the very rare case where someone is wrongly accused, it always gives a chance to rectify the mistake. I am also curious how the firing squad would work. I know in the past in some countries the case was that there was a set of soldiers / police firing on command a bullet straight to the heart (usually marked) and only one would have the real bullet and the others have blanks so that the person would not have the mental impact and knowledge that they directly executed the person, but someone who served in the army I can 100% say that someone with experience using firearms, especially a rifle could tell the difference if a real bullet is fired or a blank. Usually by the kick-back and the sound. So yeah, would be interesting to see how the firing squad would actually work in the US if it is re-introduced.

  • Call me old school, but this NFT sounds dumb......

  • NFTs is a really neat concept, but has some pretty retarded examples and is incredibly limited with current available technology. Logan Paul and his "owning a moment" is a shit example of how NFTs can be used and is just a scam with extra steps. Imo good ways in which NFTs can be used would be a ticket to a digital concert/event (which are artificially limited to simulate exclusivity and value). Or an in-game item that can be unique, I'm thinking something like a weapon skin in CS:GO which keeps a history of all the kills ever as well as all previous owners - imagine owning the exact weapon skin which was used by a pro to score the winning point in a tournament, this could be very valuable. Or a car in a MMO racing game that you can customize or tune and then sell to other players in it's current state. Also a form of digital merch like a digital copy of a book with a unique or personal message from the author, however this would be a bit harder to grasp as it could technically still be copied or pirated. The only way I really see NFTs working today is if it was bound to some kind of platform which would guarantee authenticity (like owning an item in a game, outside the game it's worthless).

  • We absolutely should have the death penalty and honestly, it needs to be used much more frequently. Get rid of some of the terrible pieces of shit that are rotting in prison for life.

  • If the system wasn't so corrupt and constantly putting innocent people away yeah I would agree with the death penalty because murderers and rapists don't deserve to live 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ah America! The land of free Democracy where If you know you will loose when the majority of people won't vote for you, you can legally strangle the masses in order to "alter Democracy" to suit your agenda.

  • NFTs are super bad for the environment.

  • Allowing the government to kill its citizens is too easy for bad actors to abuse. Whatever sort of justice you might feel the death penalty brings, the risk for it to be used to silence disenters is just too high.

  • NFT's suck. We simply cannot afford the stupid high energy loads while we're fucking around with climate change

  • It's crazy to me that there are actually people in the comments section arguing that he should be allowed to have Sofia Vergara's eggs?! AND they're trying to spin it in a "oh no, this is PROOF that society has it out for men!" Like they both signed a contract agreeing that they both had to agree to access the embryos?! If the situation were flipped, the answer would still be (and should be) NO. What is wrong with these people

  • I think it is without question that some crimes deserve death. Anything with children comes to mind.

  • I don’t think we should have the death penalty cuz we disproportionately sentence Black people to death and later find out they’re innocent. Both the racial tilt & the fucked up justice system (disproportionate sentences & convictions. As well as false conviction of all races) make execution untenable.

  • .....subscription??????

  • The Death Penalty is legalized murder to satisfy one's own feelings. Plain and simple. If you're for the death penalty, just own that fact.

  • Fortnite skins are a type of NFT

  • Being Scandinavian, even the thought of death penalty seems very medieval. Firing squad?! That's horrifying!

  • for people that don't get the NFT thing, it's using cryptocurrency tech to mint a digital marker of "authenticity" to a digital file. digital media generally has the advantage of being perfectly copyable (if you make a copy of a file, it's exactly the same as the original and lose nothing), and this gets rid of that to introduce artificial scarcity to digital media. it brings the worst effects of physical art trading into a place where there's no reason they need to exist, and is just as harmful to the environment as actual cryptocurrency mining is. you should avoid it.

  • He should really look into how artists are having their art stolen on twitter by nft accounts commodifying the moment of that tweet. So many are going private and trying to block chain known nft accounts, but it's a losing battle.

  • Anything from Logan Paul is a scam

  • NFT is a marketing Scam. Its unfortunate for humanity that people are willing to spend their money on bs when ppl are dieing in the sts. The institution of money is essentially a scam aswell but thats another story.

  • The main discussion point I've seen on NFT's is that it's absolutely horrible for the planet, why is that not mentioned at all? One NFT costs the energy equivalent of flying a plane for 1.5 thousand hours, allot of these make a big impact

    • If you check his newest video, he's planning on releasing his own... I think it's pretty obvious why he doesn't mention it

  • I always be happy when artists getting paid.. but not logan paul

  • Death penalty for child rapists. The rest can be discussed accordingly.

    • And for other rapists too.

  • Why'd I just get a notification for this??

  • has anyone thought of the psychological effects of being a member of a firing squad? I feel like regularly having to shoot someone to death might be a bit unhealthy. Just a smidge.

  • Nft is the dumbest shit ever

  • Hey Phil, I've been a fan of the show for a really long time and love what you do, but I think you should give a second look to NFTs whenever you have the time. I'm mentioning this, because back when you covered NFTs and how big they're becoming right now, I got pretty excited and thought wow, what a great opportunity for artists to finally make a bit of profit from their work, but turns out NFTs are EXTREMELY damageable for the environment and the rate at which they're becoming popular is really, really bad. I really wish you'd cover that topic from a different angle if you can so people get into those knowing the repercussions and what it means for the planet. Thank you for keeping us informed, I only hope more people would know about this side of the story.

  • Yes to the death penalty. Only to pedos and rapists in my opinion.

  • The whole NFT thing makes no sense and sounds kind of ridiculous. Rich people just don't know what to do with all their money. Also, abolish the damn death penalty!!! Fuck.

  • I get the NFT thing, I think. Its like buying a jar of dirt from jerusalem or naming a star or having a pet rock. Meaningless except whatever meaning you attach to it. Nice for artists to find new ways to get paid.

  • What about the nft carbon footprint? The artist "ten-hundred" (awesome youtuber) just released a video explaining how bad it is for the environment... You should touch on this Phil. 👍🏻

  • The government shouldn't be able to kill citizens. Full stop.

  • I think that the death penalty should only be allowed in cases where there is no doubt someone committed the crime, by example mass shooters, terrorists etc. I think it is problematic to have the death penalty in cases where you just cannot be 100% sure someone did it.

  • RE: the Sofia situation... in a way, I feel like the tables have turned. How many women get pregnant, have the child despite the "father" wanting nothing to do with the kid AND then the unwilling father has to pay child support??

  • Maybe the death penalty shouldn’t exist? Idk man maybe that’s to radical an idea for the US......

  • I used to be totally for the death penalty, however now that I have become more informed about the ramifications of capital punishment, I am totally against it. The whole justice system in this country is a joke, so why would you trust a broken system to decide that people deserve die?

  • The thing about NFTs is that the monet comparison is dead wrong. This would be as if there was an original Monet, and then a canvas that was molecularly identical, and for all intents and purposes was the original. The only difference with digital media is that however many people get a piece of paper that says theirs is legitimate, but realistically it cannot be distinguished between if one were to compare the two files.

  • NFT is just rich people collectibles for when they decide they want their own currencies. Same as expensive art.

  • 8:45 Lethal injection of lead

  • I don't understand why us has death penalty, there's no redemption in death. And sometimes innocemt people end up on death row.

  • Have a nice life :)

  • I'm pretty anti-capital punishment. There are too many instances of innocent people being executed for heinous crimes that they later find someone else committed. Even then, I don't think that execution deals with the problems that caused them to commit the crime in the first place, namely, access to mental healthcare and other similar resources.

  • Oh lord wth is this

  • Down with the Death Penalty! i did an opinion article for my school newspaper regarding capitol punishment, and my research led me to a surprising conclusion. i tried my best to be objective and pragmatic, endeavoring to find only what is the most logical stance to take. with complete disregard for any factors such as religious beliefs, racial disparity, or my own personal feelings about what 'justice' actually is, i boiled the issue down to one thing: cost. i am against it due to the high cost associated with it compared to a life sentence. it was surprising to me, as this sort of information was tricky to dig up in 1992 (a world with no google!). i looked at the price of a bullet vs a lifetime of food and which one was cheaper seemed obvious. as counter-intuitive as it seems, due to all the mandated court proceedings and lengthy appeals process, not to mention the specialized equipment and staffing that must be maintained, it is more expensive to execute an inmate than to sustain them in prison. the costs since then have only risen. add in the possibility of exoneration, and i have to double-down on my stance against capitol punishment. it's literally not worth the price.

  • It is against the law to commit murder. Further more in the definitions of the law, that which is considered a "Capital Crime" is relegated to "Murder One", which is defined as "Pre-meditated". Now that is a commentary on judging individual intention (thought police) but at least it is quite specific. Planning to commit a murder days, weeks, months, or years prior to the actual act, is considered "premeditation". The Death penalty is therefore by definition "Premeditated Murder". The state is planning to kill a civilian. I am of the position that if a Civilian cannot premeditate a murder of anyone, then the state should not have that right either. Grisham's "A Time to Kill" covers this concept quite well, because there are situations in life where killing is necessary and morally right - but that doesn't necessarily mean civilly right. That is what a jury is there to decide. Once the jury convicts, it should not be permitted for the state to have a "sentencing" which reciprocates the same crime. Life without parole should be the only civilly acceptable course of action because it is impossible to legislate morality. Not to mention, the sheer number of cases where retrospective analysis has proven we murdered the wrong person because of a faulty conviction.

  • What is the South Carolina flag?? Like.. what... Is that??.

  • The freelance art community had been having issues with NFTs recently, such as bots taking people's art and converting them into tokens and forcing the artists to prove their ownership over their own art to have them taken off the sites that use them. As someone a part of that community that does commissions myself, I don't exactly have the best view of them :/

  • for capital punishment: how do republicans want less federal power yet also want to give the government freedom to execute citizens based on their judgement?

  • The idea of moving the location of your company to bypass laws isn’t a new idea. Most of the time you don’t even have to move your company but just the service or product manufacturing in question. For example Epic games may only need to have a payment server based in Arizona to take advantage of that loophole. In a larger example that I’m more privy to, Samsung was manufacturing dishwashers and refrigerators in Korea and selling their products for less than the cost of manufacturing in order to get a foothold on the market in the US, this is an illegal business practice that they were cited as doing by the FCC, so they pack up their manufacturing plant and moved to Vietnam, where they began manufacturing refrigerators and dishwashers, selling them for less than the cost of manufacturing in America in order to get a foothold in the market, again they were fined and the FCC began a new investigation. This process repeated a few more times. The point is, the regulation was put on Samsung and more specifically those appliances made in those countries that were being exported to the US, the result usually being fines and sanctions against that company from that country, but Samsung has the money and resources to say “okay, no more dishwashers in Vietnam, so I guess we’ll make dishwashers in Cambodia” and they did, they produced appliances for cheap and sold them for next to nothing, the reason they did this and what the situation is now, is that Americans bought this name brand company and Samsung became part of their kitchen, because it was so cheap, now they have this foothold where they are seen as a high class appliance because they make phones and TVs and the fridge has this crazy screen on it. Well now they have a manufacturing plant in America in order to avoid all sanctions, which is only in America because they were able to bully their way into Home Depot’s and Lowe’s with unfair pricing until people actually sought Samsung appliances. They walked the loopholes until it became profitable to have a manufacturing plant here and then moved in, which is unfair trade practices in the world of manufacturing. Just like how you can donate any item to a charity to be auctioned off, claim whatever value on that product and write it off as a tax deduction, the result is, you don’t have to pay as much if any in taxes because you already gave a 100,000 dollar painting to the museum of natural history, which is just a painting your friend did for you but you got it apprised by another friend who said it was a quarter million dollar painting.... it’s all who you know, it’s all about how much you pay a lawyer to dig into fine print and find a loophole to work.

  • I would be on board with NFTs but a lot of artists do not like them and they use a lot of electricity.

  • Im sorry this topic is a serious on and with all do respect but dying by a fireing sqaud in the 20th sentury sound hella bad ass way to go

  • You didn’t mention the damage that NFTs can do to the environment and I am extremely disappointed

  • Death penalty issue: Big old nope. I won't go into why trials in this country are mostly a joke, or the racial and class disparities, but I just don't trust that any given death row inmate is guilty. You can't undo dead.

  • I definatley fall into the category that does not have a clue what a NFT is! 🙄