David Spade, Jay Leno, And A 1987 Buick Grand National (FULL SEGMENT) | Jay Leno's Garage

Birt 2 des 2020
Jay Leno says the 1987 Buick Grand National is the perfect car for Spade: “unpretentious, but kind of cool!” Watch the full segment and don’t forget to catch up on all of your favorite episodes of “Jay Leno’s Garage” on demand now.
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About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
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David Spade, Jay Leno, And A 1987 Buick Grand National (FULL SEGMENT) | Jay Leno's Garage


  • This is definitely "Joe Dirté" territory, in a good way...although he'd probably have the T-Type.

  • ischats.info/fun/Y6ebdmOEnoZok6o/v-deo David Spade vs Tom Segura wrestling match.

  • Love David spade!

  • Love seeing all the old gang after all these years (comics in cars). 🌷

  • So we're not gonna talk about Jay's chin job?

  • ##Baller #Lentils @#Ronbulus @#JayZeesBalbus.

  • Comedians in cars not getting coffee.

  • Uhh no, David, that was a Daytona replica in your movie there, c’mon now. Kiddin’ though, love Spader.

  • Spade sold this on Craigslist a few years back

  • Spade is underratedly funny

  • 2:11

  • Someone needs to take that car away from David, it's too precious to be run into the ground as he's letting it go. And I know because I'm a GN fan. This is no way to treat this thing of beauty. %$#^&*(

  • You know David was having the best time showing off his car with Jay Leno! I think this is awesome to watch!!!! I happy for David!!!!!

  • No seatbelts?

  • Spade, I like. Leno, not so much.

  • My ex had this car. White with t-tops - rare car the dealer's son had ordered for himself

  • Spade a kool dude , talented

  • Regal T Type

  • Where’s Tom Hanks??

  • Just driving around in Buicks, yelling at young people. I had a 1978 Buick Electra, it cost $50 to fill up with gas in 1997, I had to parallel park it at meter ever day. People tried to steal it twice.

  • You’d think he would take better care of that car, at least I would if I had it.

  • 4:20. It Really really urks me, its a freakin blow off valve, not a waste gate. Usually id give a star a pass but when its Jay leno and how many cars he collects and is supposed to be such a big car guy. The waste gate will make noise if its an open pipe and when the turbo has reached past its max psi setting. I mean, its basically common knowledge if anyone knows cars

    • @V PeRK V Ok thanks, you're a good teacher! My buddy has a 90's Stealth with Twin Turbo and other goodies that brought it up to 850hp. I haven't been for a ride in it but he did take me for a ride in his GT-R!

    • @Redhotlugnut yes n no, but u can only do it with an engine with 2 separate manifolds. Toyota supras had twin turbo but power wise, people would go with a single giant turbo. N you can only really do it with a engine tht has enough exhaust gas ( 6 n 8 plus cylinders)

    • @V PeRK V I thought the whole idea for twin was the tiny one off the line to get it going long enough for the big boy to kick in. Or am I totally off the mark here?

    • @Redhotlugnut keep in mind, you can only get twin turbo on a v6 or 8. It has to have 2 separate exhaust manifolds. Tq wise, you would be talking about a super charger. Turbos have spool lag. The smaller they are, thr faster they spool, but the power band peaks (flats out), the bigger it is, the longer it takes to spool ( tht pulling feeling) but in turn, the higher rpm , the more psi n power you will have. I had a giant sc61 precision turbo on a LS in a civic. I built the top end ( the head) but left the bottom end alone. ( only put a block guard on) it was make insane power past 8,000 rpm but the bottom end couldnt handle it. It had some low rpm lag but the pull was INSANE. But, you get used to it n feels slow after a while n the power is NEVER ENOUGH. It ends up becoming a money pit. It really is a rich mans game.

    • @V PeRK V Yeah, the lower displacement vehicles in Europe with twin turbos to try to get the power along with the emissions is very cool. They have nice torque for such a small engine. Now w the Teslas and the pull they have is no comparison. *I should do my research before I say as I've not been looking at new cars for a good 5 years now* but the NA manufacturers seemed to not want to throw a turbo on their engines for some reason? They also steered away from diesel for again an unknown reason (I know the older higher sulfur fuel was an issue but that's long gone) And yeah, there's some great tech that wasn't used. Look at Tesla's alcohol run internal combustion engine. Thing was like 70% efficient (not sure on what scale?) the first version. Anyway, thanks for the info on the noise from that Turbo. I'm living in East Africa now so there's zero use for a car like that here but if I ever move back to NA, I'd get a Mazdaspeed 3 and put a twin turbo on it for sure! What do you drive?

  • sean penn also left 2 guns in that in that GN that was of course stolen in LA, a 9mm Glock and a S&W revolver the car was found whatever was left of it and the guns were long gone...so mr. phony 'anti gun' drunk penn basically handed gangj-bangers two cannons to 'play with' funny how spade left that part of the story out huh! this happened in 2003

  • Man I want gnx so bad

  • Buick really dropped the ball with the Grand National. Should have used a V-8. Should have been the Buick 350. Should have offered a five speed. What a missed opportunity.

  • Spade was on last year. Leno’s Garage is Nothing but reruns for the last year.

  • Spade.. so funny.. jay a legend.. the buick grand national best car ever..

  • Jay thank you as always, I watch many of your videos, I had a Buick T Type in High School, a great car but the electrical system always gave me issues. David ping me next time you're on Oahu, we can surf and go to Strip Steak.

  • I love Dave, but he's not a car guy.

  • No Face Diapers! No Sickness Kabuki! So glad to see you guys without the Holy Rags...

  • I bet the previous owner is just so disappointed Jay had to see, let alone drive, his car like this.

  • Careful Davey........GN's are soooooooooooo easy to steal !

  • I had no idea David is a car guy 👍👍👍 nice grand national man



  • Shame spade sold the car a few years ago,

  • I had a GN.....LOVED IT!! It disgusting for David not to keep it pristine. You do not deserve that car......SIR!!!

    • Pristine? It was piece of GM crap 35 years ago. They're not getting any better with age.

  • Spade should fix it up

  • You guys should drive to get coffee together

  • I used to race this thing on Gran Turismo this is the 80's right here

  • Thx David... In SPADES HANDS DOWN THE BEST OF THE MID LATE '80s! G$X GNX LEGEND SERIES! GN - ITS A LETTER GAME OF HP DIFFERENTIALS FROM YOUR Xpen$I've Dealer Code... Stage 1 Skylark GS & GNs are much more attainable for alot le$$catch! = same or better results less a Distinctive BOX marked "X"


  • One of my dream cars.

  • Spade is a dude. great episode

  • We don’t need no seatbelts

  • Looks like Jay's signature was freshly painted for this video. Haha

  • Own a Superbird , but his Grand National looks a little roached out

  • Spade who? I’m here for the Buick GNX

  • I like the grand national has a hard top so many were t top and the solid roof gives it a nice look in my opinion

  • I love my 87 GNX. Mine is pearl white. Will not ever sale ever

    • GNX'S only came in black.

    • @Texas Cruiser I have a actual GNX. I've owned a type t and a regular GN before. I didn't paint it white. I wouldn't of but it looks good. I also have a 92 GMC Cyclone and a 89 turbo trans am as well

    • @Whiteboy Steve a one of 547 made GNX I most certainly do not have one. I do however have a GN. Most of the actual GNXs are in a known registry and well documented. To paint one white would be a travesty and a horrible thing to do by collectors standards. And that leads me to believe you don't have a white GNX. There are clones of them though. In the Turbo Buick community it's a whole I'll believe it when I see it kind of thing and unless we see what you're claiming you have, we don't believe it.

    • @Texas Cruiser looks real sweet. It's not super bright. Like a luxury car pearl white. You can only tell it pearl if you are all the way up on it. Different from the rest of them. It gets nothing but compliments. Some one tries to buy it everytime I drive it. I'm sure you don't have one.

    • Pearl white GNX lol.

  • www.tmz.com/2017/09/30/david-spade-buick-grand-national-car-for-sale-photos/

  • Plugs are on point Dave.

  • Yo your a hack putting miles on a brand new gnx pretty much killing it's value and then thanks for being on the show your a hack

  • There is only one act that must dissolve the totality of the conditioning. So that the brain has to face this fact, that though it has been shaped in the process of time and now it’s facing a challenge, which says think and act totally differently, which is not of time.

  • Goes well with a mullet (all business up front, party in the back).

  • Glad to see David had developed to become a car guy , due to his various movies and career . That Buick Gran National suits him well , every day driver with minor scares . As he says , may look suspicious at night . I hope he gets to drive it like he stole it ! My late friend , Mr Fred Logan , Loved his and all of Buicks history . thanks , Jay and thank you, David R.I.P. Fred *****

  • I remember when these came out. Oldsmobile also put out the Hurst olds 442 with the 3 lightning rod shifters around the same time.

    • Always remember the 442 up against the Monte SS

  • Spade had a lot of patience with j

  • Joe Dirt surely approves.

  • Yeah but how does he get the car seat in the drivers seat

  • Can he reach the peddles?

  • Seen david at western Mi. Satidium arena in 2001 with Ver pipe

  • Don't worry cops won't mess with you Take it from me I got a 88 monte SS It's nothing compared to the Buick GN turbo But mines modified T- top lots of fun had her over the mighty Mackinaw!!

  • "Playing to your usual crowd, I see." lol that was a good one.

  • David Spade a classic car guy? I have a new found respect for David Spade.

  • He's the king of the world

  • Did he ever get all those M&M the Farley spilled in the dash in them ovie Tommy Boy?

  • Perfect fun daily driver you don't have to worry about getting a few dings...Good taste fellow Arizonian...

  • Spade was great in "Rules of Engagement". Man, I miss that show.

    • Worst show Spade’s ever done

    • great show!!

    • That was a terrible show. Typical draconian laugh tracks.

    • i cried when they took it off netflix

  • "CNBC Fans" -- that's the funniest joke of this whole video.

  • He’s certainly unpretentious. I rarely go to IHOP, but he sat a table away from me on two occasions. That was years ago. Maybe when Covid is over I’ll run into him again. David, I love the blue trac suit. We didn’t talk, just the head nod.

  • Thx Spade

  • Could barely hear the brrrrrrrrrr. Why didn't you do some burnouts or hard acceleration? These cars also demonstrate the perfect example of Turbo lag. I've loved these since I road in one in high school. Everyone wanted an IROC Z, Firebird GTA, or a Mustang GT and didn't know much about the Grand National.

  • I spent some time with a 1970 Buick Gran Sport 455 stage 1. And if you're not driving a Buick, like you stole it... You're doing that car a grave Injustice.

  • He won't ruin it.. Spades got so.e sense. I'm sure he'll PARTY in it, as it should be. Possibly break it a lil, just "Testing Durability"

  • Easily the best muscle car of the 80's.

    • True. But the 80s was the worst decade for muscle cars since the term was invented.

  • As the owner of a 1987 Buick Grand National- I approve this message! ;)

  • Unpretentious? Have you met David?

  • cool thing is he got one without tops

  • Top 5 best. No joke. We all know what it did for the v6. What was possible to do.

  • Step your game up David

  • Q. What do these extinct classics all have in common? •Buick Regal Grand National •Buick Regal GNX •Pontiac 20th Ann. Trans Am •Pontiac Firehawk •Chevy Camaro 30th Ann. LT4 •Pontiac Hurst-Lingenfelter Firebird Formula •1989 Pontiac Fiero GT 2M6 A. They all best the Corvette in performance, looks, sales and/or market share

    • @kickinvideo333 Is amazing when you see movies like Ford vs Ferrari and wonder what kinds of idiots were green/red lighting projects and why? I know there's emissions standards to meet annually but if there's no objective for some kind of excellence (hp per L displacement or fuel economy:hp etc) then you just produce boring crap. Mazda 3speed or VW GTI R or Subaru WRX etc are kind of what I'm getting at. I was going to grab one of these GN about 10 years ago but went against it. I lived in Canada at the time and they just aren't meant for those conditions for 6 months of the year. Still love them and seeing them on here.

    • And they were all killed by General Motors for doing so well and threatening their favorite child

  • Still pushing my 96 buick regal 3.8. thing is a tank, it's been through 4 deer and a guardrail and still beats little naturally aspirated 4 cylinders all day.

  • Jeez Dave. These cars are legends, take better care of it.. but glad to see you enjoy it.

  • I

  • My best friend got his new in 87...That car was a blast...

  • All respect, David Spade. I had a '69 Charge 4 speed 383 which my dad bought me for $1000 in 1975, and you paid $900,000 for a different '69 Charger. That's just too much money for any car, much less a Charger, and, well, it's kind of disgusting.

    • You should've kept yours clean, you could've made a ton of money

  • Turbo Buick 🇺🇸💪🥇

  • Had an 87 T Type maroon color black out pkg and moonroof. I ordered it without Ltd slip. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference 200 lbs lighter than a GN quick car back then

  • Spade is the most unpretentious kind of car guy. He also drives a 90's Land Cruiser he bought new. Prolly why he get so much trim

    • He's certainly not one for diamonds, champagne, and bubble baths for one. No seatbelts no masks this must be Hollywood!

  • That flutter noise is not the wastegate when your on boost & let go of throttle the air is trying to push out the turbo intake wheel because throttle plate is shut Buick back in 87 did not think to install a blow off valve

  • new for 2020? no masks no self distancing................¿

  • I have a 87 buick regal t-type and just recently I bought a buick regal gs

  • This is a old episode Spade sold it a few years ago

  • Spends 900k on a super bird..yet says fu@# it to a chipped rear panel gotta love the guy

  • Always wanted a Grand National or GNX

  • You hold onto a car that cherry. Kinda like your briefcase..

    • @Dooguy... well I disagree with that but I only said it because thats a line from David Spade in Tommy Boy.. right before the m&ms in the dash

    • Things a roach

  • No seatbelt law in usa?

  • David Spade ok ?

  • comedians in cars not getting coffee